Inside FASHIONPHILE’s Flagship Location in NYC (Chelsea)

FASHIONPHILE NYC Authentication Center & Showroom

FASHIONPHILE’s New York City expansion is one for the books …


It’s finally here! FASHIONPHILE’s new NYC digs is one of the “hottest drops” this season. Find us on the fourth floor of the historic Starrett-Lehigh building in Chelsea! Our FASHIONPHILE Flagship in NYC (Chelsea) includes both shopping and selling.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, we held a fabulous launch event and welcomed everyone – including members of our own team who flew in, editors, Entertainment Tonight crew, celebrities (hello Brooke Shields & Katie Holmes!), and influencers. It was truly a night to remember. In case you missed it, we’re sharing everything about this first-of-its-kind interactive space.

Location, Location

From shipping and photography to our climate-controlled “Cage” our 60,000-square-foot Flagship in NYC (Chelsea) is the ever-evolving home to roughly 15,000 items from the most exclusive luxury handbags and accessories in the world. 

Since 1931, the Starrett-Lehigh building has been applauded for the modernity of its design. FASHIONPHILE  is continuing the legacy of the iconic Starrett-Lehigh building by bringing warehouse operations back to Manhattan in style. With this move, FASHIONPHILE is expanding its footprint while investing in the power of New York as a fashion capital and adding 150 new jobs.

FASHIONPHILE NYC Authentication Center & Showroom

Why visit?

We have the largest collection of Hermes Birkin bags in the world, along with thousands upon thousands of carefully curated selections of ultra-luxury handbags and accessories –  all in one place. From coveted brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Rolex, and more. There are several really amazing perks about this location. Let’s get into it.

Behind the scenes FASHIONPHILE Climate controlled cage Hermes aisle

After you check-in and wave hello to the life-sized Prada robot, you’ll immediately notice a glorious “runway” that has ombre wallpaper of rainbow bags, and four windows into our climate-controlled “Cage” filled with all your favorite pre-loved designer finds, including the famous color-coordinated Birkin aisle. What else can you expect?

Shop Your Next Holy Grail

This location is the premier destination to shop, of course! Our gorgeous Flagship location in NYC (Chelsea) is where you can shop all your favorite brands in person. When you request to see an item during your shopping appointment, we place these items on a tres chic sushi bar-style carousel that connects to the “Cage.” Your item comes around to meet you in all of its glory.

Behind the scenes of FASHIONPHILE NYC Authentication Center & Showroom launch

Pro Tip: Our Flagship location in NYC (Chelsea) also has the capability of holding your online orders for you to pick up in person if you choose to do so. 

Sell & Make Money Fast

As mentioned earlier, our Flagship location in NYC (Chelsea) also has selling services available to you. This is located right in the front. You can’t miss it.

With eight procurement offices, our team consists of highly-trained brand experts who can authenticate your items on the spot and provide you with a competitive but fair and fast offer in minutes! You can walk out the door with money in your hand (or, hey, maybe a cute new accessory you’ve been eyeing? We can definitely help you with that)! 

Behind the scenes FASHIONPHILE Climate controlled cage Hermes aisle
See All The Action

Our FASHIONPHILE Flagship location in NYC (Chelsea) is your prime location for shopping and selling, no doubt. But the cool part is that you can see all the action of our internal operations through more windows throughout the facility. 

Behind the scenes FASHIONPHILE Authentication Center & Showroom

Watch our experts engage live in the science of authentication, our photography team give each item their close-up fifteen minutes of fame, and the shipping department creates the ultimate unboxing moment. It is breathtaking, and the goosebumps from reaching this milestone as a team aren’t going away any time soon. Aside from the obvious dream destination that this NYC (Chelsea) location is, you also get incredible views of the Hudson River from every angle of the building. 

The Launch Event

Katie Holmes – who couldn’t resist peeking through our famous rainbow Birkin aisle – Brooke Shields, and her two daughters, Rowan and Grier, were some of the many FASHIONPHILE fans who attended to support our launch event. Read more about Brooke visiting our new space and how her daughters influence her style.

Katie Holmes at FASHIONPHILE's NYC Authentication Center & Showroom Launch Event
Brooke Shields with her daughters and FASHIONPHILE Founder & President Sarah Davis at NYC Authentication Center & Showroom Launch Event

What went on the night of, exactly? Dancers in lab coats twerkin’ (for a Birkin?) in the “Cage,” the fabulous DJ and influencer, Pamela Tick, taking us for a spin no less, and a video booth including ultra-luxury “props” to play with (it’s most definitely not your average video booth). Accessories to pose with included an Hermes Birkin bag (what else), a Fendi Fendigraphy Hobo, a Chanel CC In Love Heart Clutch and so much more… all in true FASHIONPHILE style, no doubt. Want to see what all the hype’s about? Come see for yourself. The booth is still up and ready for your Instagram! 

Experience more of the event from your favorite influencers who attended, including Monroe Steele, Jenee Naylor, Caroline Vazanna, and Coco Bassey. Visit our FASHIONPHILE Flagship in NYC (Chelsea) today!