Chanel Investments Under $5000

Chanel Investments

A number of ultra-luxury heritage brand names just carry more value as the years go by. Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and of course, Chanel.


Like many of you, we keep a close eye on the market value for popular Chanel pieces. And as of late, we’ve witnessed not a second, not a third, but a fourth price increase this year for the brand’s classic styles. Whether these increases fuel your appetite or not, just know at this rate Chanel prices are only going up.   

With this in mind, the advantage of buying from FASHIONPHILE is that you can find last season’s Chanel bag in the size, color, and textile combination that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Buying pre-owned alleviates the pressure of locating items you want that are also becoming increasingly harder to find. If you missed the window of opportunity to buy that Holy Grail bag in new condition, don’t sweat. We eventually get our hands on it, so you can shop with ease!

And speaking of shopping. Let’s talk about how, despite these price increases, you can still make a solid investment buying a piece from Chanel valued at $5000 or less!  

Chanel Wallet On Chain 

Although (for now) the value for this style in the primary market still falls under $5000, the Wallet On Chain (WOC) just recently skyrocketed in price by nearly 13% during the latest increase. To give you perspective, at the beginning of this year, most WOC bags increased no more than 5% in retail price. So what this tells me is that the prices for the Chanel WOC are only going to go up. So, if you’ve been eyeing this style, now might be a good time to consider investing. 

From the Boy WOC and the Chanel 19 WOC to the Quilted Wallet on Chain, we have them all! This is a great piece with great price points for Chanel. You really can’t beat a great everyday bag like the Chanel WOC. Do your future self a favor and add-to-cart if you can!

product image of black caviar chanel wallet on chain woc FASHIONPHILE

Chanel Mini Square Flap

If you are (or someone you know is) a fan of the Classic Flap, consider the Mini Square Flap. These come in so many gorgeous shades and textiles, and most of them fall under $5k – even this new one in giftable condition! Although the minis are not considered part of the core Classic Flap collection, both the Mini Rectangular and the Mini Square are extremely popular and are going up in price, too! 

product image of Chanel pink chevron mini square flap FASHIONPHILE

Chanel Gabrielle Hobo 

First released in 2017, these bags are truly stunning featuring signature quilted patterns, mixed metals, and exciting chain elements. It is arguably one of the more versatile bags of the bunch for there are so many ways to wear the Chanel Gabrielle bag! Its versatility and quality are unbeatable. Did you know this style is inspired by futuristic elements, and the design itself mimics the construction of virtual reality glasses? The Chanel Gabrielle comes in Small, Medium, and Large as well as a backpack variation – and most fall under $5k. Most importantly, this style is also increasing – not only in popularity but in price.  

product image of black Chanel Gabrielle Small Hobo FASHIONPHILE

Chanel GST 

And for those who would rather not feed into the urgency behind these increases, but instead are looking for a classic piece at a great price point, the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST) is undeniably a smart buy. It was discontinued, sadly, in 2015 but you can still find these rare finds at FASHIONPHILE. Our President and Founder, Sarah Davis, still wears her GST around – proving it is fantastically long-lasting and worth every penny! 

Chanel Quilted Grand Shopping Tote FASHIONPHILE
If you are a Chanel fan and have been watching the brand increase its prices all these years, let this be your sign to shop for one of these covetable pieces under $5k before their prices increase even more. There is no better time than now to invest in your favorite brands and no better place to do so than at FASHIONPHILE.