FASHIONPHILE Top 5: Hermes Colors

Top 5 Hermes colors

FASHIONPHILE Top 5: Hermes Colors


Hermes is known for its luxurious leathers crafted in a unique range of colors. But did you know that each color can be slightly different depending on the leather it is crafted in (Think: Clemence, Epsom, Swift, Togo)? We wanted to find out what the most popular Hermes colors are, regardless of leather, so Fashionphile did a deep dive into our collection of Hermes Birkins, Kellys, Evelynes and Constances and found our top 5 most popular Hermes colors. The results may surprise you.


1. Noir

A classic black


2. Orange

Hermes signature orange. Learn more about this iconic color in our comprehensive guide to Hermes oranges.


3. Etain

Gray beige (greige). If you can’t get enough of Hermes beige, we have a post that covers everything about Hermes beiges.


4. Etoupe

Medium brown


5. Gold

A classic Hermes color, gold



What’s your favorite Hermes color? For more Hermes color guides, check out everything there is to learn about Hermes pinks, Hermes greens, Hermes blues, and Hermes reds.
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