Styles We Love in Every Size

studio image of model holding two Goyard St Louis tote bags FASHIONPHILE

Stumped on sizes? We’ve broken it down for you…


Even if you carefully read the product titles and descriptions, shopping for the designer handbags you love shouldn’t have to feel like a guessing game. For instance, you may be looking for a cute mini bag for the holidays soon approaching. You search mini bags and see a style you like but then you spot the same one in the nano size, then there’s one in the super nano size. With so many options that fall under mini, how small do you really want to go? Do you get where I’m going with this? To help you better distinguish the nuances, we’ve rounded up a few styles that we love from some of our top brands – and they all come in multiple sizes of course – so you can select the bag that best suits you. 

From Goyard

Goyard’s iconic Y motif mimicking a unique chevron pattern is known as Goyardine. The Black Gold combination is a historic offering dating back to Edmond Goyard’s succession of the family business. When the House of Goyard was bought by Jean-Michel Signoles in 1998, more shade offerings were introduced, like orange, green, and yellow to name a few. We see this iconic pattern applied across various styles in an assortment of color variations. Arguably most popular: the Goyardine Saint Louis tote, and another style worth adding to cart is the Saigon bag! 

The Goyardine Saint Louis PM vs. The Goyardine Saint Louis GM

This tote is a true classic and the ultimate carryall for all your essentials from work to weekend adventures. The PM is slightly smaller than the GM. Our friends at Pursebop declare the GM size as a great travel bag or beach bag, and the PM size is a great everyday errand bag. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

product image of Goyard St Louis Tote PM size FASHIONPHILE
Goyard St Louis Tote PM
product image of Goyard Saint Louis GM tote FASHIONPHILE
Goyard Saint Louis GM

The Goyardine Mini Saigon vs. The Goyardine Saigon PM

This style is growing in popularity. It’s one of the brand’s classic silhouettes created when the house first initiated offerings of custom-made handbags. However, the shoulder strap is a relatively new feature and was introduced in 2015. Overall, it can be tricky sometimes to distinguish which Saigon just from photos alone. So we’re sharing a little industry tip.

Starting off, the Goyardine Mini Saigon is likely the easiest to distinguish apart from the Structure Mini and the PM size. The Mini Saigon is soft-bodied without the wooden front panels. Fairly straightforward right? 

But here is where it gets a bit tricky, so take notes. The Goyardine Structure Mini Saigon vs. the Goyardine Saigon PM: deciphering the two is all a matter of looking where the monogram aligns next to the wooden panels. The Goyardine Structure Mini looks like the PM at first glance, but the PM is actually much taller and the monogram is no longer in the middle (as it is for the Structure Mini), but instead painted on both sides of the wooden panels at front. This intel is fairly straightforward as well, but if you didn’t know, would you have been able to tell? 

Product image of Goyard Mini Saigon bag FASHIONPHILE
Goyard Mini Saigon
product image of Goyard Structure Mini Saigon bag FASHIONPHILE
Goyard Structure Mini Saigon
product image of Goyard Saigon PM bag FASHIONPHILE
Goyard Saigon PM

From Balenciaga

The hype for the new and revamped motorcycle bag is surely here to stay. With Balenciaga beating Gucci as the most searched brand this year in Q3 according to the Lyst Index, it comes as no surprise that The Neo Classics are by far some of the most popular bags to buy – and at FASHIONPHILE too. Thanks to Creative Director Demna Gvasalia’s fresh take on the iconic bag for Fall 2020 – surely it occurred during a time when we needed it most. At FASHIONPHILE we procure all the size ranges of this beloved re-edition, but it can definitely be tricky to tell the proportions of each when you’re just admiring the photos from your screen. 


The Neo Classics

The Neo Classic vs. Neo Classic Small vs. Neo Classic Nano vs. Neo Classic Mini vs. Neo Classic Super Nano…. Okay, you get it. There are a lot of sizes in this collection! 

To (hopefully) make it easier for you, we’ve grouped all the sizes together so you can determine the right size for you and get a better sense of the proportions of the full collection. 

  • The Neo Classic Super Nano  
  • The Neo Classic Nano  
  • The Neo Classic Mini 
  • The Neo Classic Small 
  • The Neo Classic
  • The Neo Classic Medium 
  • The Neo Classic Large
Design Graphic that shows all the Neo Classic handbag sizes available from Balenciaga FASHIONPHILE

From Christian Dior

What’s not to love about Christian Dior? We are huge fans of the Dior Book tote and all sizes they come in. Equally adored is the Lady Dior bag named after Princess Diana. From the iconic quilted bag stitched in the cannage pattern to the newly designed Lady D-Lite Bag introduced in 2019, these bags are truly admired for their femininity and style.

The Lady Dior Bag

The Lady Dior bag comes in Large, Medium, Small, Mini, and Nano (also referred to as the Micro size). If you’re stumped on size, be sure to watch this quick video that shows the complete size range for the Lady Dior bag in seconds. Which size do you prefer? 

product image of Dior Lady Dior bag FASHIONPHILE
Christian Dior Lady Dior
product image of Dior Lady D-Lite bag in grey and whiteFASHIONPHILE
Christian Dior Lady D-Lite

From Chanel

Investing in Chanel is a great place to start if you’re considering making a sound investment. Check out this post on Chanel resale value and how to maximize your profits. There are so many iconic colors, textiles, and styles to choose from. 

The Top Handle Flap Coin purse vs. The Mini Top Handle Rectangular Flap

If you’re not paying attention to the dimensions in the product description (we’re all guilty of this at times), these two look nearly identical at first glance – both in scale and style. To really get a better idea of the difference between these two, we put together a video for you to see both versions side-by-side. The Coin purse is great for storing your cards and some cash on the go! The Mini Top Handle Rectangular Flap can fit most essentials such as your smartphone, lipstick, keys, and your cards.

product image of Chanel top handle flap coin purse in black FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Top Handle Flap Coin Purse
product image of black chanel mini top handle rectangular flap bag FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Mini Top Handle Rectangular Flap

From Louis Vuitton

There is a world of offerings from Louis Vuitton. Some iconic pieces, like the Neverfull and the Speedy, hold their value for years. There are also amazing options from Louis Vuitton that fall under $2500 and we are obsessed! 

The Speedy

This is a classic bag from the beloved Louis Vuitton that comes in so many color and textile variations from the classic Monogram to the Monogram Teddy and the Jacquard Since 1854.

As you know, these pieces come in so many sizes, as well. But with all these options, ever wonder what they look like up to a real human? Check out this video to help you decide if the Speedy 25, 30, 35, or 40 is right for you! Pst! There is a Speedy 22 but she comes in the Embossed Monogram

product image of the Louis Vuitton monogram speedy 30 bag FASHIONPHILE
Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30
This is definitely a start! There are so many designer bag styles out there that come in multiple sizes. If this was helpful, let us know! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and check out our exciting Reels for more handbag fun!