Iconic Loewe Handbag Styles

different loewe bag styles merchandised together including the Loewe paseo bag, loewe anagram tote, and loewe cubi bag by FASHIONPHILE

With the head-turning styles trickling in from Loewe, it’s hard not to be drawn to the brand’s unique craft, especially its handbag collections.


Loewe boasts an impressive collection of distinctive bags featuring iconic shapes that blend innovative design with generations of artisanal expertise. From the Puzzle to the Flamenco, Gate, Amazona, Hammock, and more, Loewe bags are a testament to the brand’s dedication to avant-garde and shapely accessories. This post covers some of the most iconic Loewe styles that are more than just ultra-luxury accessories to tote around town but true works of art. 

different loewe bag styles merchandised together including the Loewe paseo bag, loewe anagram tote, and loewe cubi bag by FASHIONPHILE
Loewe Cubi
Loewe Anagram Tote
Loewe Paseo
The Loewe Puzzle Bag

Introduced in 2014, the Loewe Puzzle Bag is a modern marvel, combining practicality with a unique look. Inspired by origami, its cuboid shape allows it to be folded into different forms, adding versatility to its luxurious design. With careful craftsmanship and various colors available, the Puzzle Bag reflects Loewe’s dedication to reshaping fashion norms in high-end accessories. Read more on Loewe Puzzle bag sizes and the rumors about the discontinuation of the Puzzle bag! Other Puzzle styles include the Edge and the Puzzle Fold. 

LOEWE Grained Calfskin Small Puzzle Bag in the color beige by FASHIONPHILE
Puzzle Bag
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The Loewe Flamenco

The Loewe Flamenco bag was originally designed in the 1970s but was reimagined from the archives in 2010. Characterized by its softly gathered silhouette and distinctive knot detailing, this bag from Loewe exudes a sense of understated luxury. The Flamenco comes in several sizes ranging from Mini to Large and XL.

LOEWE Calfskin Flamenco Knot Crossbody bag in the color Red by FASHIONPHILE
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The Loewe Gate

First seen around 2018, the Gate is an iconic saddle bag or messenger from Loewe. The Gate bag is a clean design with a simple silhouette and comes in a wide variety of materials and finishes. There are also a number of different Loewe Gate styles, such as the Dual Gate and the Gate Pocket. The Gate bag comes in Mini and Small. 

LOEWE Grained Calfskin Mini Gate Crossbody Bag in the color Caramel Pecan by FASHIONPHILE
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The Loewe Amazona

The Loewe Amazona is a symbol of refined luxury, featuring a semi-structured and boxy silhouette and an iconic hanging padlock. It was originally designed in 1975 and named after Greek female warriors. Today, the Loewe Amazona reimagined and reintroduced in 2021 is a modern version coming in various sizes, dimensions, and materials. Whether you prefer a more square shape or a more rectangular shape, you can shop the Amazona bag in several sizes ranging from 15, 16, to a square version 19, 23, 28, and 44, to name a few. 

LOEWE Nappa Calfskin Amazona 16 Square Bag in the color Orange by FASHIONPHILE
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The Loewe Hammock

Another one of Jonathan Anderson’s genius creations, the Loewe Hammock bag, was introduced to the fashion crowd in 2016. The bag’s name stems from its innovative design. The Hammock is a versatile design that screams Loewe. The Hammock comes in a few different iterations, including a hobo version and a compact Hammock. Due to its popularity, it’s no surprise the Loewe Hammock bag is also available in several sizes, ranging from Mini and Small to Medium. 

LOEWE Calfskin Compact Hammock Shoulder Bag in the color Plumrose by FASHIONPHILE
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The Loewe Paseo

The Loewe Paseo bag is a newer bag design that came out in 2023. It is a supple and ultra-light bag defined by its soft pleats and elongated silhouette. Despite its recent release, the Paseo bag already comes in a few different styles and sizes ranging from the Paseo Chain and Paseo Satchel and coming in Small, Regular, and XL. 

LOEWE Shiny Nappa Calfskin Paseo Bag in the color Warm Desert by FASHIONPHILE
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The Loewe Squeeze

The Loewe Squeeze bag is another new design introduced by Loewe in 2023. The name comes from the bag’s distinctive squishy handle. The Squeeze bag is constructed in supple buttery leather and has an adjustable chain strap, allowing you to wear the bag in multiple ways. The Loewe Squeeze comes in Small and Medium. 

LOEWE Mellow Nappa Lambskin Small Squeeze Bag in the color Chalk by FASHIONPHILE
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The Loewe Anagram

The Loewe Anagram tote is a fairly traditional bag design but proudly flaunts the Loewe symbol front and center (known as the ‘Anagram’), which is a nod to the Spanish brand’s Germanic roots of founder Enrique Loewe Roessberg. The Anagram tote is a lightweight and functional bag that can be carried with its long top handles or shorter handles. The Anagram tote comes in Small and Mini, and there is also an Anagram Basket version. Other Loewe bags featuring the Anagram logo include the Loewe basket bag and Loewe raffia bags that come in a number of different styles.  

LOEWE Canvas Calfskin Small Anagram Tote in the color Ecru Tan by FASHIONPHILE
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The Loewe Bracelet Pouch

The Loewe Bracelet Pouch is definitely an unusual style that screams fun and versatility. The bracelet bag’s tubular design and pleated details make it a stand-out accessory, allowing for it to become an extension of the wearer, becoming either a shoulder bag, a handheld pouch, or, you guessed it, a bracelet. There are several versions of the Loewe Bracelet Pouch that you can shop for, ranging from those with chain straps and spiral straps to sportier jacquard straps, depending on the look you’re going for.

LOEWE Lambskin Pleated Bracelet Pouch shoulder Bag in the color Ruby Red Glaze by FASHIONPHILE
Bracelet Pouch
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The Loewe Cubi

The Loewe Cubi bag is a lightweight hobo style often dressed in the iconic Anagram pattern. The Cubi bag is also in a crossbody version and comes in a size Small.

LOEWE Jacquard Anagram Calfskin Small Cubi Bag in the color Apple Green by FASHIONPHILE
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Leave it to Loewe to possess a remarkable portfolio of stylish bags that incorporate iconic shapes with timeless designs crafted by skilled artisans. As an emblem of innovation and artisanal mastery, Loewe’s distinctive bags transcend fashion boundaries. Which Loewe bag is your favorite? 

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