4 Reasons for an Engagement Watch

engagement watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Bulgari, and Jaeger Lecoultre at FASHIONPHILE

Are engagement watches a thing?


You bet! It’s not only a marriage proposal trend that immediately captured our attention – it’s a modern movement. The term ‘engagement’ essentially means commitment, and in today’s world often implies marriage. As timeless as the tradition of marriage is, watches, too, are enduring classics.

The rise of engagement watches is quite remarkable and unquestionably fashionable. With more smartphones and Fitbits on hand, most of us technically don’t need a mechanical watch. But sporting a luxury timepiece surely evokes a sense of sophistication and that’s why they’re having a moment. Proof? Well, we can only speak for ourselves, but our revenue from watch sales, in 2021 for example, has nearly tripled (increased 166%) and we’ve sold 91% more watches. In 2022 premier watch sales increased 95%! 

Still not convinced that engagement watches are worth the hype? Here are four reasons why designer watches are the perfect gift or gesture of commitment towards someone you love (including yourself). Honestly, they far outweigh the pros of a traditional ring!  

1. Engagement Watches Are an Investment

At FASHIONPHILE, search terms including the word “watch” have increased this year by 61%. Top-selling brands like Cartier, Rolex, Omega, Breitling, and Panerai are most definitely on our shoppers’ radar. You can learn more about these covetable designer watches (and so much more) in our latest ultra-luxury resale report

But, why does this matter? Well, in terms of popularity, people obviously like watches. But when it comes to an engagement watch, they symbolize an investment. Similar in the way that a diamond ring holds sentimental value to the wearer, an engagement watch holds the same, plus the added bonus of an investment. 

product image of Cartier Tank watch FASHIONPHILE

2. Engagement Watches Make a Subtle Statement

Tell me you’re engaged without telling me you’re engaged – you know? Yes, you could flash your gorgeous ring on that finger. But for those looking to be a bit more discreet, an engagement watch is top of mind. Tasteful, beautiful, and absolutely worth every penny. But you could go “all-out” too – imagine this Rolex Pearlmaster 39 resting on your wrist! 

At the end of the day, nothing says you can’t engrave a cute message to your significant other on the backside of the watch case. Pro tip: Find a replacement case back to engrave and keep the original pristine (if you choose to sell it, you’ll get more with the original parts unaltered).

product image of Rolex Pearlmaster 39 Diamond watch FASHIONPHILE

3. Engagement Watches Provide More Possibilities

Don’t get me wrong, rings (erm, diamond rings) are stunning and I literally cannot imagine a world without them. The tradition of the diamond engagement ring is so ingrained in our culture, I don’t ever see it going away. However, with engagement watches added into the equation, suddenly there’s more room to get creative. In gifting a watch, the possibilities are endless.

How about his and her watches? Or a commitment watch for that someone who just surprised you with a commitment ring? Or both a ring and watch as a set? Hey, the more the merrier. Or perhaps a watch as a wedding anniversary gift? Watches are timeless and in all seriousness, they make perfect gifts for any major milestone in life. 

product image of PATEK PHILIPPE 18K Rose Gold Diamond 26mm Twenty-4 Automatic Watch Brown FASHIONPHILE

4. Engagement Watches Are for Anyone

Watches for men? Watches for women? No. Actually, watches are unisex and regardless of the style or the size of the case, watches are inclusively designed and intended for anyone. Unlike a ring that is often customized and sized to specifically fit the wearer, a watch can technically be shared. So yes, you and your significant other can enjoy shared custody of a timeless designer watch. Just an idea! 

For those wondering, watches with metal bracelets are easy to alter; just take it to a reputable jeweler and they can add/remove links as needed. Those with leather bracelets can easily be resized on your own, or you can add more holes if you wish. 

product image of JAEGER LECOULTRE Stainless Steel Diamond 29mm Rendez-Vous Classic Day & Night Automatic Watch Blue FASHIONPHILE

More Pro Tips

You may be wondering, what do engagement watches look like? The truth of the matter is just like traditional engagement rings, engagement watches can be anything from a simple style to one covered in diamonds. 

What kind of watches do we recommend for engagement watches? At the end of the day, selecting the perfect engagement watch is all a matter of personal preference. You can never go wrong with a classic Rolex Datejust or a Cartier Tank. For those looking to go on the wilder side, the Millenary Collection from Audemars Piguet is truly avant-garde. For those who love a little bit of color, rose gold with brown, blue, and green dials are showstoppers!  

At FASHIONPHILE we carry watches from a number of different designer brands. Looking for engagement rings? We have those, too! Stand out and celebrate your engagement with our curated collection of ultra-luxury fine jewelry and watches – all authenticated and verified by our brand experts.