FASHIONPHILE Acquires the LXR Brand: Here’s What You Need to Know

the louis vuitton pochette metis east west bag worn on the arm with the chain strap hanging by FASHIONPHILE

So, what’s the latest buzz in ultra-luxury resale?


Exciting news in the world of luxury resale: FASHIONPHILE recently acquired the LXR brand. Back when LXR was operating, this Montreal-based resale company specialized in pre-owned handbags and accessories. Despite LXR’s closure caused by insolvency prior to when FASHIONPHILE acquired the brand, we shared that same commitment to the circular economy. If you’ve encountered this news about FASHIONPHILE acquiring LXR and have questions, here’s what you need to know. 

What does this mean?

In light of LXR’s closure, FASHIONPHILE has acquired the LXR brand’s intellectual properties and curation of authentic pre-loved handbags and accessories. 

Why acquire the LXR brand?

With LXR closing its online doors, the decision to acquire LXR was a choice FASHIONPHILE made rooted in buying what is best from the LXR brand. FASHIONPHILE has always championed the commitment to help extend the life of luxury handbags and accessories since 1999. By acquiring LXR, we expand that commitment and ensure that ultra-luxury pieces live on.

So, what now?

FASHIONPHILE’s focus is to continue providing exceptional products for anyone on the hunt for coveted pieces from top brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, and more. If you’re searching for something specific, we’ve got you. We are proud to be the destination for 100% authentic ultra-luxury goods. 

Visit FASHIONPHILE For All of Your Ultra-Luxury Needs

If you’re new, it’s easy to get started. Visit our website and create an account. Our inventory of 100% authentic pre-owned ultra-luxury bags and accessories is ever-changing and ever-evolving. If you prefer to shop and sell in person, step into one of our Flagship locations in San Diego and NYC.

A FASHIONPHILE Client Services representative handing a Fashionphile shopping bag to a customer inside the FASHIONPHILE San Diego Flagship (Carlsbad)
We hope this answers some of your questions. We are honored to have acquired the esteemed LXR brand and look forward to helping you find that next luxury piece you’re dreaming of. Discover everything the world of ultra-luxury has to offer at FASHIONPHILE


Disclaimer: Please note that while we’ve acquired the LXR brand, we are unable to provide customer service support for past LXR purchases. 

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