More Selling Studios Are Coming to Cities near You

Photo of Fashionphile Selling Studio at Neiman Marcus

More FASHIONPHILE Selling Studios equal more opportunities to sell!


As many of you fashionphiles already know, the best reason to sell your pre-owned luxury goods is to make money from the things you no longer wear and buy what you really want!

From Dallas, Texas to Beverly Hills, California, we have come a long way growing and expanding our Selling Studios around cities near you. But these locations, so far, are just the start. 

Visit our Locations page for more information!

The perks of FASHIONPHILE Selling Studios

Our FASHIONPHILE Selling Studios all across the country make selling your ultra-luxury designer items quick and easy. We give you a space that allows you to drop off previous season’s shoes, bags, and more that you no longer wear and get paid upfront (choose a Neiman Marcus gift card, and get 10% added)!

Aside from being a space to sell your designer items, our Selling Studios are also available to you if you prefer to pick up your online orders from FASHIONPHILE instead of waiting at home to sign for it or to drop off your already quoted items as well as qualifying returns. We’ll take care of everything so you can get back to finding your next Holy Grail accessory.

Arguably, the best part about selling at our Selling Studios is using your earnings towards your next wish list item. You can apply them towards your purchase in-store at Neiman Marcus, or maybe it’s a vacation getaway or a Laura Mercier eye cream from your favorite beauty store? That’s the kind of unbeatable luxury you get when selling with us at our Selling Studios.


Ready to sell and (then maybe) shop? Make an appointment, or stop by one of our locations! We can’t wait to see you!