Why Special Edition Hermes Bags & Boxes Are the Epitome of VIP

product image of special edition hermes bag in special edition box

Horseshoe stamps indicate a special order. But do you know what indicates a special edition?


The box. Hermes special edition items are incredibly exclusive. Their handsome boxes are quite fancy, too. Arguably, Hermes boxes are iconic objects in their own right and are an important part of any luxury purchase. Nearly all ultra-luxury connoisseurs enjoy these bonuses as decorative statements. But when it comes to Hermes special edition pieces, there’s more to these orange boxes than meets the eye. 

Read on to learn about special edition Hermes, the unique boxes that accompany them, and what makes them so iconic. 

Hermes Special Orders vs. Special Edition  

Hermes Special Orders

Hermes special order, or “SO” items are favored amongst collectors because they’re incredibly unique to the person. These pieces are distinguished by an embossed horseshoe stamp (HSS) next to the logo. The opportunity to create a custom Birkin or a custom Kelly is offered only to a select few VIP clients lucky enough to be granted the chance to do so. And for some, like Manny Khoshbin, it doesn’t stop at bags. Some special orders go as far as customizing Hermes hypercars. But that’s a story for another time.

Because of the rarity and intrigue of Hermes HSS bags, the value behind these SO pieces is tenfold. If you’re investing in Hermes for the first time, reference this guide that includes recommendations for the best styles and colors to buy.

Hermes Special Edition Bags

Special editions on the other hand are, well, very special. They’re pieces made in super limited quantities only offered to VIP and top clients. But here’s where it gets really good. The opportunity to get one of these only comes by if you have a close relationship with your SA, AND if he/she thinks to even offer you one. Special editions are incredibly unique and feature bold patterns, fun shapes and embellishments, and combinations of colors you love. 

Hermes can be pretty strict when it comes down to what they put their name on, and for good reason. Not that much information exists about these rare special edition pieces, which makes them that much more mysterious. In fact, with these, you can’t just walk in and place an order for one with Hermes. Special edition bags are part of limited run (almost hush-hush) collections. It’s not a special order, and it’s not a regular bag. You don’t find the special edition bags, the special editions find you. 

But…  you don’t have to score VIP status or waste time manifesting the day it will be your turn. You can find these rare pieces at FASHIONPHILE today. If you’re not sure whether or not the item you’re eyeing is a special edition piece, you can always contact a member of our Personal Shopping team. They will pull the item for you and check to confirm.

product image of special edition hermes bag FASHIONPHILE
product image of special edition hermes bag FASHIONPHILE
product image of special edition hermes bag FASHIONPHILE

Standard Hermes Boxes vs. Special Edition Hermes Boxes

Hermes Standard Boxes

Now, the next best thing is the box. Hermes orange boxes are truly iconic. In fact, colors are often claimed by fashion houses as an extension of their brand identity. After all, everyone knows what you mean when you say, “Hermes orange.” You would think its warm citrusy color would be listed with Pantone at this point, but not quite yet! 

Nevertheless, the legendary color is just looking at it from the surface. Have you ever wondered about what lies on the inside of these extraordinary pieces of packaging? 

product image of hermes mini kelly bag black FASHIONPHILE
product image of inside hermes box featuring himalaya kelly FASHIONPHILE

Hermes Special Edition Boxes

Hermes’ special edition items include a very special box. And these boxes may look standard from the outside, but on the inside, they’re anything but ordinary. Instead of the typical white, you’ll find a gorgeous navy blue interior. Just the thought of that sweeps me off my feet. 

Starting in 2021, we’ve been eyeing these unique additions to the Hermes box squad. On the interior, you’ll notice a gold foil logo. Some also include beige herringbone dust bags with a navy blue logo and some special edition boxes include plain silk blue dust bags without any markings. In addition to that, most special edition bags include specially made styrofoam to keep the bags in shape.  Check out this unboxing of a special edition Hermes Constance bag!

product image of special edition hermes with special edition box FASHIONPHILE

Pro tip: At FASHIONPHILE, Hermes items in Giftable and New condition almost always come with a box. But be sure to carefully review the ‘Comes With’ section of the product page to see what the item includes with your purchase. Learn more about our condition rating process, here. If you’re selling with us and have the box, include it! It adds tremendous value to the item.

Sustainable bonus! Hermes boxes are constructed using 100% recycled cardboard and eco-friendly raw materials, as well as non-polluting water-based ink for lettering. 

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