How to Monetize Your Luxury Bags: A 2023 Selling Guide

studio image of model holding louis vuitton pochette metis and gucci marmont shoulder bag FASHIONPHILE

“New year, new bag” undoubtedly rings true as a resolution for many ultra-luxury enthusiasts looking to refresh their handbag collection.


Swapping out those accessories to make room for new additions is the beauty of selling with FASHIONPHILE and an easy way to earn money from your investments. In the spirit of circularity, when you’re ready to sell your designer items with us, there are several selling options for you to choose from to earn money fast. Depending on your individual needs and unique preferences, you can choose from the following: submit an online quote, schedule a virtual appointment, sell in person at a location near you, or schedule someone to come to your door with our white glove service. We’ll be breaking down the different ways to sell with us and what to expect from start to finish.

Watch how easy it is to sell with FASHIONPHILE:

Submit an Online Quote

Online quotes are our most popular selling method. Here are the steps for submitting an online quote with FASHIONPHILE.

Step 1: Fill out our quick online form.

  • Submit your photos, then provide the designer, category, item name, and a brief condition description. 

Step 2: Receive your quote offer within 1-2 business days. 

  • Choose to accept or reject your quote.

Step 3: Send us your items.

  • Send us your items with your complimentary shipping label, or take advantage of our free UPS pick-up. 

Step 4: Get paid! 

  • Expect payment in 2-4 business days after your items are received at FASHIONPHILE and authenticated. 
FASHIONPHILE procurement department
FASHIONPHILE Procurement Department
FASHIONPHILE Authentication Station
FASHIONPHILE Authentication Station

If selling online isn’t for you, we also offer in-person selling at various locations!

Sell In Person

Selling in person is perfect when you prefer that personal experience and live near a FASHIONPHILE Selling Studio or Showroom. Here are the steps for in-person selling.

Step 1: Find a location near you

  • Whether it is a FASHIONPHILE Selling Studio in select Neiman Marcus stores or one of our Flagship locations.

Step 2: Bring your items.

  • Bring your items to your appointment, and we will provide buyout offers on the spot.

Step 3: Get paid! 

  • Payment is authorized as soon as your items are received at FASHIONPHILE headquarters and authenticated.
Sell in person at FASHIONPHILE NYC Authentication Center & Showroom
FASHIONPHILE NYC Authentication Center & Showroom
Sell in person at FASHIONPHILE NYC Authentication Center & Showroom
Sell in-person with FASHIONPHILE

Lastly, our White Glove Service is perfect for you if you prefer someone to come to you.

Schedule a Private Client Relations Service Appointment

If you own high-value items or have many items and are unsure what you could sell, our Private Client Relation Service is perfect for when you want us to do the heavy lifting, and you’re sure you want to sell. Here are the steps for requesting a Private Client Relations Service.

Step 1: Schedule your Private Client Relations Service appointment.

  • We’ll come to you and work with you to submit your items for buyout quotes.


Step 2: Accept or reject your buyout offer in your My Account dashboard. 

  • We will take the items you accept from the buyout offer and send them to our headquarters to be authenticated. 
FASHIONPHILE Schedule a White Glove Service
FASHIONPHILE White Glove Service

Step 3: Get paid! 

*Private Client Relations Service is only available in select areas in South Florida, Manhattan, and select areas of Southern California at this time.

There are many ways to sell designer handbags and accessories to us. Selling with FASHIONPHILE is easy, with many options to choose from to earn money fast, depending on your individual needs and unique preferences. Whether you submit your items online or prefer an in-person selling experience, we got you. Pro tip: When selling, choose FASHIONPHILE store credit as payment and get 10% more added to your earnings!

Selling your pre-loved ultra-luxury items doesn’t have to feel like a chore. That’s why it’s simple with FASHIONPHILE. If you have questions, visit our selling page to learn more about the brands we accept, our authentication process, processing time frames, and more!