Understanding FASHIONPHILE Condition Ratings & What They Mean

Three louis vuitton monogram alma bb bags side by side showcasing the different levels of patina and wear by fashionphile

When shopping for pre-owned items at FASHIONPHILE, understanding the different condition ratings can be key to finding your Holy Grail at your desired price.


FASHIONPHILE meticulously evaluates each item and assigns a condition grade based on its current state upon receipt, notating all signs of wear. When it comes to pre owned designer bags, the seven different condition ratings used at FASHIONPHILE stem from a grading process that reflects an item’s true state and is there to help you assess which luxury pre owned bags to buy. The information on wear assessed by our brand experts is readily available on all product detail pages online, empowering FASHIONPHILE customers with the knowledge they need to make informed choices. Moreover, we place a premium on customer convenience, enabling users to explore our website and refine their search results according to their desired condition grades. In this way, FASHIONPHILE ensures a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience where quality and authenticity are never questioned.

FASHIONPHILE’s Condition Rating Guide: 

FASHIONPHILE’s Seven Different Condition Ratings

Shopping for pre-owned luxury bags but not sure which condition to choose or what they even mean? At FASHIONPHILE, our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is reflected in our comprehensive grading system. Here are the seven different conditions you can find at FASHIONPHILE and what they mean.  

  1. Giftable – FASHIONPHILE’s condition range begins with “Giftable,” which indicates an item is in new condition and includes one or more of the following: the original box, case, and attached retail tags.
  2. New – “New” condition items appear unused but may have faint signs of wear due to storage conditions.
  3. Excellent – “Excellent” condition items at FASHIONPHILE are clean and contain very little wear. Any notable flaws or signs of wear are stated in the listing.
  4. Very Good – “Very Good” condition items show some wear and signs of previous use but still have a lot of life in them. Very Good items may have slightly worn corns, creases in leather, and/or tarnished hardware.
  5. Good – “Good” condition items show moderate signs of prior use, which include surface scratches, darkening of the handles, and other indications of wear and imperfections.
  6. Fair – “Fair” condition items at FASHIONPHILE will have noticeable signs of wear. Be sure to read the condition notes in the listing and carefully inspect photos. Fair items present our customers with the greatest opportunity to save significantly on authentic luxury items!
  7. Flawed – “Flawed” items at FASHIONPHILE are generally in nice condition but have a major defect or flaw that affects the item’s appearance or functionality.
side view of three louis vuitton monogram alma bb bags side by side showcasing the different levels of patina and wear by fashionphile
Very Good

How to Assess The Condition of Items on FASHIONPHILE

At FASHIONPHILE, we prioritize clarity and transparency in our grading process, ensuring our customers are well-informed about the condition of the items they’re interested in. If you’re eyeing something such as pre-owned Chanel bags or Louis Vuitton bags, the assigned condition grade is prominently displayed on all product listings, allowing you to quickly assess the state of the item that you’re considering. This immediate visibility empowers you to make confident and well-informed purchasing decisions.

this is a screenshot of a product detail page at fashionphile online that highlights the listed condition

In case you find yourself unsure about where a particular item falls on our condition scale, our comprehensive condition chart serves as a valuable resource. Here, you can gain further insights, understanding precisely why your chosen item received its assigned grade. We believe that providing this level of detail not only fosters trust but also enhances your overall shopping experience, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

this is a screenshot image that lists all of FASHIONPHILE's condition ratings and what each condition tier means

If you have further questions, our Personal Shoppers are available to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have. FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers have hands-on access to all our inventory and can pull the items you are considering, even take additional photos for you, and assess the condition for you in real-time.

How to Filter & Shop Different Conditions at FASHIONPHILE

Navigating FASHIONPHILE’s extensive inventory is made effortlessly convenient with our user-friendly website features. Once you’ve selected your preferred designer or category, our intuitive navigational tools allow you to seamlessly filter items based on their condition. Whether you’re in search of a brand-new piece or a gently used item, you can tailor your shopping experience to meet your specific preferences.

this screenshot shows how you can filter your search at fashionphile online and select which condition ratings you want to shop for

To ensure you receive exactly what you’re looking for, we encourage customers to inspect the “Comes With” section on each item’s individual listing. This detailed section clarifies the item’s accessories, eliminating any uncertainties. It’s important to note that even items rated as “Very Good” or other conditions might come with all their original components, contingent on what the previous owner included.

And as mentioned before, our dedicated team of Personal Shoppers is at your service. They possess hands-on access to our entire inventory, and by reaching out to them, you can have any items pulled, assessed, and even discussed over the phone or via email. You can also take advantage of our new LIVE Chat feature!  

At FASHIONPHILE, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to ensuring the authenticity and quality of every item that graces our platform. Here are some pro tips to help keep your luxury goods ultra-luxe
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