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FASHIONPHILE Top 5: Best Selling Bags from our Top 5 Designers

Lauren Leger
Head of Marketing Communications

“FASHIONPHILE Top 5: Best Selling Bags from our Top 5 Designers”

2018 brought many changes to the fashion world. The end of the Philo era for Celine, the resurgence of Logomania, and let’s not forget that Dior Saddle Bags are back! All of these trends left us wondering, which designers ended up on top, and which bags got them there? We asked our crystal ball (data), and this is what we found:


5. Saint Laurent

Edgy yet elegant, a Saint Laurent bag makes a statement. The metallic YSL initials featured on many of their bags enables the wearer to enjoy the logomania trend, while still remaining understated. In 2018, the most popular Saint Laurent bag was the Grain De Poudre Matelasse Chevron Monogram Chain Wallet in black. Coming in a close second was the Matelasse Chevron Medium College Monogram Bag in black, with the ‘large’ version coming in third, in guess what color? Black!


4. Gucci

It doesn’t surprise us that Gucci makes the list of our most popular designers this year. Alessandro Michele‘s designs have become a favorite among celebs and street style aficionados alike. With so many popular designs, the competition for the top Gucci bag is steep. The best seller for 2018 was the go-anywhere Small Soho Disco Bag in black. Coming in second was its glam’d up cross body sister, the Matelasse Small GG Marmont Bag in black. Third, the GG Supreme Monogram Small Dionysus Shoulder Bag in taupe, because who doesn’t love a little Gucci monogram? Gucci is hitting all the trends, and our crystal ball says these trends are here to stay.

3. Hermes

Hermes is notoriously picky with who they sell to, what they’ll sell, and in what color. That exclusivity is part of what keeps the brand in the upper echelon of luxury retailers, and very popular on FASHIONPHILE. Want that holy grail bag without the long line?FASHIONPHILE has an extraordinary collection of Hermes to choose from. The most popular Hermes bag in 2018 was the Togo Birkin 35 in Noir Black. In second was the Epsom Birkin 35 in Hermes’ signature Orange. Third, the Epsom Constance 18 in Noir Black. Whichever is your favorite, rest assured, Hermes never goes out of style.


2. Chanel

Our second most popular designer of 2018, Chanel, is timeless. Chanel is one of the most popular luxury designers of all time and has more than a few signature bags. Choosing our favorite Chanel bag is akin to choosing between our children but the numbers have spoken! Our most popular Chanel bag is a classic, the Caviar Quilted Jumbo Double Flap in black. The Chanel Jumbo Flap can hold as much as you need, elegantly. The second most popular, Caviar Quilted Grand Shopping Tote “GST” in black. From work to dinner, or from day to night the GST takes you anywhere. Third, the quintessential night-out bag Caviar Quilted Wallet On Chain “WOC” in black. Holding just enough for you to hit the down, the WOC pairs perfectly with an LBD.


1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is always a crowd pleaser, and in 2018 monogram had a big year. It will not come as a shock to Louis Vuitton fans that the Monogram Pochette Metis is the most popular LV bag in 2018. The Pochette Metis drew some major fanfare for its versatility as an everyday bag and its different iterations in Reverse Monogram and Empreinte. Second place went to the Monogram Palm Springs Backpack Mini. We couldn’t have a list of 2018’s most popular bags without a backpack, and this one is perfect with its monogram forward style and mini size. In third place is a go-to, the Damier Ebene Neo Neverfull MM. The perfect partner to Sunday errands and Mondays at the office, the Neverfull in Damier is never far from reach.


Which designer was your favorite for 2018? Let us know in the comments!

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