A Guide to Hermes Pinks

studio image of hermes pink bags grouped together FASHIONPHILE

In the eyes of the Hermes collector community, if you’re serious about pink, you know it’s not just a color; it’s a collection.


Hermes is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless designs, and one of the most coveted colors in their collection is pink. With a growing portfolio of pink hues, Hermes pinks are truly captivating. Depending on the leather material, such as Swift or Taurillon Clemence, or Epsom, these pinks can appear lighter or darker, making each shade unique. Just like other popular Hermes colors, such as blues and greens, pink has historically performed well at auctions compared to other colors. It’s no wonder that certain hues of pink have gained a cult following due to their seasonality.

In this guide to Hermes pinks, we’re sharing some of the many peachy shades you can find at FASHIONPHILE known for being undoubtedly high in demand. In the age of “barbiecore” what better time than now to up your pink game? As you contemplate which pink is your favorite, these comparisons will help you decipher what makes each Hermes pink distinct. 

Hermes Rose Azalee

Hermes Rose Azalee is a pretty pink shade that was introduced for FW15 and is known to be one of the rarest pinks inspired by the Azalea flower.  

swatch of hermes taurillon clemence rose azalee
Taurillon Clemence Rose Azalee
swatch of hermes epsom Rose Azalee FASHIONPHILE
Epsom Rose Azalee
swatch of hermes Swift Rose Azalee FASHIONPHILE
Swift Rose Azalee

Hermes Rose Lipstick

Lipstick pink, anyone? Hermes Rose Lipstick is available mostly in Togo and Chevre Mysore leathers and is one of the most valuable pinks from Hermes, as it’s only produced in certain textiles. Styles in this hue are particularly desired in smaller accessories such as the Mini Kelly and Bearn Gusset Wallet

swatch of Tadelakt Rose Lipstick FASHIONPHILE
Tadelakt Rose Lipstick
swatch of Chevre Mysore Rose Lipstick FASHIONPHILE
Chevre Mysore Rose Lipstick
swatch of Togo Rose Lipstick FASHIONPHILE
Togo Rose Lipstick

Hermes Rose Jaipur

Hermes Rose Jaipur is a bright coral pink introduced in 2012, and you’ll often spot this color on Candy Birkin and Kelly bags. It’s orange, red, and pink all at the same time. We like to call it a sunset. 

swatch of togo rose jaipur FASHIONPHILE
Togo Rose Jaipur
swatch of Taurillon Clemence Rose Jaipur FASHIONPHILE
Taurillon Clemence Rose Jaipur
swatch of Epsom Rose Jaipur FASHIONPHILE
Epsom Rose Jaipur

Hermes Rose Shocking

Rose Shocking is one of the most hot-pinks from Hermes released for SS21 and is one of those Hermes pink hues that you just know when you see it.   

swatch of Taurillon Clemence Rose Shocking FASHIONPHILE
Taurillon Clemence Rose Shocking
swatch Matte Aligator Rose Shocking FASHIONPHILE
Matte Aligator Rose Shocking
swatch of Chevre Mysore Rose Shocking FASHIONPHILE
Chevre Mysore Rose Shocking

Hermes Rose Extreme

Rose Extreme is a super bright pink that was released for FW21. We see this color often combined with Hermes Rouge Coeur. 

swatch of Chevre Mysore Rose Extreme FASHIONPHILE
Chevre Mysore Rose Extreme
swatch Taurillon Clemence Rose Extreme FASHIONPHILE
Taurillon Clemence Rose Extreme
swatch of Taurillon Clemence Rose Extreme FASHIONPHILE
Taurillon Clemence Rose Extreme

Hermes Rose Sakura

Rose Sakura is a soft baby pink inspired by Japan’s sakura tree, otherwise known as cherry blossoms. 

swatch of Swift Rose Sakura FASHIONPHILE
Swift Rose Sakura
swatch of Taurillon Clemence Rose Sakura FASHIONPHILE
Taurillon Clemence Rose Sakura
swatch of Chevre Mysore Rose Sakura FASHIONPHILE
Chevre Mysore Rose Sakura

Hermes Rose Tyrien

Rose Tyrien is a top-selling bubbly pink often seen on Hermes Candy Kelly and Birkin bags, as well as HHS bags in Epsom and Ostrich. Candy bags in Rose Tyrien are seen with white stitching that really makes this pink pop! 

swatch of Ostrich Rose Tyrien FASHIONPHILE
Ostrich Rose Tyrien
swatch of epsom rose Tyrien FASHIONPHILE
Epsom Rose Tyrien Candy Kelly
swatch of epsom rose Tyrien FASHIONPHILE
Epsom Rose Tyrien HSS Birkin

Hermes Rose Scheherazade

Rose Scheherazade is a magenta pink with purple undertones. We see this color typically used in Hermes bags with exotic skins, such as shiny and matte alligator, as well as crocodile. Hermes distinguishes their exotics using a unique stamp symbol. Learn more about what those symbols are here. Because this Hermes pink shade is used only on exotics, this pink is incredibly rare. 

swatch of Shiny Alligator Rose Scheherazade FASHIONPHILE
Shiny Alligator Rose Scheherazade
swatch of Matte Alligator Rose Scheherazade FASHIONPHILE
Matte Alligator Rose Scheherazade
swatch of Crocodile Rose Scheherazade FASHIONPHILE
Crocodile Rose Scheherazade

Hermes Rose Bubblegum

Rose Bubblegum is referred to as “5P pink” by Hermes insiders. It’s also one of the rarest and most sought-after pinks often seen on exotic skins. It is a pink that is incredibly valuable, even pre-loved. 

swatch of Matte Niloticus Crocodile Rose Bubblegum FASHIONPHILE
Matte Niloticus Crocodile Rose Bubblegum
swatch of Epsom Rose Bubblegum FASHIONPHILE
Epsom Rose Bubblegum
These are just a few of the many pinks from Hermes that you can find at FASHIONPHILE. Hermes collectors particularly have an eye for certain pinks in certain styles, but all pinks are gorgeous in their own unique way. Need more pink? Discover more in this guide to Chanel pinks!