Chantelle Malarkey’s Taste for Luxury & Why She Buys Pre-Owned

Lifestyle image of Chantelle Malarkey with her Chanel Vanity Case from FASHIONPHILE

Why does Chantelle Malarkey buy pre-owned from FASHIONPHILE?


As a mom of three and wife to Brian Malarkey, the Food Network’s celebrity Top Chef All Star, Chantelle Malarkey no doubt has a full plate. But aside from motherhood and her ties to the culinary industry, Chantelle is also quite the fashion connoisseur with a mega taste for the finer things in life (chef’s kiss).

As a firm believer in attainable luxury, Chantelle has acquired a keen eye for unique pieces making her an expert shopper and an avid buyer of pre-owned ultra-luxury accessories. She talks about fashion, food, family, and fun on her platform Chef’s Wife, Chef’s Life. We gave her a ring and asked if she would be willing to share some of her shopping expertise. We loved learning why buying pre-owned is so important to her.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, back to when your love for pre-owned ultra-luxury all started. What was your first designer purchase and why did you buy it pre-owned?

I love statement pieces and have always been intrigued by FASHIONPHILE’s concept of pre-owned luxury items. I just started scrolling through the website and came across a unique Saint Laurent ring and had never owned Saint Laurent jewelry before. It had a gorgeous deep blue stone and I knew I needed to have it. I did some research on the specific stone and learned more about the piece. That’s when my love for FASHIONPHILE began!

You’ve been shopping with us for a long time, and we’re so honored to play an important part in building your dream collection. We have to know, what keeps you coming back?

FASHIONPHILE sells limited edition items that are no longer in-store, are sold out or are at a better price than purchasing new. A lot of these pieces are in high demand and sell out right away and sometimes I’m just not quick enough or not ready to spend the money on a certain piece. FASHIONPHILE is an option for you to locate those items that have been sitting in someone’s closet and have never been used (or used a few times) that you have been dreaming of.

Lifestyle photo of Chantelle Malarkey wearing her Louis Vuitton On The Go PM tote FASHIONPHILE
Lifestyle photo Chantelle Malarkey Louis wearing her Vuitton On The Go PM tote FASHIONPHILE
How does the concept of sustainability influence your everyday personal style, the decisions you make as an entrepreneur, and even the values you share with your family?

FASHIONPHILE has designer products that hold their value and encourages people to sell their old handbags rather than let them collect dust. It’s like the ultimate big sister’s closet! I like to purchase pieces that will last me a lifetime rather than focusing on fast fashion and I try to instill that in my children by showing them the value of things and making them last. I have always cherished family heirlooms and FASHIONPHILE is an amazing place to get those pieces, especially jewelry.

Style lifestyle image of Chantelle Malarkey with her Bottega Veneta Pouch Chain bag from FASHIONPHILE
Style lifestyle image of Chantelle Malarkey with her Bottega Veneta Pouch Chain bag from FASHIONPHILE
What’s next on your wishlist?

I am currently coveting the Louis Vuitton Coussin in White! It sold out so quickly after it was released but I know if I wait it will make its way to FASHIONPHILE. I am also loving the Bottega Veneta Pouch Chain, such a fun twist on the original Bottega Veneta Pouch.

My favorite thing about FASHIONPHILE is that you can set up alerts for certain items that they currently don’t have; that’s how I got my last bag from FASHIONPHILE, the Chanel Caviar Quilted Vanity Case!

I am always looking for something timeless but that still creates a statement and can elevate any look from jeans and a t-shirt to a date-night dress.


Discovering those hard-to-find pieces, or the hottest bags of the season all start with a visit to FASHIONPHILE, the premier destination for buying and selling pre-owned ultra-luxury goods. Shop online and explore our ever-growing curated collection!

Lifestyle photo of Chantelle Malarkey Chanel Vanity Case FASHIONPHILE