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Mother Style Icons & Their Notable Bags

Mother Style Icons & Their Notable Bags

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Mother Style Icons


Moms will always be iconic. After all, motherhood is practically a sixth sense. “Mom style” with the help of handbags proves Moms can do it all. As we celebrate all the motherly figures out there, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable designer handbags carried by iconic mothers throughout history. These, and more, continue to rank in popularity still to this day and of course, make great gifts for any Mom who appreciates a touch of luxury.


The early 1900s marked the end of the women’s suffrage movement and set the stage for paving equal opportunities for women. With many questioning traditional female roles and what that looked like, such as the experience of being a parent or guardian, it comes as no surprise that fashion played a part in empowering womanhood. In 1929, Coco Chanel designed her first bag, then in 1955 she came out with a new and improved version featuring a shoulder strap – known as the 2.55 – that forever changed handbag history.  

Bags have always functioned as an essential part of everyday life. From carrying goods from one place to another to becoming an extension of the wearer, the day-to-day use and function of handbags have progressed dramatically over the last century. The all-important accessories and compelling fashion statements that handbags possess today wouldn’t be possible without the help of mother-style icons. 


Mother Style Icon: Grace Kelly

Bag: Hermes Kelly 

Everyone knows the story of the Kelly bag and how it rose to fame. In the mid-1950s, then pregnant Grace Kelly used her Kelly bag to shield her belly from the paparazzi. Amidst the chaos, her sheer grace (if you will) immediately elevated this bag into a must-have. Today, whether you invest in Sellier or Retourne, the Kelly bag remains one of the smartest investment pieces you can get and makes an incredibly versatile bag for any Mom. 

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Mother Style Icon: Jane Birkin

Bag: Hermes Birkin

Mix fate and fashion and you get the birth of the Birkin. Similar to the story of the Kelly, the Birkin bag came about at an unlikely time. On a flight to London, Jane Birkin inspired Jean-Louis Dumas (then Hermes chairman) to create the ultimate carryall bag. Its release in 1984 changed the luxury game, and arguably the lives of many extravagant moms. A-listers like Kate Moss, Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Victoria Beckham have proven, that even with a child in one hand and a Birkin in the other, a mother is truly unstoppable.  

product image of ostrich birkin bag FASHIONPHILE

Mother Style Icon: Jackie Kennedy

Bag: Gucci Jackie 

The former First Lady, and mother of three, were quite influential during her time. When she was spotted wearing this bag (initially named the Constance), the Jackie bag instantly became a hit. Also used as an accessory to shield away from the paparazzi, the Gucci Jackie has effortlessly maintained its status as a classic and timeless accessory. 

product image of gucci jackie bag FASHIONPHILE

Mother Style Icon: Princess Diana 

Bag: Lady Dior 

The “People’s Princess” was a mother of two but that didn’t stop her from becoming one of the world’s most celebrated fashion icons – thanks to her impeccable taste in handbags. The Lady Dior bag named after her continues to be a popular handbag that comes in many sizes and textiles. 

product image of christian dior lady dior bag FASHIONPHILE

Mother Style Icon: Jessica Stam

Bag: Stam Bag

This now silent style from Marc Jacobs was actually quite the ‘It’ bag back in the early 2000s. It was released in 2005 and named after model and mother Jessica Stam. This style is no longer produced, so if you’re looking to surprise Mom with another Y2K investment bag, be sure to shop our selection of Marc Jacobs Stam bags

product image of marc jacobs stam bag FASHIONPHILE

Mother Style Icon: Kim Kardashian 

Bag: Le Cagole 

This bag may not be a namesake but it surely carries Kim K’s undeniable influence. As the face of Balenciaga, Kim Kardashian is undeniably a fashion icon. As a mother of four and close friend of Demna Gvasalia, her distinctive style is translated throughout much of Balenciaga’s collections. The Le Cagole, in particular, is one of the most sought-after handbags out there. Part of the latest crescent-shaped bag trend, the Le Cagole merges City bag elements with a modern flair. For the Mom looking to add a little bit of edge to her look, this is the bag for her! 

product image of balenciaga le cagole bag FASHIONPHILE
There are so many handbags today that are inspired by mothers and influential style icons. What better way to celebrate Mom than with the gift of an investment? When in doubt, let Mom decide with a gift card. Visit FASHIONPHILE today.