Discontinued Chanel Bags: A Collector’s Guide

two discontinued chanel handbag styles side by side including the chanel cambon tote in black and the beige grand shopping tote by FASHIONPHILE

Chanel’s collection of handbags is undeniably impressive, and what adds to its allure are the exceptional, cherished pieces from the past – those elusive favorites that slipped through our grasp.


For anyone looking to grow their collection, a Chanel bag, even better, a discontinued one, is one of the smartest investment choices you can make in terms of value and style. Their scarcity means you won’t encounter them as frequently as current designs, adding to their exclusivity and mystique. Plus, a quick browse through resale markets like FASHIONPHILE will reveal a treasure trove of discontinued Chanel bags that are not only timeless in their appeal but also brimming with investment potential.

Why invest in a discontinued Chanel bag?

Chanel is one of the most coveted luxury brands you can buy, so it goes without saying that their pieces are special. Chanel is famous for creating limited collections season after season that include special styles, like these rare Chanel bags, for instance, and even noteworthy colors, including an assortment of Chanel pinks. Investing in discontinued items is a great way to make your designer collection really stand out. On top of that, Chanel is known for periodically raising prices on its timeless designs, which adds another layer of complexity. But when it comes to discontinued Chanel bags, more often than not, it’s more about the hunt and less about keeping up with the latest prices.

two discontinued chanel handbag styles side by side including the chanel cambon tote in black and the beige grand shopping tote by FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Cambon Tote
Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

FASHIONPHILE Procures the Best Discontinued Chanel Bags

When products are no longer in production, it’s clear that they become more challenging to locate. At FASHIONPHILE, our dedicated procurement team diligently searches through some of the most exclusive wardrobes to uncover these hidden Chanel gems, making your search a bit more effortless. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of spotting a unique bag in the wild; it’s a true ‘IYKYK’ moment. If you have your heart set on a particular item, whether a discontinued piece or a vintage Chanel find, you can easily set up item alerts with FASHIONPHILE.

Shop Discontinued Chanel Bags

Many legendary Chanel styles have come and gone, but through resale, they’re immortal. Here are some Chanel bags that are iconic pieces and on every collector’s must-have list. 

The Chanel Multipocket Reporter Bag

The Chanel Multipocket Reporter bag was released and available from 2004 – 2005 and then shortly discontinued after. This style from the Chanel Cambon line was not repeatedly made like the famous tote from the same collection. 

The Chanel East West Flap

The Chanel East West Flap was discontinued in 2010 and looks like the classic flap but more elongated.

The Chanel Kelly Flap

The enduringly iconic Chanel Kelly Flap possesses a unique charm, exemplifying a remarkable resurgence. For Chanel’s Fall Winter 2023/2024 collection, a new Kelly has emerged inspired by its vintage predecessor.

The Chanel Cambon Tote

The Chanel Cambon tote, part of the Cambon collection, was discontinued in 2012. 

The Chanel Medallion Tote

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld and introduced in the early 2000s, the Chanel Medallion tote was discontinued in 2013. The bag owes its name to the large coin zipper pull. 

The Chanel Single Flap

The Chanel Single Flap was discontinued in 2014. 

The Chanel Petite Shopping Tote (PST)

The Chanel PST is the little sister to the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote and was discontinued in 2014. 

The Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST)

The Chanel GST was discontinued in 2015. 

The Chanel Extra Mini Flap

The smallest bag in the line of classic Chanel Flaps, the Chanel Extra Mini Flap was discontinued in 2019. 

CHANEL Caviar Quilted Extra Mini Flap in the color Black by FASHIONPHILE
CHANEL Caviar Quilted Extra Mini Flap Black
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If you’re an avid collector with an eye for value and style, consider this: investing in a Chanel bag, particularly a discontinued one, might be one of the wisest choices you can make. The allure of discontinued Chanel bags lies in their rarity and perpetual demand, making them highly sought-after pieces in the world of ultra-luxury. 

For more information about classic Chanel Flaps, watch this YouTube video:

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