Mastering Hermes Styles From Accessible to Extravagant

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Are you eager to explore the world of Hermes beyond its renowned classics?


With our wide selection of Hermes styles sourced from some of the world’s best closets, there are so many Hermes styles to consider to suit your taste and budget – and it doesn’t have to be a Kelly or a Birkin bag. Shop your next Hermes bag at FASHIONPHILE, where you can find a number of pre-loved styles from Hermes under various price points – simply take advantage of our price and sale filters online! Whether you have your eye on something equestrian like the timeless appeal of the Evelyne, or something that screams “coastal grandmother” like the Hermes Garden Party tote, FASHIONPHILE has got you covered. 

This post compiles investment-worthy Hermes bags at various price points from accessible to extravagant so you can embark on your Hermes journey no matter your budget. As you ascend the Hermes pyramid you’ll discover diverse offerings that carry the same level of luxuriousness as having the iconic Birkin bag! 

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Ascending the Hermes Pyramid

The Hermes Herbag $

Known for its versatile and functional design, the Herbag features a canvas body and a removable pouch. It offers a more casual and relaxed style compared to other Hermes bags. 

The Hermes Evelyne $

The Evelyne is recognized for its distinctive perforated “H” logo on the front. It is a crossbody bag with a comfortable and practical design, ideal for everyday use.

The Hermes Garden Party $

The Garden Party tote is a soft and spacious design, making it perfect for both casual and dressier occasions. It is crafted from sturdy canvas or leather and features a snap-button closure.

The Hermes Picotin $$

The Picotin is a charming and compact bucket-style bag with a minimalistic design. It features a distinctive toggle closure and feet at the base with the exception of the Micro Picotins. Discover more bucket bags here! 

The Hermes Loop $$

A close cousin to the Picotin, the Hermes Loop bag is characterized by its unique circular shape and sleek, minimalistic design, crafted from luxurious Hermes leathers

The Hermes Verrou $$$

The Verrou is a chic and elegant clutch-style bag known for its distinctive bolt-shaped closure. It exudes a sense of sophistication and has a very unique boxy silhouette. 

The Hermes 24/24 $$$

Inspired by the sleek design of suit jackets, the 24/24 is a compact and lightweight Hermes shoulder bag with a sleek and modern design. The 24/24 features a rigid flap with a soft body and a structured top handle. 

The Hermes Bolide $$$

Initially designed in 1923 to fit into the rounded trunks of cars, the Bolide is a classic and timeless handbag with a unique dome shape. It was one of the first Hermes bags to incorporate a zipper closure, making it convenient and secure.

The Hermes Roulis $$$$

The Roulis takes style inspiration from the house’s iconic hardware, the Chaine d’Ancre, and blends modernity with classic elegance. The Hermes Roulis features a signature clasp closure and a matching leather shoulder strap.

The Hermes Lindy $$$$

The Lindy is a spacious and versatile bag with a slouchy silhouette. Known for its distinctive placement of the handles, the Hermes Lindy pays tribute to the dance from which it takes its name, the Lindy Hop. 

The Hermes Constance $$$$

In 1967, Hermes’ Executive Chairman, Jean-Louis Dumas, approached a designer with a special request to create a bag for the esteemed brand. The talented designer, a young woman who happened to be expecting a child, decided to honor her newborn daughter by giving the bag the name “Constance.”The Constance is an iconic Hermes bag known for its sleek and timeless design. It features a distinctive H-shaped clasp and can be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

The Hermes Kelly $$$$$

The Kelly is one of the most iconic and coveted Hermes bags. It features a trapezoidal silhouette, a top handle, and a unique Kelly turn-lock closure. The Kelly bag is a symbol of elegance and luxury. Learn more about different Kelly bags here, and if you’re curious, here’s a closer look at the iconic Hermes Mini Kelly

The Hermes Birkin $$$$$

At the pinnacle of luxury, we find ourselves at the summit, standing atop the pyramid of exquisite craftsmanship and opulence. The Birkin, a true symbol of luxury and status, reigns supreme in the realm of ultra-luxury. The epitome of extravagance is arguably the Hermes Himalaya Birkin

Regardless of which Hermes style you prefer, let us not forget that the bags we have discussed belong to the same prestigious house, meticulously crafted with unwavering care and commitment to excellence. Each one carries the same level of prestige and artistry, ensuring that you indulge in the epitome of luxury regardless of the specific Hermes bag choice you make.

Pro Tip: although these are styles ranked from more accessible to extravagant, all these Hermes styles have various price points depending on many factors such as sale or condition. Filter your search at FASHIONPHILE online to find the best options at your desired price point! 

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At FASHIONPHILE, you can shop a wide selection of Hermes styles sourced from some of the world’s best closets. There are so many Hermes styles to consider to suit your taste and budget. If you’re looking for more, check out these Hermes investments under $5,000

With the convenience of our online filtering system, you can easily explore and choose from options like the Evelyne, Picotin, Garden Party, Herbag, and even a Birkin at various price points, condition ratings, or sales. Experience the luxury of Hermes without breaking the bank, making FASHIONPHILE your go-to destination for your next exquisite bag. Start your Hermes journey today!
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