Meet Our Art Director Behind Our Latest Sustainability Video

Meet Annie Grandon, our Art Director on set of FASHIONPHILE sustainability commercial

Meet The Art Director

At FASHIONPHILE we take pride in making ultra-luxury as accessible as it can be, as well as a sustainable way to acquire the luxury products we all know and love. Buying and selling designer items is a never-ending sustainable cycle, as well as an enjoyable (guilt-free) experience. After all, luxury starts with us and ends up with you. 

Want to learn more? For starters, our Resale Report dives into the resale cycle, hottest brands, investment-worthy pieces, and so much more. But when it comes to showcasing our commitment to sustainability and doing our part to help extend the life cycle of ultra-luxury goods, we took it one step further with another fabulous video

In our latest series of commercials, we dedicated one specifically to sustainability. From discovering talent to styling, our Art Director on set, Annie Grandon, implemented a holistic approach to convey our unique business model as a growing sustainable fashion-technology company. Read on to learn about Annie, her design ethos, and her contributions to this exciting moment for FASHIONPHILE. 


What captivates you about the concept and practice of sustainability?

The craftsmanship, intention, and design that goes into creating products that are “long-lasting” is one of the most captivating things for me. Not just how a bag looks, but how it functions, feels and stands the test of time. I’m proud to be a part of a company that continues to educate on these same principles while at the same time making these products more accessible for all.  

From pre-production to post-production, what was your process like for infusing the FASHIONPHILE brand into the video?   

As you mentioned, we are a fashion-technology company. That was one of the biggest messages we wanted to communicate through this video. We wanted to create a clean, futuristic environment that reflected our own Global Headquarters. In styling and set design, we worked to minimize distractions and used monochromatic styling to ensure the product was always the focal point of any shot. 

image of ultra-luxury designer handbags on set of FASHIONPHILE commercial
Staged product for FASHIONPHILE commercial

Whose work do you follow and admire?

I’m currently admiring the work and collaborations of designer Athena Calderone. The spacial design follows many of the same fundamentals we use in digital design every day… contrast, hierarchy, emphasis…etc. She has a lot to say on the power of collaboration which is so refreshing, and something I don’t think we talk about enough. I also admire the values of industrial designer Dieter Rams, who famously defines “good design” as something that must be “long-lasting” or timeless among other things. There’s no question this value is shared across many ultra-luxury brands we carry, especially when looking at the evolution of the Hermes Kelly or Chanel 2.55 Flap over past decades. 

Our new commercial is full of the best, expertly sourced, 100% authentic products you can buy. Watch the video, here!