File Under This Year’s Must-Haves: Crescent Bags

studio lay down image of louis vuitton loop bag and celine ava bag FASHIONPHILE

Have you heard? We’re over the moon for this latest crescent-shaped handbag trend, and you should be too!


For those with their heads still up in space, it’s time to come back to Earth. (Anybody who gets that reference, I’m truly impressed). *cue Avril Lavigne’s Sk8r Boi.  

In all seriousness, crescent bags are having a moment, and well, what more can we say? This silhouette is the quintessential hybrid between a hobo and a shoulder bag. The crescent bag shape (or moon bags as some tastemakers call it) is surely the minimalist’s go-to for all-around style and day-to-day function. 

Not to mention, with one dangling on your arm or shoulder, you’re surely guaranteed to make a first impression and receive worthwhile feedback amongst your fellow handbag enthusiasts. Who doesn’t enjoy a good nod these days? Safe to say, the crescent bag trend is all the rave and isn’t going away any time soon. 

If you’re looking for the perfect statement bag without investing in something too over the top, crescent bags are the fix you need. Here are some great investment-worthy selections for you to get started. Ready to dive in?

But first, why crescent bags? 

Crescent bags, seen all over social media, introduce a new taste to the table. From independent designers to major fashion houses, the crescent-shaped bag is emerging and quickly taking over. In fact, we see this silhouette implemented in nearly every brand’s current designs – it. is. everywhere. 

Honestly, it can be quite refreshing to spot an ‘everyday’ bag and have it not be your typical rectangular or square shape. Sometimes, we need to think outside the box – literally. 

Iconic Crescent-Shaped Bags To Buy 

Well, for starters, the Bottega Veneta Jodie is a no-brainer and reigns supreme for being, arguably, the leading example behind the reemergence of the crescent bag trend. But since Jodie’s inception under Daniel Lee, other bags across luxury brands have emerged with their own unique traits that we’re quite fond of, as well.  

Celine Ava 

Nothing screams more ‘Parisian edge’ than the Ava bag. Known as the perfect 90’s crescent bag, this style inspired by the archives first debuted in the brand’s signature monogram, known as Triomphe coated canvas. Now you can also find the bag available in calfskin. Upon release, it was only available to buy in select Celine stores in the Asian market. Lucky for you, however, you can snag this bag at FASHIONPHILE. We got you.  

studio image of black canvas celine ava bag at FASHIONPHILE

Louis Vuitton Loop 

Tell me you know about the Louis Vuitton Loop. Thread’s Instagram feed has us drooling. And for us, these bags sell out quickly. So, this is an example of an item in which you would hugely benefit from setting up an item alert. The perks? Once we get one in, you’ll be the first to be notified. The Loop bag comes in classic Louis Vuitton Monogram coated canvas, as well as gorgeous blue denim (which, spoiler alert, is a very popular textile). It’s truly a stunner. The Loop is another 90’s dream bag, no doubt, and inspired by a beloved discontinued style from the early 2000s – the Croissant. See the resemblance? 

studio image of Louis vuitton monogram loop bag at FASHIONPHILE

Gucci Half Moon Hobo

A little Gucci in the mix is always a good idea. The Ophidia collection includes some great crescent-shaped handbags to choose from. One that really stands out, of course, is this Mini Ophidia Half Moon Hobo. It is truly a darling, and for anyone who adores mini bags, the Mini Ophidia Half Moon Hobo is a must-have. The Small size is a bit larger for those looking for some extra room. Not to mention, the lining contains recycled raw materials and the leather is constructed using an alternative metal/ chrome-free tanning process. Honestly, what’s not to love?

studio image of gucci gg supreme monogram ophidia half moon hobo FASHIONPHILE

Balenciaga Le Cagole

If you love the ever-classic City bag (or all Y2K bags for that matter), you will undoubtedly love the Le Cagole. It takes all the perfect elements of the motorcycle bag and transforms it into a coveted crescent-shaped hobo. Totally need. After all, if Kim Kardashian is toting around town with multiple Le Cagole bags, then you know this style just scored ‘It’ bag status. 

studio image of Balenciaga Le Cagole Shoulder Bag black FASHIONPHILE

An Honorable Mention 

The latest and greatest new addition to the beloved Dior collection is the Dior Vibe Hobo. Can it get more gorgeous than this? Dressed in the most classic motif, the Dior cannage pattern. Dare I say, “it’s a vibe.” 

studio image of black and white Dior Vibe Hobo bag at FASHIONPHILE

If you love crescent-shaped bags as much as we do, we have them at FASHIONPHILE and all the bags of your dreams. 

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