FASHIONPHILE Wins 2023 ACE Awards for Retail Innovation

image of Fashionphile founder and president sarah davis accepting the 2023 ACE award for retail innovation presented by Charles B Gross FASHIONPHILE

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We won big for our game-changing and innovative approaches to ultra-luxury resale.


FASHIONPHILE was awarded the coveted 2023 Accessories Council Excellence (ACE) Award for “Retail Innovation,” presented by Charles B Gross. As a pioneer in the field, FASHIONPHILE has set a new standard for excellence by implementing best-in-class shopping experiences, valued partnerships, and unbeatable services. Our unwavering commitment to re-commerce and retail innovation has propelled FASHIONPHILE to position itself at the forefront of the resale landscape.  

Retail Innovation

By pioneering best-in-class shopping experiences, forming strategic partnerships, and providing unmatched services, FASHIONPHILE has set a new standard of excellence in resale.

Best-in-class Shopping Experience

Founded in 1999, FASHIONPHILE has a rich history of pioneering retail innovation. Starting as an eBay store, the company has since evolved into a premier luxury resale destination, setting the bar high. With in-person shopping locations both in Carlsbad, California and Chelsea, New York City, FASHIONPHILE Showrooms cater to the ultra-luxury customer where they can browse a vast selection of ultra-luxury goods, get expert advice, and connect with like-minded experts. Here’s what you can expect when shopping at our Carlsbad Showroom

In addition to its brick-and-mortar presence, FASHIONPHILE also boasts an online re-commerce platform that is easy to navigate and empowers customers to make informed purchasing decisions. With a robust selection of authenticated luxury goods, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service, FASHIONPHILE has redefined the resale experience for luxury goods. But there’s more. 

Sell in person at FASHIONPHILE NYC Authentication Center & Showroom


“It’s about honoring beautiful brands, their history and heritage, and offering a proper way to extend the life of the product.”

– Sarah Davis

Valued Partnerships

In 2019, Neiman Marcus made a strategic investment in FASHIONPHILE, acquiring a minority stake in the company. This groundbreaking partnership marked a major milestone in the luxury retail industry, as it represented the first major retailer to invest in the pre-owned market. This investment has allowed FASHIONPHILE to continue expanding its reach and offering unparalleled selling services via Selling Studios within Neiman Marcus stores. Today, Neiman Marcus remains a key partner in our growth, success, and retail innovation. 

Photo of Fashionphile Selling Studio at Neiman Marcus
Unbeatable Services & Authentication Standards

Our commitments to providing unbeatable services and top-of-the-line authentication standards are what make FASHIONPHILE unlike any other resale destination. 

Services: At FASHIONPHILE, we’re committed to providing an exceptional luxury-level customer service experience for both our buyers and sellers. We understand that our customers expect the highest level of service, and we strive to exceed those expectations in every way we can. Our team of dedicated Personal Shoppers are laser-focused on what our customers want, whether it is seeking style advice, or answering questions about an item. Learn more about how FASHIONPHILE’s Personal Shoppers can help you find your Holy Grail. We believe that every customer deserves to feel confident in their purchases. 

Here are 4 ways Personal Shoppers can help you:

Authentication: First and foremost, authentication has and will always remain a top priority for FASHIONPHILE. As Founder & President Sarah Davis states, “it’s the Holy Grail of our business.” FASHIONPHILE has invested heavily in technology to provide cutting-edge algorithms that leverage machine learning with an unmatched level of authentication accuracy and efficacy. Because fakes are never okay

FASHIONPHILE’s authentication process analyzes every detail of an item, from the stitching to the materials used, to ensure that it meets the brand’s standards. You can learn more about FASHIONPHILE’s scientific approach to authentication and get expert authentication tips here. Our undying commitment to authentication has helped establish FASHIONPHILE as a trusted source for ultra-luxury resale, and has helped to build a loyal customer base that values both the quality and authenticity of the products offered.

FASHIONPHILE Authentication Station

FASHIONPHILE is humbled to be awarded by the Accessories Council for “Retail Innovation” at the 2023 ACE Awards presented by our dear friend Charles B Gross. Over the past 27 years, the Accessories Council has honored and recognized global brands and pioneers, positioning them at the forefront of the fashion industry. Learn more about the ACE Awards here.

Visit FASHIONPHILE and discover our latest arrivals. If you live near one of our Showroom locations in Carlsbad, CA, or our New York City Authentication Center & Showroom in the heart of Chelsea, New York City, we invite you to stop by and experience FASHIONPHILE in person. Our expert team is always on hand to provide personalized assistance and help you find your perfect piece. We’re dedicated to providing an unmatched luxury shopping experience. 
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