A Guide to Hermes Oranges

studio image of hermes orange bags and orange box FASHIONPHILE

There’s more than meets the eye with Hermes orange.


If you’re curious about the world of Hermes orange, you’ve landed on the right post. We’ll take you through some of the most iconic Hermes oranges you can shop for at FASHIONPHILE. From rich Hermes hues like Orange and Sanguine to salmon and earthy tones such as Crevette and Terre Battue. Similar to Hermes pinks and Hermes blues, you’ll notice colors differ in appearance depending on the textile. This guide shares the history of Hermes orange, the various orange hues that the brand has released, and some invaluable style tips on how to incorporate a splash of orange into your wardrobe! 

The Meaning of Orange & Historical Significance for Hermes

The bright, citrus-shaded Hermes box sends fashion hearts ablaze. Indeed, Orange H or Classic Orange, as it’s known within the halls of the brand, is a staple of the Hermes brand. In color psychology, bright orange has rejuvenating characteristics and signifies shelter from grief and disappointment. 

Did you know that this iconic orange shade didn’t always deck the sides of Hermes boxes and signature accessories? In the 1920s and 1930s, Hermes packaging was designed to resemble pigskin, first coming in a supple, cream shade with gold accents, then later changed to a rich marigold yellow with dark chocolate brown trim. 

In the midst of WWII, when supplies were slim, Hermes was unable to get the previous dyes from its packaging supplier – the only color the supplier had left was, happenstance, bright orange. Thus, the myth of the Hermes orange was born. In 1949, the dark chocolate Bolduc ribbon was added to the Hermes orange boxes, adding the perfect finishing touch.

Iconic Hermes Orange Colors

Hermes Orange

Hermes Orange is known as the classic orange, which remains iconic today and the same color is also used for Hermes boxes.

swatch of Hermes orange in epsom FASHIONPHILE
Orange Epsom
swatch of Hermes orange in togo FASHIONPHILE
Orange Togo
swatch of Hermes orange in ostrich FASHIONPHILE
Orange Ostrich
Hermes Potiron

Hermes Potiron translates to pumpkin, and is a darker orange that came out in 2003 characteristic of its brown undertones. We love this color on Hermes’ cashmere wool Avalon blankets!

swatch of Hermes potiron in taurillon clemence FASHIONPHILE
Potiron Taurillon Clemence
swatch of Hermes potiron in cashmere wool FASHIONPHILE
Potiron Cashmere Wool
swatch of Hermes potiron in toile FASHIONPHILE
Potiron Toile
Hermes Feu

Hermes Feu ws introduced in Spring Summer 2009, and “feu” means fire in French. Hermes Feu is more orange and less pink than Orange Poppy.

swatch of Hermes feu in togo FASHIONPHILE
Feu Togo
swatch of Hermes feu in epsom FASHIONPHILE
Feu Epsom
swatch of Hermes feu in taurillon clemence FASHIONPHILE
Feu Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Sanguine

Hermes Sanguine is a pretty red-hot orange, like lava, and we love it. Hermes “Sanguine” translates to “blood” in French and came out in Spring Summer of 2011. Hermes bags and accessories in the Sanguine color can also have contrast stitching.

swatch of Hermes sanguine in shiny alligator FASHIONPHILE
Sanguine Shiny Alligator
swatch of Hermes sanguine in vache FASHIONPHILE
Sanguine Vache
Hermes Capucine

Hermes Capucine was launched in 2012, and this orange closely resembles vermilion.

swatch of Hermes capucine in evercolor FASHIONPHILE
Capucine Evercolor
swatch of Hermes capucine in swift FASHIONPHILE
Capucine Swift
swatch of Hermes capucine in togo FASHIONPHILE
Capucine Togo
Hermes Moutarde

Hermes Moutarde translates to “mustard” in French and has a more yellow undertone, and came out in 2012.

swatch of Hermes Moutarde in Negonda FASHIONPHILE
Moutarde Negonda
swatch of Hermes Moutarde in Togo FASHIONPHILE
swatch of Hermes Moutarde in Taurillon Clemence FASHIONPHILE
Moutarde Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Crevette

Hermes Crevette translates to shrimp, what else? Hermes Crevette came out for Spring Summer 2013 and is a soft creme coral color.

swatch of Hermes Crevette in Chevre Mysore FASHIONPHILE
Crevette Chevre Mysore
swatch of Crevette in Togo FASHIONPHILE
Crevette Togo
swatch of Crevette in Taurillon Clemence FASHIONPHILE
Crevette Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Orange Poppy

Hermes Orange Poppy was launched for Fall Winter 2015 and is a deep orange with light pink undertones. You may spot Hermes items in Orange Poppy with brown glazing and a red/orange stitch. 

swatch of Orange Poppy in Evercolor FASHIONPHILE
Orange Poppy Evercolor
swatch of Orange Poppy in Chevre Mysore FASHIONPHILE
Orange Poppy Chevre Mysore
swatch of Orange Poppy in Taurillon Clemence FASHIONPHILE
Orange Poppy Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Terre Battue

Hermes Terre Battue was introduced in 2016, and its name translates to “clay” in French, referencing its more muted orange appearance with a hint of brown.

swatch of Terre Battue in Togo FASHIONPHILE
Terre Battue Togo
swatch of Terre Battue in Epsom FASHIONPHILE
Terre Battue Epsom
swatch of Terre Battue in Taurillon Clemence FASHIONPHILE
Terre Battue Taurillon Clemence
Hermes Cornaline

Hermes Cornaline is a rusty orange often seen on Hermes Grigri Rodeo bag charms.

product image of hermes carnaline rodeo bag charm FASHIONPHILE
Grigri Rodeo Bag Charm in Cornaline

Watch our YouTube Short on Hermes orange: 

How to Style Orange According to Melrose Max

In terms of styling orange, the fashion forward Melrose Max suggests, “a color-classic orange Hermes scarf around the neck. It’s the perfect method to elevate any outfit, adding a touch of class and Parisian chic. Pairing it with a super mod Hermes bag in a unique material is a sure-fire way to turn heads on the streets of Paris to Los Angeles.”

lifestyle image of influencer wearing hermes orange scarf and hermes bag FASHIONPHILE
Pictured above, Melrose Max wearing the Hermes Silk Bolduc Pocket Square Scarf, and the Hermes Canvas Small Bride-A-Brac Pouch Orange Burgundy
And there you have it. Orange is a true color staple for the Hermes brand. Because orange carries a unique meaning and story for Hermes, why not explore all Hermes orange items at FASHIONPHILE? Give your collection a fun, luxe and bold upgrade!