Because Textures Tell: Up Close to Iconic Chanel Textiles

comparing chanel bags crafted in different leather types from lambskin and caviar to goatskin by FASHIONPHILE

Carrying a Chanel bag can convey a message, but for numerous aficionados of ultra-luxury, the textile tells quite the tale, too.


Chanel textiles are essential, and there are so many iconic options to choose from. From the globally recognized Caviar leather to the historic Chanel tweed, there are endless choices out there. You may be wondering which is best for you or just curious about the different materials that Chanel uses. As the luxury aficionado that (we know) you are, familiarizing yourself with Chanel styles is essential, but an understanding of different Chanel materials is beneficial, too. So, without further ado, ready to spruce up your knowledge of all things Chanel? 

ASMR Chanel leathers & materials: 

Iconic Chanel Textiles

Chanel is famous for showcasing a wide range of textures in their styles, all thanks to the different textiles used. Each textile commonly found in Chanel bags has its own unique characteristics.  

comparing chanel bags crafted in different leather types from lambskin and caviar to goatskin by FASHIONPHILE
close up image of two chanel bags that compares chanel caviar leather with chanel goatskin leather by FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Caviar

Caviar leather, introduced by Chanel in the 90s, is highly valued for its texture and durability. It is used in iconic Chanel bags like the Double Flap, Coco Handle Flap, and Wallet on Chain. Caviar leather stays stiff and maintains its resale value, although its feel can vary based on the bag’s age and style.

close up image of chanel caviar leather in black by FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Lambskin

Another very common leather that Chanel uses is lambskin. Lambskin is known for its soft, velvety feel and can be very delicate. It’s important to handle Chanel lambskin bags with a little extra care to ensure that they maintain their condition. Some Chanel lambskin bags come in iridescent versions, where the colors change slightly based on lighting, giving the bags a unique appearance.

Chanel Sheepskin

Sheepskin (also known as lambskin) is the hide of a sheep that is tanned with the fleece intact, which is what makes bags appear drastically different from those in traditional lambskin leather. 

close up image of chanel sheepskin in black by FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Goatskin

Goatskin is renowned for its exceptional toughness and durability, making it a top choice for Chanel bags meant for frequent use and enduring wear and tear. In addition to its impressive durability, it boasts a remarkably soft texture. Chanel 19 bags crafted from goatskin are highly sought after due to these qualities.

close up image of chanel goatskin in black by FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Calfskin

Chanel also uses calfskin in many of its handbags, like the Chanel 22 and Chanel Kelly bags.. Calfskin is highly durable and can conceal wear and scratches very easily. Chanel offers different treatments of calfskin, including crumpled, iridescent, metallic, shiny, aged, and more.

close up image of chanel calfskin leather in black by FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Aged Calfskin

A very popular type of calfskin that Chanel uses is aged calfskin. This leather type deserves its moment because it is a very distinct leather type based on Chanel’s unique treatment of leather. You can spot aged calfkin on many Chanel Reissue bags. Aged calfskin is a noticeably distressed-looking type of calfskin leather. It is soft to the touch and gives a casual, relaxed look, and is also great for concealing signs of wear. 

close up image of chanel aged calfskin leather in black by FASHIONPHILE
Aged Calfskin
Chanel Patent Leather

Patent leather, often made from calfskin or goatskin, has a shiny plastic coating. To keep its color and avoid scratches, store it in a dust bag away from sunlight. Scratches on patent leather are hard to remove. It’s a fun material, and you can find good deals on Chanel bags in patent leather at FASHIONPHILE.

close up image of chanel patent leather in dark blue by FASHIONPHILE
Patent Leather
Chanel Galuchat

Galuchat leather by Chanel is crafted from stingrays and named after the innovative leather craftsman Jean-Claude Galuchat, who pioneered its creation. Galuchat leather is frequently painted in various colors and is remarkably durable, showcasing its impressive quality and unique texture.

close up image of chanel metallic galuchat leather in gold by FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Exotic Skins & Fur

In 2019, Chanel banned the use of fur and exotic materials, but you can still find them through resale. Exotic leathers that Chanel has used in the past include alligator, crocodile, python, ostrich, snakeskin, lizard skin, and mink fur.

close up image of a chanel crocodile bag in black by FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Tweed & Fabrics

Tweed is made of a wool-patterned fabric, and Chanel is famous for incorporating tweed throughout its handbags, shoes, and ready-to-wear pieces. Tweed is simply iconic to the brand and a big part of Chanel’s brand DNA. Learn more about the different types of Chanel tweed here

close up image of chanel tweed in beige and black by FASHIONPHILE
Watch this full video for more information on different Chanel leathers and materials: 

Whichever your style is, there are a plethora of iconic Chanel textiles to choose from, from the iconic Caviar leather to Chanel tweed bags. Which textile would you choose to tell your tale? 

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