A Guide to Iconic Hermes Kelly Bag Styles

this is a studio image from FASHIONPHILE of different Hermes Kelly bags grouped together including a pink Mini Kelly, a blue Wallet to Go Kelly bag and a beige Kelly Pouchette

The Hermes Kelly bag was originally designed as a saddlebag in the 19th century, then gained widespread recognition when it became a favorite of the stylish actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.


The iconic status of the Kelly bag has paved the way for a diverse range of Kelly bag styles, each offering its own unique twist on the original design. From top-handle and shoulder bags that pay homage to the original Kelly to the compact and sophisticated Kelly wallets, clutches, modern Kelly backpacks, and belt bags, the Hermes Kelly has evolved and expanded to include many styles. Read on to find out more about the Hermes Kelly bag styles that await you. 

Watch our style round-up of different Hermes Kelly bag styles: 

Hermes Kelly Top Handle Bags & Shoulder Bags

The Kelly bag’s enduring popularity is exemplified by its various top-handle and shoulder bag options. These designs pay homage to the original Kelly bag while incorporating contemporary elements. Here are some notable styles.

The Hermes Kelly

The Hermes Kelly bag is the style that predominantly comes to mind when people seek out a “Kelly bag.” The Hermes Kelly comes in both Sellier and Retourne, features a trapezoidal silhouette, and pays homage to the original Kelly bag carried by actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly with whom the Kelly bag is named after

The Hermes Souvenir De L’Exposition Kelly

The Hermes Souvenir De L’Exposition Kelly is a limited edition vinyl PVC Kelly bag that presents a fun twist on the iconic leather Kelly bag. The story behind these clear Souvenir De L’Exposition Kelly bags started in 1996 when these transparent bags were originally distributed as eye-catching invitations to the Spring Summer show. They served as a symbolic response to the heightened security measures following devastating terrorist attacks in France the previous year, allowing for seamless security checks while commemorating the tragic events. The inaugural clear Hermes Kelly bag featured bold inscriptions, such as ‘HERMÈS COLLECTION ETE 1996’ on the front and ‘Kelly Transparent (Special pour Contrôle Sécurité!)’ in French, along with ‘See Through Kelly (A Special for Security Bag Checks!)’ in English at the bottom. 

The transparent Vinyl Kelly bag gained immense popularity, leading Martin Margiela, the creative director of Hermes at the time, to create a new version for the fashion house’s traveling exhibition coinciding with its 160th birthday. During the ‘Hermes Exhibition in the Wonderland’ held in Japan from 1997 to 1999, visitors had the opportunity to purchase the second edition of the transparent Kelly bag, along with an additional Orange Vinyl Kelly introduced in 1998.

The Hermes Shoulder Kelly

The Hermes Shoulder Kelly is a bag that doesn’t get talked about enough. The Shoulder Kelly is a rectangular-shaped bag stretched out longways, offering a modern take on the classic Kelly bag. Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier during his tenure at Hermes, the Shoulder Kelly is both a unique and rare piece. 

The Hermes Kelly Desordre

The Kelly Desordre bag is a highly coveted masterpiece that graced the Hermes Fall Winter 2022 runway alongside other notable new handbag designs. This particular asymmetrical double-sided handbag is truly special and unlike any other Hermes Kelly bags or Kelly Sellier bags you’ve seen before.

The Hermes Kelly En Desordre Sellier is a stunning bag with two compartments, including a smaller pouch, and a structured shoulder strap that adds to its stylish appeal. Inspired by the Vintage Mini Kelly 20, this design choice ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The asymmetrical flap and back pocket offer ample storage options, complemented by the iconic gold Kelly turn-lock closures for both elegance and functionality. While it doesn’t come with keys, a lock, or a clochette, this collector’s item in the popular Etoupe color has become a coveted addition to the Hermes family.

The Hermes So Kelly

The Hermes So Kelly bag is a blend of a bucket bag and hobo and is a unique take on the iconic Kelly bag with a soft body, adjustable shoulder strap, and the iconic Kelly turn-lock at the front. We don’t see this bag around in the wild too often, but if you do see it, those who know surely know.

Hermes Kelly Wallets & Clutches

Beyond top handles and shoulder bags, the Hermes Kelly style translates effortlessly throughout other categories, such as wallets and clutches. Here are some smaller notable Kelly bags and accessories to have on your radar. 

The Hermes Kelly Wallet to Go

The Hermes Kelly Wallet to Go is a fantastically popular choice as it is not only reminiscent of the original Kelly bag, but it is also a great versatile investment piece to own. The Hermes Kelly Wallet to Go comes in many iconic Hermes leathers and can be worn as a clutch or as a crossbody or shoulder bag with the accompanying strap. 

The Hermes Kelly Pochette

Hermes offers several different Kelly Pochette styles: the Kelly Pochette Clutch and the Kelly Cut Clutch Pochette. Both are great clutch options featuring the iconic Kelly top handle and turn-lock closure.

The Hermes Kelly Wallet

Hermes Kelly wallets include the Hermes Kelly Longue Wallet, which looks similar to the Kelly Wallet to Go, and the Kelly Pocket Compact Wallet, which is as the name states compact. 

Hermes Kelly Backpacks and Belt Bags

Not only does Hermes offer amazing selections of Kelly top handle bags, shoulder bags, clutches, and wallets. But Hermes also has a luxurious portfolio of Kelly backpacks and belt bags. 

The Hermes Kelly Danse

The Kelly Danse was introduced in 2008 and designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier but later discontinued in 2013 then reintroduced in 2019 as the Kelly Danse II. The Kelly Danse offers a more casual interpretation of the iconic Kelly bag with its elongated top strap. The Hermes Kelly Danse can be worn in many different ways, such as a clutch, crossbody, shoulder bag, belt bag, or even as a backpack thanks to its adjustable strap and compact design. These are hard to come by! Sign in to your FASHIONPHILE account to set up an item alert and be notified the moment we get a Kelly Danse in the building! 

The Hermes Kelly Pocket Belt

The Hermes Kelly Pocket Belt features a removable pouch that is not only functional but also capable of holding small items such as cards or lipstick. With its clever sliding system, this versatile belt can be worn either at the waist or on the hips, making it a one-size-fits-most accessory.

The Hermes Kelly Ado Backpack

The Hermes Kelly Ado Backpack is a discontinued but still beloved style under the family of Hermes Kelly bags. But just like the Kelly Danse, Hermes brought a 2.0 version out calling it the Hermes Kelly Ado Backpack II also known as “the Hermes Kelly A Dos” to collectors and is slightly smaller than the original. 

The Hermes Kelly bag’s iconic status has resulted in a captivating array of styles and options to explore. Expanding beyond the realm of Hermes Kelly bag styles, Hermes has reenvisioned its iconic Kelly bag as a jewelry collection, exemplified by the remarkable launch of “Kellymorphose.” You can shop for Kelly accessories, including Kelly Twilly bag charms and Hermes Kelly bracelets, and find similar looking bags like the Hermes Kelly, such as the Hermes Herbag

In the realm of luxury fashion, few accessories possess the enduring allure and timeless charm of the Hermes Kelly bag. You can shop the Hermes Kelly at various price points at FASHIONPHILE. Just be sure to filter your search by your budget or set up an item alert! Love all things relating to the Hermes Kelly? Here’s a closer look at the Hermes Mini Kelly bag.
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