Shop like an Hermes Insider: 5 Collector’s Pieces at the Best Prices

Hermes Insiders

Looking to add to your collection? Now is the time. We have some of the most sought-after Hermes pieces at the best prices. From cult faves like the Hermes Kelly Belt Bag and the Hermes Constance to unique finds like the Cinhetic Boxy Top Handle Bag. Because, well, why not? We all could use a deal. And there’s no better place than FASHIONPHILE to score an investment, like the true Hermes insider you are. Here are some of the most covetable Hermes pieces you can find.

Hermes Togo HAC Endless Road Birkin 50 Bleu de Prusse 

Calling all fans of Birkin bags. The Hermes Togo HAC Endless Road Birkin 50 in Bleu de Prusse is truly a one-of-a-kind travel tote. And an extra-large one may I add.  It comes with a dustbag, lock, two keys, and clochette. It features palladium-plated hardware with textured Togo leather depicting an endless road in various shades of blue. 

There really is nothing else out there in the collector’s world as unique as this limited edition bag – especially at this pretty price, which dare I say, is listed at half the asking amount as most resale and auction sites that have sold this same style. It’s a deal indeed, and 100% the perfect carryall for a fabulous weekend getaway if you ask me. 

product image of Hermes Togo HAC Endless Road Birkin 50 Bleu de Prusse

Hermes Chevre Mysore Cinhetic Boxy Top Handle Bag Black

What’s not to love about a classic black top handle bag? Leave it to Hermes to elevate a signature concept with a fun geometric twist. The Cinhetic Boxy Top Handle Bag is an iconic structured bag. This one is crafted of black textured goatskin and features an asymmetrical “H” turn-lock in palladium plated hardware. It is in excellent condition with a roomy interior, metal feet at the base, and an additional gorgeous chain strap which gives you easy wearing options when on the go. 

For those wondering, this boxy-shaped style also comes in a clutch variation and a mini wallet size; you’ve probably seen those before. Be sure to set up an item alert if you can’t find one now and are on the hunt for one! The Cinhetic Boxy Top Handle Bag is undoubtedly a piece you don’t see often, aka a rare find. It’s an understated style from Hermes, and not many people may recognize it right away. But like the true insider you are, if you know you know.  

Hermes Chevre Mysore Cinhetic Boxy Top Handle Bag Black FASHIONPHILE

Hermes Evercolor Kelly Danse II Belt Bag Rose Ete 

The Hermes Kelly Danse II Belt Bag is a cult fave, to no surprise. This one in excellent condition features the signature Kelly turn-lock closure in palladium silver hardware with a removable belt strap, and comes with its original box, dust bag, and removable base. 

Did you know that you can wear the Hermes Kelly Dance Belt Bag in multiple ways? Aside from wearing it as a belt bag, you can also wear this style handheld and even as a backpack! Hermes insiders, i.e we fashionphiles, surely love an eye-catching investment that’s also quite versatile! Investing in three bags for the price of one? A no-brainer! 

product image of Hermes Evercolor Kelly Danse II Belt Bag Rose Ete FASHIONPHILE

Hermes Taurillon Clemence Kelly Ado Backpack Black

Also beloved from the Hermes Kelly family, the Kelly Ado Backpack! This piece, in giftable condition, comes with its original box and dust bag. It features gorgeous calfskin leather and gold plated hardware (a covetable combo for Hermes collectors and Hermes enthusiasts alike).  

First created in 1996, the Hermes Kelly Ado backpack originally came in two size variations, one with a top handle and one without. The backpack with the top handle, like this one, is slightly larger than the one without. This top handle variation has been discontinued. The Kelly Ado backpacks today come in one size and you can spot some with fabric straps, such as this one, and some with all leather straps. 

product image of Hermes Taurillon Clemence Kelly Ado Backpack Black FASHIONPHILE

Hermes Epsom Constance 24 Black 

Last but certainly not least, the Hermes Constance bag is an essential luxury accessory that deserves a place in every Hermes aficionado’s collection. The style comes in a few sizes, ranging from the smallest Hermes Micro Constance 14 up to the Constance Cartable 29, which is the largest. 

This item in size 24 is in excellent condition and comes with its original branded box and dust bag. This item is also a black leather and gold plated hardware combination that is in high demand in the Hermes world, and for good reason! Arguably, nothing is more iconic than the signature “H” buckle at the frontal flap. There are a few of the Constance styles hand-selected for you and marked at amazing prices. The Hermes Constance and other Hermes bags make beautiful additions to your collection and will surely retain their value for years to come. 

product image of hermes constance
Of course, these featured pieces are just the start. There are more Hermes accessories available to shop at incredibly deal-worthy prices at FASHIONPHILE. Our curated collection includes some of the most sought-after Hermes items. These are a collector’s dream, and some of them are even once-in-a-lifetime finds!