Lunar New Year Pieces That Transcend the Zodiac

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Are you ready for a fresh start, complete with beautiful, bold, inventive colors and a healthy dose of good luck in 2023?


Investing in Lunar New Year accessories doesn’t mean your purchase has limited wearability. When shopping at FASHIONPHILE, there are many timeless pieces to consider that not only age well over time, carry unique sentimental value, but also translate well into many celebratory occasions, including the Lunar New Year. 

And while you can’t go wrong with all of the new “Year of the Rabbit” pieces that fashion houses have debuted recently, investing in a zodiac piece that’s likely to become a collector’s item is certainly a bonus, as are pieces that take a more sentimental approach: anything representing the zodiac animal of your birth year, for example. A timeless investment piece could also mean something of symbolic value, such as pieces in rich red textiles and a wealth of gold hardware that are perfect for celebrating the Lunar New Year (and more). 

If you’re excited to invest in a new piece (or two) in honor of the Lunar New Year but want to make sure it’ll remain a good choice in the future, here are some great pieces to consider. 

Watch this YouTube Short for the best ultra-luxury accessories to ring in the Lunar New Year!

Accessories for the Year of the Rabbit

What’s hoppin’? None other than this iconic MCM Haus Rabbit, of course. As a sentimental emblem of the German-established brand, the rabbit symbolizes longevity and prosperity for the cult classic fashion house. Looking for something a little more affordable? A bag charm is a great attainable option that also gives your handbag an entirely new look. Learn more about how to customize your bags here.

product image of MCM backpack with rabbit print FASHIONPHILE
product image of MCM rabbit key ring bag charm FASHIONPHILE

Aside from shopping for rabbit-themed accessories, there are countless iconic pieces to buy that perfectly represent other zodiac animals. 

Other Chinese Zodiac Animal Accessories

If you don’t already know, reference the chart below to find out which zodiac animal represents the year you were born. Here are some iconic ultra-luxury zodiac animal-themed pieces that you can shop for at FASHIONPHILE.

design graphic lunar new year accessories what's your chines zodiac sign? FASIONPHILE
The Tiger

Gucci famously incorporates animals into their designs, which include the lion, the wolf, and the bees. But did someone say tiger? You bet. The iconic tiger motif is a mainstay of Alessandro Michele’s collections and is inspired by reinterpretations of the house’s archival designs by Vittorio Accornero. Top of mind is the Rajah tote featuring a prominent crystal tiger head stud combined with all the favorable and classic Gucci elements. Discover more tiger-themed pieces to buy.

The Ox

When celebrating the Lunar New Year, Louis Vuitton’s limited edition pieces also come to mind. For instance, Louis Vuitton released elegant combinations of ox-inspired key charms and silk bandeaus for the Year of the Ox. Unsurprisingly, these pieces are still going fast and are hard to come by! The house also released a “Red Envelope” for the Year of the Rooster. Leave it to Louis Vuitton to come out with the best New Year accessories.

The Rooster

Speaking of the Year of the Rooster, it’s great to see many ultra-luxury brands release special collections to honor the Lunar New Year. Not just handbags but jewelry pieces are fantastic choices for decking out for the occasion. Take, for instance, this Chinese New Year Rooster bracelet from Christian Dior.

The Pig

In honor of the Year of the Pig in 2019, Gucci released the famous Three Little Pigs collection, including bags, shoes, and small accessories in partnership with Disney. Given the legacy of both Gucci and Disney, these pieces are likely only to get more valuable with time.

The Rat

Gucci did it again. In honor of the year of the rat in 2020, Gucci released the wildly-popular Mickey Mouse collection in partnership with Disney. For many, this collection represents the perfect combination of their favorite fantasy (and perhaps a simpler, sweeter time) with their more mature and equally enduring love of Gucci.

The Monkey

The Louis Vuitton Keepall is iconic enough. But even more so, a Louis Vuitton Keepall XS with a monkey puppet attached to it! You can’t make this up. If you were born the year of the monkey, what better accessory to tote around town?

The Dragon

If the Gucci tiger isn’t fierce enough, the dragon certainly is. As a symbol of strength and auspicious powers, dragons often appear on Gucci bags, belts, and other accessories and are truly iconic.

The Snake

The snake is Bulgari’s most iconic motif. It is spotted throughout “Serprenti collections” including handbags, jewelry and watches. According to Bulgari the “serpent” represents rebirth and transformation, otherwise known as “metamorphosis” which is undoubtedly a great theme to embrace for the Chinese New Year. If you love Bulgari, this video shares everything you need to know about the Serpenti collection that holds unwavering significance to its wearers. 

The Horse

As an equestrian brand, Hermes is certainly one to include plenty of horse-themed handbags and accessories. What is equestrian style? This post shares all the details. In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, if you were born in the year of the horse, a classic Hermes Rodeo Horse bag charm is a must! Designer bag charms, generally speaking, are great ways to customize your handbags for the new year and beyond!

The Goat

Louis Vuitton is arguably one of the top luxury brands that take the Lunar New Year very seriously. Meaning, you can count on Louis Vuitton to come out with a special release every year and for every zodiac animal. A great example of this is the Louis Vuitton Mask Collection released in 2015 for the Year of the Goat. It’s one of those “if you know, you know” pieces. If you’re a fan of understated pieces, be sure to check out this post on top understated handbags

The Dog

Whether you’re born the Year of the Dog or are simply a dog lover, this Judith Leiber crystal French Bulldog minaudiere clutch is a no-brainer. Judith Leiber is quite alluring (this post shares more). If you haven’t already browsed these selections of ultra-luxe evening wear-esque Juidth Leiber bags, be sure to do so – you won’t be disappointed.

In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, no matter what animal it is, you can’t go wrong with shopping for lucky red and wealth-bringing gold pieces.

Lucky Red & Wealth-Bringing Gold Pieces

You don’t have to sport a zodiac animal to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Red accessories with plenty of gold hardware can do just the trick. Think Hermes reds, special editions, and plenty of timeless and whimsical options that embody the spirit of the Chinese New Year season in their own right. Here are some suggestions you can shop for! 

The Hermes Kelly in red is always a strong contender, as is the Fendi Century F is Fendi FF 1974 Embossed Kan I Shoulder Bag, and Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag in red and the Prada Cleo bag. Complete your look with fun Christian Louboutin flats or these Christian Louboutin pumps in various shades of red.

Another collection worthy of a spotlight is the Louis Vuitton Denim Monogram Patchwork collection. Whether it’s the beach pouch, or their iconic reversible belt (or you know, both), denim is dominating the scene, so this limited edition release is a must-have for achieving that perfect dose of playfulness.

And then, of course, there are quite a few gorgeous Louis Vuitton pieces that embody the spirit of abundance. For instance, the brand’s Monogram Double V satchels with gold hardware scream elegance. And these gorgeous Empreinte Vavin BB bags are equally suitable and stunning for this occasion and more.

Whether you’re honoring the Year of the Rabbit, your favorite Chinese zodiac animal, or channeling those lucky red and wealth-bringing ultra-luxury accessories for the New Year, these unique and timeless pieces most definitely carry good luck but also translate well into many other celebratory occasions.

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