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50 shades of beige: the Chanel Caviar Flap

"50 shades of beige: the Chanel Caviar Flap" Any woman worth her salt has already completed a thorough investigation into Chanel’s delicious array of lipstick shades. She knows exactly which suits her best — and which ones are better left on the endcap display where they first called her name.   Of course, when it [...]

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The Wallet on a Chain Wishlist

"The Wallet on a Chain Wishlist" There are few things in life that honestly look as good with denim as they do with an evening gown — but the wallet on a chain just might be one.   First unveiled years ago by Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton, today almost every major fashion [...]
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50 shades of beige: the Chanel Caviar Flap


"TOP SHELF: THE ULTIMATE RESELLER LIST" No one wants to part with a designer handbag. But sometimes, the sacrifice is just worth it. Like when it means you can nab a newer one you couldn’t quite justify otherwise. Or when you actually get back more than you paid for it. (Who knew your investment portfolio would [...]

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