What to Expect During Your Appointment at FASHIONPHILE’s Carlsbad Showroom

FASHIONPHILE Carlsbad Showroom

Shopping in person just hits differently.


FASHIONPHILE’s Carlsbad Showroom is an unforgettable place to shop for your next ultra-luxury accessory. You can shop thousands upon thousands of ultra-luxury items first-hand and enjoy a shopping experience unlike anywhere else. Bonus: at our Showroom locations, you can shop and sell! This blog post shares everything you can expect during your in-person appointment at FASHIONPHILE’s Carlsbad Showroom. Let’s get started!

Watch this YouTube Short on the reasons to shop in person at FASHIONPHILE:

The Best Inventory Selection

At FASHIONPHILE, we take pride in our curated selection of handbags, accessories, jewelry, and watches. After all, we source from some of the best closets all around the world. Once you are greeted at the front desk and checked in, you are given an iPad that lets you choose the items you want to see. While you wait, you can browse our beautifully merchandised wall of handbags that are also available for purchase. Point blank, with security, VIP parking, and brand experts available to answer your questions, expect nothing but the best service throughout your appointment.

FASHIONPHILE Carlsbad Showroom

An Unforgettable Shopping Experience

Shopping has so many benefits. But what makes it even better is when the experience is positively unforgettable. At the FASHIONPHILE Carlsbad Showroom, many unique features make this location an absolute gem. When you request the items from the iPad that you would like to see, our inventory specialists pull them from the ‘Cage’ that is situated just above the Showroom, and they place your items into an elevator that connects the ‘Cage’ to the Showroom. While you browse, you can also put your authenticity skills to the test. Our authentic versus fake wall demonstrates a deconstruction of an authentic and fake Louis Vuitton handbag. What’s not to love? Discover more authenticity lessons here

FASHIONPHILE Carlsbad Showroom

As a destination with one of the largest Birkin selections in the world, it’s only fitting that we also have a large lego Birkin sitting in our Showroom. So before you leave, be sure to snap an Instagram-worthy shot of you in front of our lifesize lego Birkin and tag us on social!

FASHIONPHILE Carlsbad Showroom

Bonus: Shop and sell!

When you make an appointment at FASHIONPHILE’s Carlsbad Showroom, you can shop and come here to sell! Hey, better yet, sell to shop? We can take care of everything in one appointment. When you choose FASHIONPHILE store credit as payment, you earn 10% more to your earnings. Learn more about additional ways you can sell with us

Do you live in the Southern California area, or are visiting? You can’t go wrong with booking an appointment to shop at FASHIONPHILE’s Carlsbad Showroom to see for yourself. If you don’t live near one of our Showroom locations, don’t fret! Here is how FASHIONPHILE’s Personal Shoppers can help you find your Holy Grail no matter where you are.

At FASHIONPHILE, we are committed to providing attainable ultra-luxury all curated just for you. It’s about making pre-owned ultra-luxury accessories accessible. We’re about guaranteed-authentic Holy Grail products in great condition and quick buyouts on your ready-to-sell pieces. Live in NYC? Learn more about what’s available to you at our Authentication Center and Showroom in Chelsea!
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