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Chanel Is Increasing the Prices of Two Classic Pieces — so Buy These Bags Now


In October of 2018, Chanel increased the prices of two of their classic styles: The Chanel Rectangular Mini Classic Flap and the Chanel Boy Chanel Coin Purse. And with that, scoring these items through FASHIONPHILE is an even sweeter deal than usual.

Chanel hiked up the price of the iconic Rectangular Mini Classic Flap Bag by 6 percent in the U.S.; which sounds like a small percentage, but translates to a couple of hundred extra dollars. Not to worry, though. FASHIONPHILE has a range of the Rectangular Minis on hand (in pretty much every color imaginable) for a fraction of the price. The chic mini crossbody bag is one of the fashion house’s most enduring styles, so whether you opt for a tri-color version in sunburst shades or the basic-but-definitely-not-boring black, you really can’t go wrong.

The cost of the Chanel Boy Chanel Coin Purse has gone up, as well—by a full 20 percent. If this is something you’ve had your eye on, grab one from FASHIONPHILE here to save yourself some change. (All the better to keep in that coin purse, right?)


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