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Fashionphile Top 5: Hermès Colors

Lauren Leger
Digital Marketing Program Manager

“Fashionphile Top 5: Hermès Colors”

Hermes is known for its luxurious leathers crafted in a unique range of colors. But did you know that each color can be slightly different depending on the leather it is crafted in (Think: Clemence, Epsom, Swift, Togo)? We wanted to find out what the most popular Hermes colors are, regardless of leather, so Fashionphile did a deep dive into our collection of Hermes Birkins, Kellys, Evelynes and Constances and found our top 5 most popular Hermes colors. The results may surprise you.


1. Noir

A classic black


2. Orange

Hermes signature orange


3. Etain

Gray beige (greige)


4. Etoupe

Medium brown


5. Gold

A classic Hermes color, gold



Let us know your favorite Hermes colors in the comments below!

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