A First-Time Investor’s Guide to Hermes & the Best Color to Buy

Studio image of Hermes Birkin bag and Clemence bag Grey FASHIONPHILE

Buying Hermes is an investment.


There are no gray areas about the resale value of Hermes. As an investment, Hermes retains its value for years, even worn. The storied French house, beloved for over 150 years and counting, has a golden reputation for its timeless designs (produced in limited quantities, of course), such as the iconic Birkin, the timeless Kelly, and the ever-classic Constance.

With each piece dressed in rich seasonal colors, signature hardware and luxe textiles, Hermes upholds the highest standards of craftsmanship. Of course, the house also maintains its status as having one of the most covetable color portfolios.

We’re sharing the 101 on what makes Hermes pieces so investment-worthy in the resale market. Take notes, because we’ve discovered some intel on the most popular Hermes colors and textiles.

Before we dive in, this video shares the top five best accessories to buy for a sound investment. Can you guess which brands make the list?

Spoiler Alert: The Growing Value of the Birkin

One of the best accessories to buy and sell right now is the Hermes Birkin bag. There is no doubt that Hermes holds its value for longer, especially a Birkin. In fact, FASHIONPHILE has noticed an increase in sales of investment-oriented pieces like Birkin bags recently. Proof? Birkin sales increased year-over-year by 182% from 2020 to 2021. In 2022, Hermes purchases grew 113%.

On top of that, average resale prices for an Hermes Birkin bag increased 23.46% in 2021 so far compared to 2020, likely due to the shift in consumer purchase behavior. The big picture is resale value, and consumers are thinking about how investments now could pay for itself in the future. In the world of ultra-luxury, investing in a Birkin bag certainly doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

The Growing Value of the Birkin Bag Infographic

Special Order Hermes

Aside from the growing value of top styles like the Birkin bag, another factor that makes Hermes so desirable is its SO pieces. Did you know that for customized special orders, Hermes approves not only the bag model and textile but also the color? These special order pieces contain a special horseshoe stamp (also known as HSS) to distinguish it as a custom order. They’re truly one of a kind, and extremely hard to get your hands on.

Our procurement team at FASHIONPHILE sources some of the best Hermes bags and accessories in the world, and as a result, our inventory cage is the temporary home to some of the most desirable pieces.

From rare collector finds, and Hermes horseshoe bags, to beloved evergreen styles, these and more are all available to shop at FASHIONPHILE. Since our Hermes inventory is practically a candy shop (have you seen our color-coordinated Birkin aisle) you may be wondering which Hermes color is worth the investment?

Hermes Colors

Both seasonal releases like Jaune Bourgeon and Framboise, and classic Hermes colors like Rose Sakura, Etain, and Gold are amazing choices and no doubt make a sound investment. After all, color preference is fairly subjective, especially for shoppers looking to purchase for pleasure and eventually pass down their heirloom pieces.

But from an investment perspective, true luxury aficionados know certain Hermes styles and colors (whether seasonal or classics) are more desirable and hold more value for longer than others. Like Chanel, Hermes colors are sporadically available and rarely released again. The element of “scarcity” adds to the intrigue, and resale value of course. In the case of Hermes, “available colors are constantly changing” and arguably knowing that is enough to justify which Hermes handbag style, color, and textile combination makes the cut.

The Best Hermes Color To Buy

If you’re looking to add something from Hermes to your designer collection and are not sure where to start, we have gathered some interesting information that just might help narrow down your investment options.

The Grayscale Spectrum

You can never go wrong with gray – especially when investing in Hermes for the first time. As a neutral, gray is an unbeatable classic and makes a great long-term investment. Some of the gray colors we most often see come in from Hermes are: Etain, Etoupe, Gris Asphalte, Gris Perle, and Gris Tourterelle (which is the fastest-selling color at the moment) just to name a few.

These and more are just a few of the Hermes gray shades that shoppers love. You can find anything from a Kelly in Gris Perle, to a Constance or Picotin in Gris Asphalte. There are endless gray shades and style combinations available to shop at FASHIONPHILE right now.

But which gray is most popular? Etain is the best-selling color. Gris Mouette is the second most popular gray color, followed by Gris Perle. And you guessed it, the Birkin bag is the most popular style in the Etain color.

Hermes Etain Design Graphic FASHIONPHILE
Etain vs. Etoupe: The Top Hermes Neutrals

Where do you fall on the scale? From Etain (which translates to “tin” in French, is a classic matte gray) to Etoupe (a gray-brown neutral with warmer undertones). Both gray shades are gorgeous. But did you know that the color can turn out slightly different depending on the type of leather it is crafted in? That holds true for all colors, gray or not.

Hermes Epsom, Clemence, and Togo for instance, have been around for years and are very popular textiles. Togo is the most popular textile, and it just so happens that shoppers especially love Togo in Etain!

Hermes Etoupe Design Graphic FASHIONPHILE

Popular Hermes Textiles

As you can gather from these design graphics, Togo leather has a soft pebbled grain and is an extremely durable textile. It is resistant to scratches making it easy to maintain and care for over time. The primary reason that colors turn out slightly different on varying textiles is due to the distinctive leather grains (or texture) of these textiles. Togo is very soft, pebbled, and grainy, whereas Epsom for example, is stamped leather meaning the grain is pressed on, giving the leather overall more shape and structure.

Are you ready to make an investment? Discover our ever-growing and ever-changing curated collection of Hermes handbags and accessories only at FASHIONPHILE.