A Guide to Chanel Beiges

a guide to chanel beiges FASHIONPHILE

The cream-colored aesthetic may be a cozy minimalist-inspired trend dominating TikTok as of late. But the best way to say you love beige – minus the hashtag – is with a gorgeous beige Chanel handbag.


With Chanel possessing quite a portfolio of coveted neutrals, it’s no wonder Chanel releases fresh shades of beige every year (and even every season). If you’re familiar with our post, 50 Shades of Beige, you know quite well that any Chanel aficionado would say it’s not just beige, it’s Chanel beige. Beige is arguably the most timeless. 

As with all things timeless, your cream-colored boucle chair is calling your name because we’re about to spill the tea on some iconic beiges, along with a helpful breakdown of Chanel beiges by season and what they look like on different leather types. As further evidence of why these seasonal releases are so iconic, let’s take a closer look at some notable and iconic Chanel beiges. 

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Iconic Chanel Beiges

Every Chanel season is special in its own way. But here are some notable Chanel beiges that our experts say are the in-demand beiges for many collectors.

18S Dark Beige 

Many Chanel collectors favor this medium beige 

19B Beige

This seasonal beige has a finish slightly shinier than classic colors like beige clair

21A Beige 

This beige is lighter with warmer undertones

21A Dark Beige 

This dark beige from the same season also has warmer undertones

product image of chanel 18s dark beige FASHIONPHILE
18S Dark Beige
product image of chanel 19b beige FASHIONPHILE
19B Beige
product image of chanel 21A beige FASHIONPHILE
21A Beige
product image of chanel 21A dark beige FASHIONPHILE
21A Dark Beige

21P “Caramel” Brown

It may not be beige, but it’s still neutral in our eyes. A hot release also described as “pumpkin spice”  

22A Dark Beige 

This shade is noticeably darker than previous dark beiges

22C Beige 

This yellow-toned beige is similar to the coveted and classic beige clair

product image of chanel 21P brown FASHIONPHILE
21P Brown
product image of chanel 22A dark beige FASHIONPHILE
22A Dark Beige
product image of chanel 22C beige FASHIONPHILE
22C Beige

While knowing there are many Chanel beiges in the market, comparing them by season also makes it clear why seasonal color releases are so special. After all, you’ll never hear a Chanel aficionado say, “it’s just another beige.”

Comparing Chanel Beiges by Season

Chanel beiges often go by “Beige” or “Dark Beige.” But don’t be fooled by the names. Although many are called the same color names, these Chanel beiges are far from the same in appearance.

Dark Beiges
swatch of chanel 18s beige FASHIONPHILE
swatch of chanel 21a dark beige FASHIONPHILE
swatch of chanel 22a dark beige FASHIONPHILE
swatch of chanel 19B beige FASHIONPHILE
swatch of chanel 21A beige FASHIONPHILE
swatch of chanel 22C beige FASHIONPHILE

Pro tip: While we anticipate the arrival of the new 23P Chanel 22 mini bag any day now (in beige, no doubt), you can set up an item alert on your account for any bag(s) and color(s) of your choosing. The moment one hits the site, you will be notified!  

And lastly, just like other luxury brands known for their special color releases, such as Hermes, Chanel colors – yes, even beiges – can appear different depending on which leather type it is applied to. Here is a side-by-side comparison of some notable Chanel beiges on different leather types.

Comparing Chanel Beiges on Different Leathers

It appears that Chanel alternates between leather types season after season. That means, within a single calendar year, you may notice Chanel release select handbag styles in certain sizes and colors for a limited time. For example, a Mini Rectangular Flap in Beige Iridescent Calfskin, or a Small Double Flap in Beige Caviar, or a Chanel 19 in Dark Beige lambskin. The sky is the limit. But knowing these releases are super special makes seasonal pieces that much more coveted. Read this post if you’re interested in Chanel 19 releases by season

design graphic of chanel beiges by season FASHIONPHILE

We already know that seasonal beiges are fairly unique. But it’s interesting to see how these beiges appear on different textiles. A special bonus: Iridescent Calfskin Beige, like this one from 2021! Chanel beiges are arguably the most iconic, with Chanel possessing quite the portfolio of coveted neutrals. Read more about Chanel iridescent leathers, here. 

Which Chanel beige is your favorite? Read more on Chanel colors in this comprehensive guide to Chanel pinks. Shop all pre-loved Chanel at FASHIONPHILE.
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