Hermes Investment Pieces Under $5000

lifestyle photo of coral pink Hermes Picotin on model wearing white and designer jewelry

In the world of ultra-luxury, everything counts as an investment one way or another.


But as you know if you’re really looking to earn an impressive ROI, investing in top-selling and hard-to-get styles from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes is a no-brainer. Pieces from these brands, in particular, hold their value for longer because the market demand for them continues to grow. Take for instance Chanel. Hardly anybody is a stranger nowadays to Chanel resale value; keeping track of their yearly price increases is practically a sport. 

Not quite ready to jump in the game just yet? In the event that you’re considering making an investment now (here’s a first-time investor’s guide to Hermes), but don’t want to burn too much moula at once, we got you. We rounded up a couple of unexpected favorites from Hermes to satisfy those savvy shoppers on a smart budget – yes, you! 

Although these pieces are not exactly the assumed Birkin bag or Kelly bag that everyone reads about, they are still surprisingly investment-worthy and just might become everyone’s new Holy Grail in a couple of years. Who knows? 

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All in all, let this be your sign that it’s time to make it rain (moderately, we get it). Keep reading to discover a round-up of Hermes bags that are investment-worthy and rarely exceed 5k! These handbag styles may surprise you (or not), but they no doubt fall under some of the industry’s lesser-known cult faves. Pst, are you a collector? If so (or if you prefer admiring from afar), be sure to check out these Hermes Insiders; they’re hand-selected Hermes pieces marked at amazing prices you won’t find anywhere else! 

Hermes Under $5000

Calling all lovers of bold hues and practical everyday silhouettes. Say hello to the Hermes Picotin and Hermes Evelyne bags. They are absolutely necessary to add-to-cart if you haven’t already! 

These two styles, predominantly crafted in Taurillion Clemence (also known as TC), are designed to last, carry all the essentials effortlessly, and of course, withstand everyday wear while you’re out and about looking chic as ever! 

If you’re wondering, TC is a textile often used to produce slouchier bags (not to be confused with Taurillon Maurice, which is a newer leather variation that adds a little more structure to the bag). Taurillon Clemence is characterized by a thicker skin often compared to the ever-popular Togo textile and can be distinguished by its noticeably larger grain with a super soft surface.

close up image of leather swatch Togo Hermes
close up image of Taurillon Clemence Leather Hermes FASHIONPHILE
close up swatch image of Taurillon Maurice Leather Hermes FASHIONPHILE

History of the Picotin

First introduced to the world in 2002, the Picotin was initially only available in size 18 (also known as the PM, or Petite Model). Throughout the years, with the growing popularity of the Picotin, Hermes introduced more sizes including 22, 26, and 31. Once upon a time, there was also a Micro Picotin that measured approximately 14cm, but it’s now discontinued. The most popular Picotin sizes we see today are 18 and 22 (which is known as the MM, or the Medium Model). Our fabulous friend, Charles Gross, shares his wealth of knowledge on this style and why this slouchy bag is so popular. 

The design of the Picotin bag was inspired by horse feeding bags. Although not the most flattering source of inspiration, it does speak to the equestrian heritage of Hermes and the symbol of the horse being a huge part of that. Did you also know that all Picotin bags can be worn reversed? Yes, inside out! This is possible because these bags are constructed in the Hermes “retourne” style which translates to “reverse” in French. So, technically you can wear your Picotin inside out too, and allow the flesh of the skin a chance to shine. Just note, if wearing in reverse wear with caution as there are no feet to protect the base, and the suede can easily discolor. 

Design graphic of Hermes Picotin Sizes FASHIONPHILE$5000_Design_Graphic_Pinterest_Picotin_Sizes
Design graphic of Hermes Evelyne Sizes FASHIONPHILE

History of the Evelyne

The Evelyne crossbody bag was originally developed in 1978 strictly for equestrian purposes. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 2000s that this style was reimagined into a handbag for everyday use. The design was inspired by the bags people wore to carry horse grooming products. The perforated ‘H’ logo is an ode to the perforated elements on the original horse grooming bags intended to help air out the brushes and other tools. Without a doubt when it comes to Hermes, the devil is always in the details. 

The Eyelyne bag comes in the following sizes: 16 (also known as TPM), 29 (PM), 33 (GM), and 40 (TGM). You may also notice I, II, and III alongside these sizes. These numerics refer to the different versions of the Evelyne bags – III being the most recent version of the Evelyne. 

Dress To Impress For Less

Similar to the Birkin bag and the Kelly, for instance, the Picotin and Evelyne qualify as styles that can be worn and enjoyed without losing their value over time. But unlike the Birkin or the Kelly, the Picotin and Evelyne on average are marked for much less which makes them perfect stylish contenders for the budget-conscious!

Need some more convincing? The Picotin and Evelyne rarely exceed $5000 (at least for now) and are famously crafted in true Hermes fashion, featuring signature brand elements such as the palladium padlock and perforated ‘H’ logo. Although more understated, they’re just as luxurious and handbag aficionados can easily spot these bags from a mile away. I guarantee that you’ll turn heads.  

Making a smart investment in the pre-owned fashion market doesn’t have to mean spending an uncomfortable amount. At FASHIONPHILE we believe in making ultra-luxury more accessible. Making a smart investment means investing in what appeals to you!