The Simplest Way to Customize Your Handbags: Designer Bag Charms

studio image of designer bag charms FASHIONPHILE

The perfect way to change up your bag’s look this season is, you guessed it, with bag charms.

You can change the strap, you can add a twilly, but throwing on a designer bag charm, arguably, is the simplest and most effective way to transform any handbag. Coming in endless shapes and sizes, there are so many ultra-luxury brands you can look to for cute designer bag charms. Better yet, you can style a bag charm on nearly any handbag style, and we include some invaluable pro tips for getting the most out of your charms. But most importantly, designer bag charms are one of the most cost effective accessories you can buy that add variety and dimension to your collection.

Ready to charm them? Here are the brands you can shop for at FASHIONPHILE right now that have an incredible assortment of designer bag charms.

The Great World of Designer Bag Charms

The bag charm category is truly vast. Bag charms come in many shapes, colors and sizes from ultra-luxury brands. The following bag charms from Hermes, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry are some of the many you can explore right now to transform your bag’s look.

product image of Hermes Budy bag charm FASHIONPHILE
HERMES Milo Lambskin Shearling Budy Charm Biscuit
product image of Fendi Teen Witch Bag Charm FASHIONPHILE
FENDI Rabbit Mink Fox Fur F is Fendi Teen Witch Bag Charm Brown Multicolor
product image of Louis Vuitton Mink Fur Vivienne Bag Charm FASHIONPHILE
LOUIS VUITTON Resin Wood Mink Fur Vivienne Bag Charm Key Holder Pink
product image of Burberry Teddy Bear Bag Charm FASHIONPHILE
BURBERRY Thomas Metallic Trench Teddy Bear Keychain Charm Tan

The best part is that designer bag charms are so versatile. With these options, and more, you can style bag charms on nearly any handbag. Want to see more? Watch our YouTube Short featuring several iconic designer bag charms! 

Ways to Style Designer Bag Charms

Quite literally one size, pretty much, fits all. With the exception of clutches, you can style bag charms on any bag of your choosing. Here are some pro tips. 

  1. Oftentimes people match their bag and bag charm with the same designer because they want to also match the color.
  2. Other than placing bag charms around straps and top handles, look for exterior D-rings, or zipper pulls with openings. These are also great places to style a bag charm! 
  3. Play it up with some contrasting texture! 
studio image of hermes picotin bag with hermes rodeo charm FASHIONPHILE
lifestyle image of model with louis vuitton backpack with louis vuitton bag charm FASHIONPHILE
image of model wearing fendi bag with fendi fur bag charm FASHIONPHILE

Not only are bag charms so versatile and easy to style (and look fabulous on nearly everything), bag charms are super cost effective. Not to mention, make great gifts, too!

Why Invest In Designer Bag Charms?

Bag charms are cost effective. Really. They’re one of the most attainable categories in the ultra-luxury market. Charms are often priced no more than a couple hundred dollars. Plus, low cost, means you can collect more (*wink). And as you expand your designer bag charm collection, what’s stopping you from adding more than one to your bag? So now that you know bag charms are also chic and cost effective accessories, what are you waiting for?

Throwing on a designer bag charm is the easiest way to change up your bag’s look now and for many seasons to come. You can find them in endless shapes and sizes, and can get really creative with the ways you style bag charms. But, the best part, they’re cost effective. 

What’s not to love? You really can’t go wrong with treating yourself or a loved one with a chic designer bag charm. If you’re looking for more, learn about Twilly, Bandeau, and Mitzah silk scarves here.