5 Ways to Determine the Age of Your Celine

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5 Ways to Determine the Age of Your Celine

The great thing about an iconic Celine bag? You can buy a pre-owned version for way less than a brand new one and still look of-the-moment. These babies never go out of style. The not-so-great thing about an iconic Celine bag? It can be difficult to tell how old your pre-owned version actually is, since the seasonal updates on the brand’s base styles aren’t immediately obvious–at least, not to the untrained eye. At FASHIONPHILE, we have an internal document a whopping 31-pages long that our authenticators use to determine the age of any given Celine bag. (Yup, we’re serious about the authentication process!) Interested in learning how it’s done? Here’s a little five-question cheat sheet to help you figure out exactly which season your beloved Celine is from.


1. Does Your Phantom Bag Have a Center Seam at the Base?
One major myth about the Celine Phantom Bag is that authentic Phantoms never have a seam down the center of the base. False! The Fall/Winter 2011 collection did feature a seam running along the center of the Phantom’s base. The center seam was done away with starting with the Spring/Summer 2012 season.


2. Does Your Trapeze Bag Have a Zipper on the Front?
Here’s one easy way to determine how old your Celine Trapeze is: check which side of the bag the zipper is on. Styles from Fall/Winter 2011 feature a front zipper, while styles from Spring/Summer 2012 and beyond feature a back zipper.Bonus: The back zipper tape on the Spring/Summer 2012 Trapeze is covered by a leather panel. From Fall/Winter 2012 and on, the back zipper tape is exposed.


3. Is the Tag Stitched on the Inside Seam?
Celine bags from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection will have the date code tag stitched onto the exterior seam. If your Celine’s date code tag is on the interior, that’s a sure sign that it’s from Spring/Summer 2012 or later.


4. Does Your Micro or Mini Luggage Bag Have Metal Feet?
Celine added metal feet to their Micro and Mini Luggage Bags for the Cruise and Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Prior to that, Luggage bags were “footless.”


5. Does Your Luggage Bag Have Curved Panels?

The iconic curved panels and structured shape of the Celine Luggage Bag didn’t exist before the Fall/Winter 2011 season. The Fall/Winter 2010 and Spring/Summer 2011 versions featured straight panels and a slouchier look.


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