A Quick Guide Comparing Hermes Colors & Leathers

rainbow collage of different colored hermes bags in different leathers by fashionphile

Are you stumped on which Hermes color and leather combo to choose?


Navigating the dynamic interplay between Hermes colors and leathers requires a depth of knowledge. Among seasoned Hermes collectors, the art of choosing the right pairing of leather type and color is a highly regarded skill because Hermes colors can appear differently on different leather types, which adds a layer of complexity to the selection process. But fret not. Whether you’re a seasoned Hermes aficionado or new to the world of Hermes, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Hermes colors and leathers – ultimately preparing you for your Hermes Holy Grail.

The Most Well-known Hermes Leather Types

Hermes is a storied French house renowned for its use of the most luxurious materials. After all, leather is the heart of Hermes, with so many options to choose from. Some leathers and materials are offered more frequently than others. The following are some of the most well-known Hermes leathers. 

Hermes Togo Leather

Togo is renowned for its resilience. Made of baby calfskin, Togo leather is both smooth and strong and has a raised grain, making it great for holding shape and handling everyday wear. It is a popular choice for many Hermes items, like the famous Birkin and Kelly bags and smaller leather goods.

Hermes Gold in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Gold Togo
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Leather

Taurillon Clemence, resembling Togo at first glance, can often lead to confusion due to their similar grain patterns. However, a key distinction is that Hermes Togo is crafted from female calf leather, while Taurillon Clemence, also known as “TC” or Clemence, is made from male calf leather. To differentiate between the two, closely inspect the grain pattern – Hermes Taurillon Clemence boasts a larger, more irregular grain pattern, a result of the “drumming” technique used to soften the leather. This uniqueness, along with its remarkable durability and matte finish, contributes to TC’s widespread popularity.

Hermes Gold in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Gold Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Epsom Leather

Another popular grained leather is Epsom. Hermes Epsom is also made of calf leather and has exceptional strength with an ability to retain structure over time. It is a great choice for those seeking long-lasting luxury.

Hermes Toffee in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Toffee Epsom
Hermes Swift Leather

Formerly known as “Gulliver,” Swift leather is a type of calfskin and has a smooth texture with a semi-matte finish. Hermes Swift leather is a bit more prone to scratches since it has very light grains. But people still love it for its soft and slouchy look and refined appearance.

Hermes Biscuit in Swift swatch FASHIONPHILE
Biscuit Swift
Hermes Chevre Mysore Leather

Hermes Chevre Mysore is a type of goatskin and has a fine grain and a lustrous finish. It’s very supple and ages very well over time. Hermes uses several types of goatskin, but Chevre Mysore is one of the more commonly used ones due to its durability and resistance to scratches.

Hermes Sesame in Chevre Mysore swatch FASHIONPHILE
Sesame Chevre Mysore
Hermes Evercolor Leather

Hermes Evercolor is a pressed calf leather with a tight grain, and this leather type has a tendency to soften over time. Evercolor has a supple texture as well and is known for absorbing color in a way during the dying process that really lets the color shine!

Hermes Gold in Evercolor swatch FASHIONPHILE
Gold Evercolor
Hermes Exotic Leathers

Hermes also offers an assortment of exotic skins for their handbags and small leather goods. Those include ostrich, alligator (both shiny and matte), and lizard skin.

Hermes Poussiere in Matte Alligator swatch FASHIONPHILE
Poussiere Matte Alligator

Now that you are more familiar with the common Hermes leather types let’s get to the bottom of why choosing the right one is so important when it comes to deciding a color!

A Guide to Hermes Colors 

Hermes leathers are truly unique. Part of that is because the color you choose and how it turns out depends entirely on the leather type you opt for. How, you might ask? Well, you may love Hermes Rose Lipstick, but that color on Togo is not going to look the same on Swift. It all boils down to how the leather absorbs color. Refer to the following guides below for more information on your favorite Hermes colors. 

Different Hermes Pink Colors

For a list of Hermes pink colors, reference this comprehensive guide to Hermes pinks

This is a product image from FASHIONPHILE of a Hermes Chevre Mysore Mini Kelly Sellier in size 20 in the color Rose Lipstick
Chevre Mysore Rose Lipstick
product image of HERMES Evercolor Sac Roulis 23 Rose Azalee FASHIONPHILE
Evercolor Rose Azalee
this is a product image from FASHIONPHILE of a Hermes Togo Birkin in size 25 in the color Magnolia
Togo Magnolia
Different Hermes Red Colors

For a list of different Hermes red colors, reference this comprehensive guide to Hermes reds

product image of HERMES Evercolor Kelly Danse II Belt Bag Rouge De Coeur
Evercolor Rouge De Coeur
product image of HERMES Box Kelly Sellier 28 Vermillion FASHIONPHILE
Box Vermillion
product image of hermes Tadelakt Egee Clutch Sanguine FASHIONPHILE
Tadelakt Sanguine
Different Hermes Orange Colors

For a list of different Hermes orange colors, reference this comprehensive guide to Hermes oranges. 

HERMES Togo Birkin size 35 in the color Orange by FASHIONPHILE
Togo Orange
HERMES Chevre Mysore Kelly Longue Wallet in the color Moutarde by FASHIONPHILE
Chevre Mysore Moutarde
HERMES Epsom Constance 18 in the color Orange Poppy by FASHIONPHILE
Epsom Orange Poppy
Different Hermes Yellow Colors

For a list of different Hermes yellow colors, reference this comprehensive guide to Hermes yellows. 

HERMES Taurillon Clemence Matte Alligator Picotin Lock Touch 18 size PM in the color Mimosa by FASHIONPHILE
Taurillon Clemence Mimosa
Epsom Lime
HERMES Swift Mini Jypsiere in the color Jaune De Naples by FASHIONPHIE
Swift Jaune De Naples
Different Hermes Beige Colors

For a list of different Hermes beige colors, reference this comprehensive guide to Hermes beiges.

HERMES Taurillon Clemence Mini Lindy 20 in the color Beton by FASHIONPHILE
Taurillon Clemence Beton
HERMES Togo Birkin 30 in the color Craie by FASHIONPHILE
Togo Craie
HERMES Negonda Garden Party 30 TPM Trench
Negonda Trench
Different Hermes Green Colors

For a list of different Hermes green colors, reference this comprehensive guide to Hermes greens. 

HERMES Epsom Birkin 30 in the color Vert Vertigo by FASHIONPHILE
Epsom Vert Vertigo
HERMES Taurillon Maurice Picotin Lock 18 PM in the color Vert Criquet by FASHIONPHILE
Taurillon Maurice Vert Criquet
HERMES Epsom Mini Kelly Sellier 20 Vert Fizz by FASHIONPHILE
Epsom Vert Fizz
Different Hermes Blue Colors

For a list of different Hermes blue colors, reference this comprehensive guide to Hermes blues. 

HERMES Swift Mini Lindy 20 in the color Bleu France by FASHIONPHILE
Swift Bleu France
HERMES Epsom 1923 Bolide 25 in the color Celeste by FASHIONPHILE
Epsom Celeste
HERMES Togo Kelly Retourne 28 in the color Ciel by FASHIONPHILE
Togo Ciel

Comparing Hermes Colors & Leather Combos

Now that you have some resources that share more about some of your favorite Hermes colors let’s see how these colors appear depending on which leather type it is applied to. Reference this chart below for a quick glance at how the same colors differentiate depending on which Hermes leather type is chosen. Pro tip: Screenshot this to keep handy when shopping!

Hermes Leather Colors

It’s essential to bear in mind that Hermes colors vary in appearance depending on the leather types, introducing an extra dimension of complexity to the decision-making process. However, this complexity should not deter you; instead, it only makes the journey more exciting! 

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