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I remember the first time I laid eyes on an MCM bag: I was working part-time at a luxury consignment shop in Boston, MA as a college student, and walked into work one morning to see a new-to-the-store oversize envelope clutch sitting on the display shelf. It was made of the most gorgeous tan leather, with a chic gold clasp, and was covered in an unfamiliar logo: MCM. I didn’t know the brand, but I had to have the bag.

With my employee discount, it came to $42. Clearly, the coworker who priced it had no idea what it was, either.

Afterward, I made it my mission to learn the story behind the brand, which kick-started an all-out obsession. My vintage MCM clutch is one I still consistently reach for nine years later—and now that FASHIONPHILE has an incredible selection of the brand’s best bags, I’ll definitely be adding to my collection.

Started in 1976, MCM is a German brand named for its founder Michael Cromer München. They became known for their classic-looking pieces, always executed in their signature tan leather with the repetitive winged MCM logo stamped on top.

In 2005, a South Korean firm acquired the brand and made some changes: while the name MCM still stands, it now stands for Modern Creation München—and the fresh designs (developed under the direction of former Adidas global creative director Michael Michalsky) are definitely modern creations. Newer MCM bags still feature the repetitive logo, but also include new shapes (backpacks, top handles), colors (kelly green, hot pink), and details (Swarovski crystals, logo insignia patches).


Ahead, shop the best of both worlds: Classic MCM and Modern MCM.

Classic Designs:


Modern Designs:


When it comes to MCM, we don’t choose favorites. Check out our entire MCM collection here.



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