Tiger-Themed Pieces You Need to Buy for the 2022 Lunar New Year

studio image of model wearing red holding Dior book tote with tiger embroidery for Lunar New Year at FASHIONPHILE

The Chinese New Year is approaching soon. And with this year’s zodiac animal on the loose, there’s no better excuse than to rock your stripes and run wild.


Lunar New Year couldn’t come at a better time. Especially as we embark on a third calendar year with a global pandemic looming over our heads. Much of us could use all the good luck we can get! Last year, we celebrated the year of the Ox, which represented new beginnings. This year’s animal is equally majestic, but in my humble opinion, profoundly more fashionable. Hello there, tiger. 

The most exciting part about Lunar New Year, for us fashionphiles, are the limited edition collection releases that celebrate the corresponding zodiac animal. This year, so many coveted brands are honoring Lunar New Year with limited edition tiger capsule collections; even brands like Bottega Veneta, have set “roaring” records. If you haven’t heard, the Italian house inserted their famed green BV logo along the Great Wall of China and designed an entirely orange collection featuring top-sellers like the Cassette and Arco in honor of the tiger. How bold of you, Matthieu Blazy.  

As a symbol of adventure, and as a reminder to follow your wildest dreams, the tiger is all about courage and embracing change. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some must-have accessories featuring the treasured tiger motif and items that all around are inspired by this beloved feline family member.  

The Ultimate Tiger King: Gucci 

Gucci famously incorporates beastly elements and larger-than-life influences into their designs. From the lion and the wolf to the bees. But did someone say, tiger? You bet. What better way to celebrate the new year than with Gucci’s main animal motif, none other than the tiger, of course. The iconic motif is a mainstay of Alessandro Michele’s collections and is inspired by reinterpretations of the house’s archival designs by Vittorio Accornero.   

Top of mind is the Rajah tote featuring a prominent crystal tiger head stud combined with all the favorable and classic Gucci elements. You also can’t go wrong with a metallic shoulder bag featuring the iconic feline motif front and center.  

As if their main collection isn’t enough, Gucci recently launched the Gucci Tiger Collection to celebrate the animal for this year’s Chinese New Year. The special collection includes ready-to-wear pieces and beloved accessories such as the Jackie 1961 hobo dressed in a jungle-themed print. Bonus, their latest campaign sheds light on wild cat conservation efforts. We are so here for it.  

Endless Tiger Influence From Hermes, Prada, and more


The storied French house is another brand that often incorporates animal motifs in its designs. From silk scarves to bag charms, there is something for everyone and plenty of tiger-inspired items to choose from. 

product image of purple hermes tiger silk scarf available at FASHIONPHILE
product image of Hermes RooRoo Bag Charm available at FASHIONPHILE

The iconic Cahier bag from Prada is a closet staple. But one with a tiger head? Yes, please. Part of its Animalier collection, this bag offers an appropriate Chinese New Year spin on the classic silhouette and undoubtedly screams good luck. It’s the perfect bag to store all your essentials for safekeeping. 

But honestly, the best news: Prada recently released a new collection that celebrates the power of the tiger and is donating proceeds from this collection to the “Walking with Tiger and Leopard” Programme of China Green Foundation to spread awareness on tiger and leopard conservation.    

Van Cleef & Arpels  

Leave it to Van Cleef & Arpels to embrace the eye of the tiger. Initially, the Tiger Eye may not be the obvious choice, but come to think of it, it’s one of the finest choices to celebrate the new year, as well as all the years to come. After all, the Tiger Eye stone correlates to self-confidence, strength, and beauty – all qualities closely bestowed by the tiger itself. 

What better way to honor the traits of the powerful feline than with a piece from the Tiger Eye Vintage Alhambra collection? As a token of good luck, the Alhambra collection is an absolute necessity and is actually one of the best investments you can make.  

Other brands like MCM, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, and more have released special collections to celebrate the year of the tiger. Do you have your eye on one of these purr-fect pieces?

For those who prefer a more subdued (but equally fun) item to celebrate the occasion, a sparkly or red accessory is a no-brainer! You can filter your search by color and material on our site to generate results more closely related to what you’re looking for.  

Whether you choose to tote around town with something decked in a tiger theme or not, the year of the tiger gives us a reason to embrace the thrill of the chase. Nothing quite beats the satisfaction after scoring a coveted Holy Grail bag. Call it animal instinct? We know it all too well. Shop our latest arrivals at FASHIONPHILE today!