How to Win the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

how to win the coastal grandmother aesthetic FASHIONPHILE

Long live the Coastal Grandmother


For those wondering what on earth am I referring to, the phrase “coastal grandmother” came about on social media recently, thanks to Lex Nicoleta. The very essence of “coastal grandma” connotes a certain laid-back lifestyle that truly is about not giving a hoot and purely about embracing being the main character in your story. Most importantly, you do not need to be a grandma. The concept is for everyone. Hello coastal grandpa!?

If this phenomenon intrigues you, read on! We’re sharing more about the trend and the pieces you can buy right now at FASHIONPHILE that will elevate you to the top of the coastal gran game! 

A Deep Dive Into Coastal Grandma Living

Don’t let the societal stigmas of “granny” fool you. This trend is full of Nancy Meyers inspiration and you’ll find all her movies have “coastal grandma” vibes already infused throughout. Imagine this: lush home gardens, weekly backyard gatherings with your girlfriends, a daily uniform of crisp linen pants and oversized button-up shirts, St. Charles cavaliers running amok in your lowkey cape cod bungalow,  journaling and homemade cocktails, and let’s not forget the song “This will be” blasting on repeat as you dance around the kitchen with a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc in hand…. Oh, and an early bedtime. That one last important detail might as well be written in the coastal granny bylaws. 

See, everything about coastal grandma living is actually fabulous; there’s a healthy and welcoming essence to it, and it screams vacation. With graduations, and summer months all soon approaching, there’s no better time than now to dip your toes in the coastal grandma waters if you haven’t already done so. 

Lucky for you, we rounded up some fun picks to win the coastal granma aesthetic. These will awaken your inner Oprah, Meg Ryan, Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton (ok, I’ll stop) … you name it. Time to preach the gospel of gran!

1) Try Out a Wicker or Raffia Bag

When in doubt, start with a wicker or raffia bag. After all, what is summer without one? They’re breathable, lightweight, and tres chic. Before the Birkin bag, Jane Birkin carried her wicker bag with her everywhere. From flea markets to the red carpet, she could not part with it. That’s reason enough to find your next go-to summer bag and channel that coastal living whether you’re oceanside or inland. Want to learn more about this summer-friendly textile? We have a post that shares everything about why raffia is the textile for summer

2) Invest In Classic & Timeless Bags

In true coastal grandma fashion, you might as well be toting around town – perhaps in the Hamptons or just running errands like a local – with your Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Hermes Birkin, or Chanel Double Flap by your side. These are the bags that just keep getting better with age, and they’re an absolute necessity in every die-hard coastal grandma wardrobe. But the lowkey choice yet highly recommended option is the Hermes Garden Party tote. Understated, durable, classy, and perfect for every day. And honestly, it would be my pick. 

3) Slip-on some… Slippers!

Summer may be sandal season but like every true hostess with the mostess, a pair of slippers is a must. Think Gucci Princetown Slippers. Maybe throw on your oversized tunic while you’re at it. Hey, we’re talking coastal grandma here! Ok, but in all seriousness, if you prefer sandals, that’s perfectly coastal as well. Check out these top 5 most popular designer sandals to help you get started! 

4) Dress Up With a Twilly Scarf

A twilly paired with your oversized button-up shirt and some jeans is pure coastal gran vibes. Plus, you can take advantage of the Twilly by wearing it in so many ways. In your hair, around your wrist, or even style it on your favorite bag. For some inspiration, here are two ways we styled the Twilly on a Birkin and a Kelly bag.

5) A Luxury Watch to Adorn Your Wrist 

I think every classy lady would agree that no outfit is complete without a luxury watch. Especially if you’re looking to win the title of coastal grandma. Rolex is souring in popularity and becoming increasingly harder to get your hands on in the primary market. But if you are looking for one, or something else special, we have an amazing collection of high-value timepieces at FASHIONPHILE. In my humble opinion, a Rolex Datejust with a fluted bezel and President bracelet screams “I run the show.” 

If Rolex is not for you and you want a little something more subdued, a Cartier Tank never goes out of style. It will always retain its value for being one of the most celebrated classic watches of all time. Pro advice: if you want to actually sound like you know a thing or two about watches, our post on watch movements and luxury watch parts gives a good introduction to watch industry lingo. 

6) Lastly, Feel Extra Fine in Some Fine Jewelry

Hoops of all sizes, like these Bulgari ones, are a necessity if you want to look cute with your messy ocean hair or paired with your oversized knit sweater as you soak up the golden hour sun on your patio. Layer up with a Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra bracelet and Cartier LOVE bracelet. These not only are perfect for you (self-gifting, hello) but also make fabulous gifts for Mom!  

So what do you think? Are you ready to embrace coastal grandma living? Follow us on Instagram and be sure to tag us and use our hashtag # fashionphile on pics of you wearing your luxurious handbags!