50 Shades of Beige: The Chanel Caviar Flap

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50 Shades of Beige: The Chanel Caviar Flap.


Any woman worth her salt has already completed a thorough investigation into Chanel’s delicious array of lipstick shades. She knows exactly which suits her best — and which ones are better left on the endcap display where they first called her name.

Of course, when it comes to Chanel, lipstick is just a beginner’s game. The Chanel Classic Caviar Flap proves equally distinctive, featuring a fresh shade every year (and even season, specifically coded for those with a proper education in fashion— see below). If you know what to look for, you know that all are desirable, but some are highly sought-after and (arguably) worth holding out for.

After all, this isn’t just about a splurge to glow up your make-up routine. It’s a true investment in your wardrobe and the kind of piece that will only continue to gain value over time.

In fact, certain shades become nearly iconic. Why? Once Chanel releases a particular color, they rarely release it again. Just one reason why shops with a range of years available (pst, FASHIONPHILE) might just be the perfect place to find it.

Beyond desirability, there’s also the simple but all-important consideration of taste. Which Classic Chanel Flaps are most desirable, remarkable, and worth noting? Let’s take a look at the range you can explore if you’ve got the eye for it.

The Perfect Shade of Beige

From deeper taupey hues to a brighter, almost-yellow, Chanel has proven again and again that you should never underestimate the subtle power of brown’s more refined cousin.

Chanel’s 2014 caviar beige edition is distinctly bright and even a tad optimistic, while the same handbag three years later sported a more subdued beige with almost pinkish undertones. 2019 met somewhere in the middle, hitting the mark on both maturity and versatility. (The full 50-ish shades of beige, here.)

product image of beige chanel bag FASHIONPHILE
product image of chanel beige flap FASHIONPHILE
product image of beige chanel flap FASHIONPHILE

On a Rosier Note

Now let’s take a look at the pinks. As seems fitting, older models like the 2005 sport an almost bubblegum hue (and a price tag comparable to newer ones — that’s how obsessed people are with them, even to this day) while the 2018 feels nearly coral. If you go further back in the time capsule, the early 2000s revealed a more demure, ballet-slipper-like pink. And those are just the highlights — you can find a whole spectrum in the FASHIONPHILE shop.

product image of pink chanel flap FASHIONPHILE
product image of pink chanel flap FASHIONPHILE
product image of pink chanel flap FASHIONPHILE

Worth Mentioning: A Word on the Year & Materials

The Classic Chanel Flap can be purchased in a range of materials, usually caviar or lambskin. There’s a theory (and by theory we mean a widespread opinion) that much of the caviar was actually superior in less recent years, and that the most recent bags produced are of a slightly less supple quality. While we can’t confirm absolutely if that’s so, it’s a nice and natural little plug for purchasing a pre-owned piece that carries a solid legacy along with it.

Generally speaking, we recommend the caviar because it wears well, is more durable, and still provides a supple, beautiful look. You can rest assured that if you’re envisioning using it on a semi-regular (or regular) basis, it’ll hold up well and continue to look fresh for years to come.

Chanel Seasonal Names & Codes, As Promised

C = Cruise (Early winter)

P = Printemps (Spring/ Summer Act 1 – late winter/early spring)

S = Spring (Spring / Summer Act 2 – spring/early summer)

A = Autumn (late summer)

B = Autumn/ Winter act 1 (early fall)

K = Autumn/ Winter act 2 (late fall)

00 or V= Classic/Permanent Collection

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