The Resurgence of Y2K “It” Bags

Throwback posts aren’t just for old-timers. Everyone loves a Y2K moment.


For some of you, this post will be a trip down memory lane — to a time when retinol wasn’t needed to look baby fresh. For others, it will be an introduction to a fashion fantasy merry-go-round.

When I realized that Y2K accessories were making a comeback, I was flooded with memories of multicolor plastic chokers, giant fabric scrunchies, Spice Girls, jelly sandals, Juicy tracksuits, but also Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, and more.

I’m delighted mainly because the 2000s (and the mid-90s leading up to it) were a legitimately noteworthy time in fashion. Literally, there were a plethora of gorgeous “It” bags during that period. And fashion super-influencers today (cough: Kylie Jenner) are 100% onboard the Y2K train; the rest of us don’t even need the encouragement.

Let’s take a peek at some of the cult favorites, and how you can get your hands on them today.

Louis Vuitton Takashi…anything

Ok, it needs to be said: Takashi prints were everything from 2002 onwards, and it’s easy to see why. The collaboration with ultra-popular Japanese artist Takashi Murakami was a total hit, and I’m convinced it made his career what it is today. There’s something so fresh, vibrant, and optimistic about the multicolor on white canvas— even two decades later. I still swoon over the multicolor Speedy 30, which was beloved by big names of the time like Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson.

Louis Vuitton Mini Speedy

Long before the beloved Nano Speedy entered the scene, there was the Mini Speedy. These coveted little bags are quite rare these days, and you can only find them pre-loved from sites like FASHIONPHILE. Despite the naming convention, the Mini is actually slightly smaller than the Nano, and with more modest dimensions.

Louis Vuitton Croissant Bags

Yes, I’m on a total LV bender right now, but that’s the Y2K spirit and I’m rolling with it. If we’re talking early 2000’s, then the LV Croissant Bag must be mentioned. I have to admit — there was a vague period in my life (I want to say it was 2010, or so) when I became convinced that croissant-shaped shoulder bags were terribly out of fashion. But just like the Kurt Cobain-era ripped jeans I donated ages ago, I am now back and in love more than ever. I mean, this bag is literally shaped like a croissant (or maybe a kidney bean…though that’s decidedly less French).

Fendi Baguette Bags

Yes, other luxury fashion houses existed in 2000, and people cared about them! Take Fendi, for example. Adored by so many celebs (like the Olsen twins and Janet Jackson, just to name a few). The Fendi Baguette bag was beloved at the time and is still coveted today among industry peers.

Christian Dior Monogram Rasta Saddle Bags

Rasta designs were definitely a thing, too, and Christian Dior owned it with the monogram Rasta saddle bag. Combining monogram prints with fresh, free-spirited colors gave moguls like Missy Elliott instant nostalgia. The Rasta theme wasn’t limited to saddle bags either, though. It seems the boots and accessories are much harder to find these days. But even the brand’s iconic monogram saddle bags will do.

Balenciaga City Bags

First popularized by the likes of Kate Moss, the Balenciaga City bag (also coined as the Motorcycle bag), took off as soon as it hit the scene. It really hasn’t lost ground since. In fact, the original style inspired so many subtle variations, colors, and seasonal editions, that it might not seem as “2000s” at first. But, don’t be fooled — it most definitely is.

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