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Do you even Twilly?

Anna Schaefer
Contributing Writer.
Connoisseur of curated luxury.

“Do you even Twilly?”

A better question: how extensive is your Twilly collection? If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably caught a peek of a beautifully tied array of color pristinely looped around a Hermes Birkin, or playfully slung as a sash across a Hermes Mini Kelly.


And no wonder: Twillies are an amazing way to spruce up a bag you love, add some seasonal flavor, and protect handles from natural oils, residue, and discoloration that naturally comes over time. (That’s right ladies — silk can be practical.)


Below is quick rundown of the most popular ways to tie your Twilly. You can learn how to tie all six styles for yourself — or invent your own. Just promise you’ll tag us on Insta if you do.

The Classic Wrap 


Easily preserves handle while adding a delicious pop of color 

Classic Wrap with a Bow


Admittedly this takes a bit more skill, but it’s totally worth the extra dose of femme

The Casual Knot 


Simple, classic, both effortless-looking and actually pretty effortless to do.

The Camellia


The closest to artistry by far, you’ll definitely turn heads with this little twist.

The Double Bow


Ultra sweet and the most flowery of the options.

The Twilly Chain


A personal favorite — adds a delightful layer of detail while leaving the handles on full display.

Whats your favorite way to Twilly? Let us know in the comments!

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