How to Build An Equestrian Collection With Gucci, Hermes & More

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Here is everything you need to know about how to build an equestrian collection. But first, what is equestrian style?

Equestrian style is an aesthetic influenced by horse riding, racing and the jockey sport, and you can easily build your equestrian collection at FASHIONPHILE by shopping for heritage brands known for their strong equestrian-themed roots. Better yet, there are a range of categories from iconic handbags to designer shoes that applaud the fashionable equestrian (and you don’t need to be a keen horse rider like Bella Hadid, or a famous royal to get your hands on them). 

So what are these equestrian brands? Hermes, Gucci, and Burberry are some of the many influential fashion names that have endured for over a century due to their strong equestrian brand DNA. As a result, they fit right into the modernized trends of today (hello, cowboy-inspired fashions). Here are some top-selling investments from beloved brands that you can buy right now at FASHIONPHILE known for being timeless, quintessential, and (you guessed it) perfectly equestrian. 

Equestrian Style: Ultra-luxury Handbags  

Starting with handbags, there are so many styles you can explore at FASHIONPHILE that applaud the equestrian aesthetic. Here are some iconic top-sellers that your collection needs.


The Horsebit emblem made its debut on shoes (think Horsebit loafers) in 1953 and quickly expanded into their handbag category. In the year of 1955, the first Gucci bag known as the Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag, incorporated the horsebit design. Currently, thanks to the works of creative director Alessandro Michele, the Horsebit remains a classic and is applied onto a number of iconic Gucci handbags and accessories. 

Louis Vuitton

Although the brand is known for its roots in creating travel trunks, there are a number of Louis Vuitton handbags inspired by the equestrian lifestyle. For example, the Saumur bag. The Saumur’s unique design mimics that of a horse saddle and the name comes from the village of Saumur in North France known for its horse riding schools. 


The house of Hermes began as a Parisian workshop specializing in making custom harnesses and bridles for prestigious noblemen in the carriage trade. Over the years, Hermes became a well-known saddlery producing leather bags for riders and accessories for horses. 

As one of the top equestrian brands, Hermes, has a line of bags inspired by the equestrian lifestyle. The Hermes Evelyne was inspired by the original bag used to carry horse grooming products. Additionally, the Hermes Picotin.

Christian Dior

The Saddle bag, for many, is top of mind when it comes to equestrian style. The design of the Saddle’s silhouette is inspired by the side of the horse saddle (hence the name), and the hanging “D” mimics a stirrup. Today, the Saddle bag is one of the most sought after styles, and ever since the Saddle bag was reissued in 2018, this iconic “It” bag has become a staple in every ultra-luxury collection – check out the Saddle bag in denim


What’s more equestrian than the Equestrian Knight on the Burberry logo? The Equestrian Knight Device (known as EKD) represents Burberry’s British heritage and its honorable values. This design reference that dates back to 1901 is truly legendary.  

Saint Laurent

No one does fringe quite like Saint Laurent. The brand began incorporating fringe in their products starting in 1967. At the time around the 60s and 70s,  fringe was becoming increasingly popular, with celebrities supporting fringe-filled jackets and dresses. Since then, fringe has become a staple in the Saint Laurent aesthetic.   

Aside from handbags, these ultra-luxury equestrian brands also have an amazing range of boots you can shop for right now at FASHIONPHILE. 

Equestrian Style: Ultra-luxury Boots

Cowboy boots are surely having a moment. From leather ankle boots to embroidered knee high boots, ultra-luxury boots are not only made for walkin’… but also for checking out! Here are some equestrian-themed selects you can shop for at FASHIONPHILE. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, log into your account to set up an item alert, and we’ll notify you as soon as your wish list item comes through our doors.

What better way to stomp the countryside and city streets this season than in some ultra-luxury equestrian accessories? Yee-haw!

When ‘equestrian style’ springs to mind, think of horse riding and the jockey sport aesthetic. From bags to boots, there are a number of categories from ultra-luxury brands that you can shop for at FASHIONPHILE known for their strong equestrian roots. Gucci, Hermes, Burberry and more. These influential fashion names have endured for over a century fitting right into the modernized trends of today.

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