A Guide to Chanel Pinks

Chanel Pink

In the words of Elle Woods, “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.”


Nothing against orange, but arguably pink is a state of mind. Think pink? Similar to our story, 50 Shades of Beige, this time around we will be divulging all things Chanel pink – since it feels like the natural succession to beige, right?

Depending on the range, pink could pass for a neutral, but it can also be the more bubbly companion our wardrobe needs! From mediterranean coral to soft pastel pinks, Chanel is undeniably on board the pink parade.

These favorites (and older models exhibiting a rosier note) are totally worth adding to cart. And, trust me, you can find them all available on FASHIONPHILE. Toting around town in one of these would certainly make our inner ‘Elle’ proud.

Pink From The Past

Once Chanel releases a particular color, they rarely release it again. Read more on that, here. That’s why Chanel pinks from the past five, ten, or even twenty years ago are so iconic. It’s hard to dislike the spectrum of pink hues available, from soft ballet slipper pink to warm coral hues and bubblegum. Shop our full range of Chanel pinks, here.

Pink Iridescent Calfskin

For the whimsical enthusiast, go iridescent. Chanel’s iridescent calfskin isn’t new but it has surely evolved over the years, and the shades keep getting more brilliant. This textile is truly shiny, shimmering, splendid (cue “A Whole New World”), and is entirely a mood in and of itself.

Chanel pinks are the epitome of angelic beauty and summer romance. No matter what style and textile you choose though, from wallet on chain (WOC) to a Chanel 19, pinks, especially iridescent pinks, are out of this world. Shop our latest selections in this pretty textile here.

Pink a la Rainbow Hardware

Like a little bit of everything? Invest in your next Chanel handbag with hardware flaunting all the colors of the rainbow! Chanel rainbow hardware is a show stopper, and a conversation starter, no doubt. We saw it make its debut back in 2016 for a limited time, and its return calls for a celebration. The subtle rainbow hues held up against Chanel’s pink lambskin leather evokes an emotion that quite literally makes me want a rainbow manicure to match.

Pink Ombre, Chunky Chains & Enamels

Uber fans of Chanel caviar may recall its exciting transformation via an ombre line from the Sunset On the Sea collection. Stunning. Additionally, the love for chunky chains cannot be ignored. Ultimate wishlist item: a bag with colorful enamels and chains all in one – perhaps, the Chanel mini square flap in pink with gorgeous bedazzled resin jewels on chain? Yes, please!

For a softer more subtle statement, Chanel’s WOC featuring a matching pink enamel CC is a true classic and lasts forever. Side note: if you’re investing in a WOC and wondering what the best textile would be, read about our wallet style and textile recommendations.

Pink Handles, Pink Everything

It’s also worth mentioning these flawless top handle bags, which happen to come in a beautiful assortment of pink shades and long-lasting luxurious textiles. If you love a pink monochromatic moment (guilty), the Incognito mini coco handle flap is a must-have.

Or if you’re searching for a close relative to the classic flap, get the mini top handle rectangular in pink. For admirers of a structured and squarish silhouette, the Filigree Vanity Case holds really well and looks absolutely gorgeous with multicolor pink tweed and leather trim.

Who knew pink could really make everything look so pretty? Truth be told, pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!

What are some of your favorites from Chanel?