The Best of Phoebe Philo

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The Best of Phoebe Philo, from Chloe to Celine


Die-hard fashionphiles will recognize the name Phoebe Philo – and if you don’t, here’s a refresher: she’s the quiet force of nature (aka, fashion designer) known for breathing new life into luxury fashion houses. For example, she reinvented Chloe in 2001 and gave the world camel-colored capes and Paddington bags; and in 2008 she transformed French label Celine into the epitome of minimalist elegance, thanks in part to the viral success of the Trapeze bag.

Philo favors fashion that is understated–never trendy–which is probably why so many of her pieces are still considered wardrobe staples nearly a decade after their release. Her aesthetic rides the line between boho-luxe and clean minimalism (like the Celine Calfskin Medium Classic Box Bag), and always with a hint of masculine tailoring.

While Philo’s tenure as the creative director of Chloe was indeed legendary, it was her work at Celine that really made her a certified style icon. There were the clothes, of course–the wide-leg pants, the louche trench coats, the abstract graffiti print, the geometric-heeled shoes–but then there were the bags. The bags! There is nothing in this world like a Philo-designed Celine bag, and these three styles prove it.


The Box Bag


Is Celine’s Box Bag the most versatile bag of all time? All signs point to yes. The boxy shape, loved by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway, works for the day when worn with its long shoulder strap, or night when held under the arm like a clutch.



The Trapeze Bag


Do you remember when the Trapeze came out? I do. It caused a major stir, and suddenly everyone I knew was toting a Trapeze to the office (it’s big enough to fit a laptop!) or scouring the internet for a convincing knock-off. No knock-offs here! You can snag the classic shape (which has since been discontinued) for a fraction of the cost at FASHIONPHILE.

The Luggage Bag


Philo’s Luggage Bag was so good that Celine reissued it approximately a million times: there are solid versions, color-blocked versions, oversize versions, and mini, nano, and micro versions. But whatever size, shape, or color you prefer, if it’s a Luggage Bag, it’s cool.



Phoebe Philo’s pieces for Celine will always have a special place in our hearts–but we’re excited to see what the brand’s new head designer, Hedi Slimane (previously at YSL), will bring to the table. More iconic bags, please! Shop all Celine here.
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