Wrap It Right: Comparing the Dior Mitzah, Louis Vuitton Bandeau & Hermes Twilly

the twilly, mitzah and bandeau silk scarves from louis vuitton, christian dior, and hermes by fashionphile

It’s not just a silk scarf. It’s a Bandeau, a Mitzah, or a Twilly. But what do these names mean, and what are the differences?


Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Hermes possess a unique moniker for their sought-after silk scarves. Whether you’re in the market for a Twilly, considering different Bandeaus, or seeking a Mitzah to dress up your accessories, this post delves into the meanings behind these names and how they’re connected with a specific brand. By the blog post’s end, you’ll never call it a silk scarf again, and shortly thereafter, you’ll really sound like a connoisseur of ultra-luxury!

Shop the Louis Vuitton Bandeau – Great For Styling Both Your Hair and Handbags

The Louis Vuitton Bandeau silk scarf stands out as a special creation with a unique name. The English translation for the word bandeau is “headband.” Even though the word “bandeau” isn’t trademarked, it’s closely connected to Louis Vuitton. The name refers to its shape and how it can be worn in various ways. These scarves come in different prints that reflect the brand’s history and creativity, showcasing Louis Vuitton’s commitment to style and innovation.

Bandeaus are about 47 inches long, so they’re perfect for styling a pretty up do like that balletcore bun you’ve been dying to try. The BB Bandeaus have  angled tips that are  great for styling on bags, as well.

LOUIS VUITTON Silk Monogram Flowers Forever Bandeau in the color Rose Clair by fashionphile
LOUIS VUITTON Silk Mix and Straps Bandeau in the color Beige by fashionphile
LOUIS VUITTON Silk Monogram Lets Go BB Bandeau in the color Black by fashionphile

Shop the Christian Dior Mitzah – Endless Ways to Wear a Dior Mitzah Scarf

If you’re going to pick one designer silk scarf that has a unique name, it’s the Dior Mitzah. While the term “Mitzah” isn’t exclusive to scarves—it’s also linked to perfumes and makeup—it carries a special significance at Dior. Named after the elegant Mitzah Bricard, a key muse for Christian Dior, the scarf embodies her timeless style. Various types of Mitzah scarves display unique prints, echoing the brand’s creativity and paying homage to its rich history.

Mizah scarves are about 40 inches long and can be styled the traditional way around the neck or around your wrist or wrapped around the handles of your favorite bag!

CHRISTIAN DIOR Silk Oblique Mitzah Scarf in the color Blue by fashionphile
CHRISTIAN DIOR Silk Tarot Mitzah Scarf in the color Ivory by fashionphile
CHRISTIAN DIOR Silk Toile De Jouy Mitzah Scarf in the color Navy Blue by fashionphile

Shop the Hermes Twilly – The Best Way to Accessorize Any Handbag

The Hermes Twilly is an emblem of luxury and style, marked by Hermes. Its name comes from “Twill,” a technique used in crafting soft, flowing fabrics. Rooted in Hermes’ heritage, the Twilly blends traditional artistry with modern flair. It showcases unique prints that tell stories of creativity and craftsmanship, making owning one akin to possessing a work of art. These artist prints are exclusive and undergo a meticulous design process with limited production time.

The Hermes Twilly is about 34 inches long and can be styled in many ways, like around the neck or on your bag. Here are some ways to tie the Twilly on your handbag. Bonus: try wrapping a Twilly around your Hermes sandals! 

HERMES Silk Botanical Twilly scarf in pink, purple and white by FASHIONPHILE
HERMES Silk Bolduc Au Carre Twilly in the colors Rouge Bordeaux Creme by fashionphile
HERMES Silk Chevaux En Liberte Twilly in the colors Bleu Glacier Beige by fashionphile
Bonus: Learn How to Tie a Twilly Scarf on a Bag

In the world of luxury fashion, these silk scarves transcend mere accessories; they are emblems of artistry and identity. Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Dior have meticulously crafted these pieces with a distinct purpose, bestowing them with names that encapsulate their essence. The Twilly by Hermes, the Bandeau by Louis Vuitton, and the Mitzah by Dior exemplify this notion, each representing a unique fusion of creativity, heritage, and innovation. These names serve as gateways to the rich narratives and inspirations behind these scarves, elevating them to more than just fabric but as testaments to the individuality and vision of these iconic brands.

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