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How to Authenticate the Gucci Marmont Handbag

How to Authenticate the Gucci Marmont Handbag

Lifestyle image of Authentic Gucci Marmont Top Handle Bag in beige at FASHIONPHILE

How To Authenticate The Gucci Marmont Handbag

It really does take seasoned authenticators who are true brand experts to spot the fakes. Because fakes are getting so good (yes, it’s scary, I know). If you are not sure what small details to look out for, it can be nearly impossible to detect a counterfeit designer handbag.

We came across a counterfeit of the Small GG Marmont Top Handle Shoulder Bag here at our Global Headquarters. Our experts inspected this bag inside and out to confirm that it is indeed a fake and a really high-quality fake.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty side-by-side authentic versus fake comparisons, here’s a little recap of the birth of the iconic Gucci Marmont series and the various styles that continue to be the top-sellers today.

Gucci’s Double G Motif

We all know the iconic double G motif, especially those on the Gucci Marmont series. They come in many variations and sizes. What originally debuted on belts back in the 1970s became a famous ornamental motif reimagined by Alessandro Michele in 2015 for the Gucci Marmont collection.

Today we, fashionphiles, can spot this famous motif from a mile away – and honestly, we can’t get enough of it. It’s so chic that the house applied the beloved motif to not only belts, but also handbags, shoes, small wallets, and jewelry – and we’re certainly not mad about it.

The Gucci Marmont Bag

Today, when we think of Gucci Marmont we think Gucci Marmont Top Handle bags, the Super Mini bag (and the endless ways to wear it), the Classic Shoulder bag, etc. Really, the list goes on. Any Gucci Marmont bag makes a great investment. What’s not to love? We especially adore the velvet and the embellished Gucci Marmont styles for fall!

Since the style’s debut in Fall Winter 2016, the Gucci Marmont bag continues to remain a top-seller at FASHIONPHILE. Coming in an assortment of textiles, such as velvet, monogram, calfskin, and denim, it’s truly a classic handbag that holds its value and will never go out of style.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the side-by-side comparison of both the authentic and fake Gucci Marmont bag. To make it easier to visualize the differences, the counterfeit bag is nude and the authentic bag is black. So grab your pen and paper, and get ready to take notes!

Authenticating Gucci Marmont Hardware

The Double G Logo Motif

Arguably the most important and iconic part of the Gucci Marmont bag, the Double G logo made of aged gold hardware sits outside of the bag and makes any Gucci Marmont style instantly recognizable. The tips of the G’s and placement, as well as the spacing, are very important. When authenticating, our team of experts also check for inconsistencies in the finish and size.

product image of Authentic Gucci Marmont Top Handle Bag FASHIONPHILE
Fake Gucci Marmont Top Handle Bag FASHIONPHILEE
Gucci Chain Straps

Another beloved aspect of this style is the distinguished chain strap. When authenticating Gucci items, our experts check for tightly bound chain links. In the authentic versions, you should detect a subtle seam running down the center.

Gucci Logo Engravings

The engravings throughout this style are an important feature, particularly the logo engravings found on the underside of the zipper, as well as on the side of the chain strap clasps. Our experts inspect the overall shape, proportions of the font size, and the spacing of the letters. No matter how hard they try, counterfeiters often get the font wrong. The color and the overall finish of the hardware is another important detail our experts carefully look at.

Authentic Gucci Marmont Top Handle Hardware FASHIONPHILE
Fake Gucci Marmont Hardware FASHIONPHILE
Gucci Locks and Rivets

The shapes and proportions of Gucci hardware is very specific. Our experts know to check for overall inconsistencies in edges (whether the edges appear sharp or smooth), the finish, and the coloration. These aspects altogether can vary depending on the season of the item.

Authentic Gucci Marmont Top Handle Rivet FASHIONPHILE
Fake Gucci Marmont Top Handle Rivet FASHIONPHILE

Authenticating Gucci Marmont Interior Stamps & Tags

Gucci Interior Stamps

Aside from the exterior elements of the bag, our team of experts also carefully inspects important interior elements such as brand stamps and QR tags.

Gucci’s interior stamps feature the registered trademark embossed at the front with a clean stitch above. Inauthentic versions often will have incorrect scaling and proportions of the letters. The overall font style may also appear sloppy, and the shape of the tag itself may be incorrect with messy painted edges.

Authentic Gucci Marmont Interior Brand Stamp FASHIONPHILE
Fake Gucci Marmont Interior Brand Stamp FASHIONPHILE
Gucci QR Tags

These codes printed on the interior tags are often used for internal references for Gucci. That being said, the QR code will not scan on a traditional smartphone. When inspecting this area of the bag, our experts look at the materials used. Inauthentic tags will likely be made of flimsy fabric featuring incorrect fonts and numbers. Careful attention is put towards the proportions and the print quality of the QR barcode. With several transitions in the formatting and printing of Gucci QR tags, our authentication team meticulously studies the detail of these transitions, proportions, and materials used.

Authentic Gucci Marmont QR Tag FASHIONPHILE
Fake Gucci Marmont QR code tag FASHIONPHILE

At the end of the day, like all counterfeit items, fake designer pieces may look decent at first glance. But no matter how hard they try, counterfeiters miss important exterior and interior details which make all the difference. Our brand experts know right from the get-go if something isn’t crafted in true Gucci fashion using the correct construction and materials.

At FASHIONPHILE, authentication continues to be our top priority. Want to learn about authenticating some of your favorite styles from top luxury designers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Christian Dior? Visit our Authentication page to read more!