3 Archival Designer Styles to Add to Your Collection

Don’t Call It a Comeback: 3 Archival Designer Styles to Add to Your Collection


With so many fashion houses finding inspiration in the past and reissuing designs from previous collections (like Versace’s recent throwback to the early ‘90s and Coach’s rerelease of a 1972 it bag), the word archival is suddenly everywhere. See? Even for cutting-edge designers, used is the new, new!

But why would you save up for the reissue when you can score an original for a fraction of the price? We asked our FASHIONPHILE experts for the scoop on the biggest archival pieces making a comeback right now–and they’re all shoppable on FASHIONPHILE.


1. Gucci Vintage Web

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, is tapping into the archival trend by re-issuing Gucci’s vintage web–only he’s replicating the original pigskin with calfskin. For comparison, this Gucci Calfskin Vintage Web Small Boston ($600) is an original; this Gucci Monogram Small Lady Web Shoulder Bag ($1,295) is a newer model. Whichever way you wear the web, you really can’t go wrong.



2. Fendi Zucca Print

You may remember Fendi’s Zucca canvas from the late ‘90s or early ‘00s (Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw was a fan), and now, in 2018, the double F logo is back and better than ever. Instead of dropping nearly $3,000 on a reissue, you can snag this Fendi Zucca Boston Bag from the archives for just $550, or upgrade to the Fendi Calfskin Raffia Small Kan I Logo Shoulder Bag for $1,515 on FASHIONPHILE.


3. Dior Saddle Bag

The Dior Saddle Bag may be the most unexpected shape to make its way back into the mainstream–but it’s here, and we’re here for it! The luxury brand’s latest take on the Saddle is executed in minimal calfskin, but we’re partial to the original double-saddle style–AKA, Christian Dior’s Calfskin Medium Gaucho Double Saddle Bag (available for $405).


Besides being on-trend, there’s one more great reason to invest in archival pieces: they’re proven to hold their value. These styles have seen the spotlight and come back around, which will no double happen again and again. Fashion is cyclical, after all! When you invest in a Gucci Web style or Fendi Zucca logo, you can reap the benefits now (by being in the know) and later (if you choose to resell it through FASHIONPHILE).