A Guide to Hermes Beiges

studio image of beige Hermes bags grouped together on white background FASHIONPHILE

Ready to put it in neutral? 


While summer had many going crazy for bold bright hues like Hermes’ Rose Extreme and Bleu Hydra, the fall is a time for grounding (unbeknownst to me, there is actual science behind grounding). Anyways, embracing the autumnal weather means admiring the fall foliage, and embarking on a new season of change. But most importantly, it’s about transitioning your ultra-luxury collection to suit the cooler months ahead. So, what better color to reach for than beige? It just so happens Hermes’ collection of beiges are, well, unbeatable as far as practicality and resale value go.

Did you know that beige was actually the chosen color initially to represent Hermes, then it was changed to a mustard brown? But due to supply shortages during World War II, orange dye was more readily available. And that’s how the iconic Hermes orange was born. 

But back to beige. As a close cousin to orange, Hermes browns and beiges include some of the most gorgeous hues to ever grace the Earth. The classics include Gold and Etoupe that look stunning up against nearly every material, hardware color, and style. And popular hues with ridiculously cozy names like Chai, Biscuit, and Toffee, not only provoke me to grab a cable knit scarf and visit the nearest coffee shop, but are incredibly investment-worthy! 

So, are you ready to put it in neutral this season? Read on to learn more about some of the most sought-after Hermes beiges you can find at FASHIONPHILE. Your closet will thank you. Also, as you read through this, you may notice that depending on the textile, these colors appear lighter or darker. So that’s important to keep in mind. If you’re particular about your neutrals, this guide will prove to be a helpful reference for you now and hopefully again in the future!  

Iconic Hermes Beige Colors

Chai – this is a warm beige that was released for Fall Winter 2022. It’s a color with a little bit of spice. What’s not to love? 

Hermes Chai in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Chai Epsom
Hermes Chai in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Chai Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Chai in Veau Madame swatch FASHIONPHILE
Chai Veau Madame

Nata – this is a creamy beige with warmer undertones.  

Hermes Nata in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Nata Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Nata in Swift swatch FASHIONPHILE
Nata Swift
Hermes Nata in Ostrich swatch FASHIONPHILE
Nata Ostrich

Gold – this is a classic buttery brown and is one of the most in-demand colors. It looks particularly stunning up against shiny gold-plated hardware.

Hermes Gold in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Gold Togo
Hermes Gold in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Gold Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Gold in Evercolor swatch FASHIONPHILE
Gold Evercolor

Etoupe – this is another classic Hermes neutral color that is closer to an ashy brown. Because of the cooler undertones and white stitching, this color looks stunning up against palladium hardware. A close relative is Hermes Etain, a popular neutral gray, which happens to be one of the best-selling colors. Read more about Etain, here

Hermes Etoupe in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Etoupe Epsom
Hermes Etoupe in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Etoupe Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Etoupe in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Etoupe Togo

Trench – think trench coat. 

Hermes Trench in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Trench Epsom
Hermes Trench in Swift swatch FASHIONPHILE
Trench Swift
Hermes Trench in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Trench Taurillon Clemence

Craie – people go crazy for craie. It’s a hot beige color that translates to “chalk” and is a light white beige. 

Hermes Craie in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Craie Togo
Hermes Craie in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Craie Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Craie in Evercolor swatch FASHIONPHILE
Craie Evercolor

Gris Tourterelle – a gray beige with cooler undertones.

Hermes Gris Tourterelle in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Gris Tourterelle Togo
Hermes Gris Tourterelle in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Gris Tourterelle Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Gris Tourterelle in Ostrich swatch FASHIONPHILE
Gris Tourterelle Ostrich

Parchemin – a creamy beige similar to Nata but with pink undertones. This beige has been around for a while .

Hermes Parchemin in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Parchemin Togo
Hermes Parchemin in Swift swatch FASHIONPHILE
Parchemin Swift
Hermes Parchemin in Ostrich swatch FASHIONPHILE
Parchemin Ostrich

Sesame – a gorgeous neutral color lighter than Gold and slightly lighter than Caramel.

Hermes Sesame in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Sesame Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Sesame in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Sesame Epsom
Hermes Sesame in Chevre Mysore swatch FASHIONPHILE
Sesame Chevre Mysore

Poussiere – which translates to “dust” is a color commonly seen on alligator skin. You may also stumble upon this color on Hermes’ Toile canvas. The way the color comes out on each of these textiles is very distinct! 

Hermes Poussiere in Matte Alligator swatch FASHIONPHILE
Poussiere Matte Alligator
Hermes Poussiere in Toile swatch FASHIONPHILE
Poussiere Toile

Argile – translates to “clay” in French. 

Hermes Argile in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Argile Togo
Hermes Argile in Swift swatch FASHIONPHILE
Argile Swift
Hermes Argile in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Argile Epsom

Biscuit – this gorgeous warm cookie beige was released in 2008.

Hermes Biscuit in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Biscuit Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Biscuit in Swift swatch FASHIONPHILE
Biscuit Swift
Hermes Biscuit in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Biscuit Epsom

Cannelle – This is a rare neutral, so coming across this particular hue is quite special. Although this word translates to “cinnamon” in French, it almost makes me think of “cannoli” which, honestly, is close enough. 

Hermes Cannelle in Sikkim swatch FASHIONPHILE
Cannelle Sikkim

Taupe – this neutral features tonal stitching and has green and gray undertones. 

Hermes Taupe in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Taupe Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Taupe in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Taupe Togo

Fauve – this color, which translates to wildcat, is often seen on Barenia and is darker than Gold and features the signature white topstitch 

Hermes Fauve in Barenia swatch FASHIONPHILE
Fauve Barenia

Griolet – a mauve neutral that you will often spot on a leather called Tadelakt. 

Hermes Griolet in Tadelakt swatch FASHIONPHILE
Griolet Tadelakt

Kraft – this peanut-colored neutral came out in 2013. 

Hermes Kraft inTogo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Kraft Togo
Hermes Kraft in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Kraft Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Kraft in Chevre Mysore swatch FASHIONPHILE
Kraft Chevre Mysore

Naturelle – this neutral is literally natural, so raw leather which means it will naturally darken over time. Depending on the leather type it will darken differently. 

Hermes Naturelle in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Naturelle Epsom
Hermes Naturelle in Courchevel swatch FASHIONPHILE
Naturelle Courchevel
Hermes Naturelle in Ardennes swatch FASHIONPHILE
Naturelle Ardennes

Origan – similar to Etoupe but a bit darker.

Hermes Origan in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Origan Togo
Hermes Origan in Evercolor swatch FASHIONPHILE
Origan Evercolor

Sable – translates to “sand” in French, this neutral came out in 2014.

Hermes Sable in Toile swatch FASHIONPHILE
Sable Toile
Hermes Sable in Ostrich swatch FASHIONPHILE
Sable Ostrich
Hermes Sable in Ardennes swatch FASHIONPHILE
Sable Ardennes

Tabac Camel – a tawny colored beige. 

Hermes Tabac Camel in Togo Shiny Niloticus Crocodile swatch FASHIONPHILE
Tabac Camel Togo Shiny Niloticus Crocodile
Hermes Tabac Camel in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Tabac Camel Epsom
Hermes Tabac Camel in Courchevel swatch FASHIONPHILE
Tabac Camel Courchevel

Toffee – like coffee but with a touch of beige. 

Hermes Toffee in Epsom swatch FASHIONPHILE
Toffee Epsom
Hermes Toffee in Swift swatch FASHIONPHILE
Toffee Swift
Hermes Toffee in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Toffee Togo

Etrusque – this neutral is a gorgeous rich chocolate brown fudge color.

Hermes Etrusque in Togo swatch FASHIONPHILE
Etrusque Togo
Hermes Etrusque in Taurillon Clemence swatch FASHIONPHILE
Etrusque Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Etrusque in Shiny Porosus Crocodile swatch FASHIONPHILE
Etrusque Shiny Porosus Crocodile

Ficelle – this is an older beige color often seen on exotic skins and is incredibly rare and beautiful.

Hermes Ficelle in Lizard swatch FASHIONPHILE
Ficelle Lizard
Hermes Ficelle in Toile swatch FASHIONPHILE
Ficelle Toile
There are so many beiges. Regardless of the season, Hermes beiges include some incredible colors perfecting for flaunting all year long. And the best part? These beige Hermes colors are some of the most sought after and retain their value.