A Quick Guide to Louis Vuitton Christmas Animation

product flat lay image of Louis Vuitton Christmas Animation accessories FASHIONPHILE

A Guide to Louis Vuitton Christmas Animation Collections

To no surprise, demand for Louis Vuitton is escalating more and more. In 2021 for example, demand has gone up 15%, with coated canvas items making up 77% of our total Louis Vuitton sales. People love the signature Louis textile not only for being instantly recognizable but for its longevity. Most importantly, a number of Louis Vuitton coated canvas pieces hold great resale value, especially limited edition pieces like Louis Vuitton’s Christmas Animation. This sweet collection is everything we need this season and beyond. Keep reading to learn more about the collection and the prints that are released annually. 

What is the Louis Vuitton Christmas Animation?

For those who don’t know, every year, Louis Vuitton releases a special limited edition Christmas Animation collection featuring Vivienne, the brand’s charming mascot. Leave it to Vivienne to get us all in the holiday spirit. Back in 2020, Vivienne had fun at the Carnival. In 2019, Vivienne traveled to Shanghai, Paris, Venice, Courchevel, and Tokyo. Yeah, Vivienne has a much better sense of adventure than most of us do, but at least we can vicariously journey with her around the world with the same (if not more) energy and enthusiasm.

How “limited” is the limited edition Christmas Animation?

Very limited. So limited to the point where some prints are only (at times) exclusive to certain countries – like 2019’s Tokyo print. Overall, this collection from Louis Vuitton can be extremely hard to get your hands on because they’re made in limited quantities and only available to purchase for a limited time.

Pre-orders can take place as early as late summer. But oftentimes than not, these pieces sell out in a mere matter of hours upon official release – which is typically just a few weeks before the holidays. And that kind of explains why it’s called Christmas Animation… 

Christmas Animation Prints & Styles

As you’ve already figured out by now, the styles you can find the Christmas Animation in are equally limited. Louis Vuitton only includes their smaller coated canvas goods and accessories for this collection, which all consist of the classic Monogram, Damier Ebene, and Damier Azur patterns (at least, for now). The styles you can expect to see in the Christmas Animation collection include but are not limited to the silk Bandeau, Zippy Coin Wallet, the Sarah Wallet, the Victorine wallet, the Mini Pochette Accessories, Passport Cover, the Zippy Wallet, and Felicie Chain Wallet (with inserts), and more. 

The 2023 Christmas Animation

Louis Vuitton’s 2023 Christmas Animation collection is super exciting. This lineup is packed with small accessories and bags like the Nano Noe and Speedy, and it hit the shelves in late October. Picture this: Louis Vuitton mascots Vivienne, Gaston, and Petula embarking on thrilling journeys worldwide and indulging in loads of enjoyable activities. Serious FOMO here. From Vivienne skating against snow-covered mountains to basking in the sun on a sailboat surrounded by palm trees—these Louis Vuitton prints bring the joy of the season to life!

The 2022 Christmas Animation

Louis Vuitton’s 2022 Christmas Animation follows Vivienne across the globe to notable cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, and New York City (Soho). Gorgeous backdrops of iconic buildings that define these cities decorate the Louis Vuitton accessories.

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram 2022 Christmas Animation Tokyo Mini Pochette Accessories in the color blue by FASHIONPHILE
LOUIS VUITTON Damier Ebene 2022 Christmas Animation Paris Zippy Coin Purse in the color Pink by FASHIONPHILE
LOUIS VUITTON Monogram 2022 Christmas Animation New York Soho Passport Cover in the color Yellow by FASHIONPHILE
LOUIS VUITTON Monogram 2022 Christmas Animation Seoul Cardholder in the color Fuchsia by FASHIONPHILE
The 2021 Christmas Animation

In 2021 Vivienne stops by a tranquil Japanese Garden and the Great Wall of China in Beijing, visits all the iconic and festive sights in London, and makes a stop in Hollywood smack dab in the heart of the insta-worthy palm tree-lined streets with a retro-cool car, of course. At the point of writing this, my New Year’s resolution is to be more like Vivienne. But the next best thing? Getting a Christmas Animation, of course! 

product image of monogram Louis Vuitton mini pochette accessories Christmas Animation Japanese garden FASHIONPHILE
Japanese Garden Mini Pochette Accessories
product image of Louis Vuitton damier azur bag charm christmas animation Hollywood FASHIONPHILE
Hollywood Bag Charm
product image of monogram Louis Vuitton Christmas Animation Felicie Chain wallet Great Wall Of China FASHIONPHILE
China Wall Pochette Felicie Chain Wallet
product image of Louis Vuitton monogram Christmas Animation mini pochette accessories London FASHIONPHILE
London Mini Pochette Accessories

Arguably the best part about these animation prints? They feature animals, Louis Vuitton bags, and brand mascots that are representative or significant in some way. In the 2021 animation collection, some of the prints were a nod to Japanese folklore featuring the cat that symbolizes good luck. In London, the corgi is closely associated with Queen Elizabeth. The grizzly bear symbolizes California, and the panda bear symbolizes peace, harmony, and friendship in Chinese culture. In many of the recent collections, Vivienne carries the most adorable Louis Vuitton accessories by her side. Which LV Christmas Animation collection is your favorite?

The best part about shopping with FASHIONPHILE? Finding those hard-to-find items like the limited edition Christmas Animation. It makes the perfect gift for that special someone on your list who may be a hobby artist, loves to travel, is a devout Louis Vuitton fan, and/or a die-hard ultra-luxury collector.