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Iconic Pieces: The Louis Vuitton Edition

Anna Schaefer
Contributing Writer Luxury Connoisseur

“Iconic Pieces: The Louis Vuitton Edition”

Louis Vuitton is easily the top seller at FASHIONPHILE, and probably at most boutiques globally. It seems par for the course as if to say — how could it be any other way? But as the fashion fanatics that we are, we had to look deeper at the pieces that make this brand the icon it has been for decades.

The Speedy

As one of the most purchased bags in fashion history, the Speedy’s classic and distinct shape has never gone out of style. That’s really saying something, considering it was one of the very first handbags Louis Vuitton ever made in the early 1930s.


Now available in a range of materials prints, the Speedy comes in a size, 25, 30, 35, or 40, so it can literally be anything from a small handbag to a weekender. And with the Original and Bandouliere style options, you can have as much (or little) accoutrement as you deem necessary. Because it’s made from a single piece of coated canvas, it’s as durable as it is desirable — evidenced by the fact that it continues to go up in price and value every year.

Neverfull shoulder bag

People-watching alone should tell you that the Neverfull is hands-down a fan favorite. First released in 2007, the range of options the Neverfull offers seems to be fitting of the times. Depending on the size it is big enough to fit a laptop, a sweater, or just about anything else one might need during a day galavanting around the city. With the side-cinch feature, it can easily impersonate a smaller bag and fit in unexpectedly snug places, including under the seat in front of you on a flight.

Pochette Accessories

Many Louis lovers find the Pochette Accessories to be an approachable piece to begin their collection, in part because it’s fairly affordable (relatively speaking), though it continues to go up rapidly in price. In truth, it can be quite hard to get your hands on, largely because demand is high. It’s just big enough to fit the necessities (and accessories) and can prove quite versatile when you consider the range of strap options.

Noe drawstring shoulder bag

Also designed in the 1930s, the Noe is, at least in some sense, a child of necessity. Louis Vuitton was originally commissioned by an acclaimed champagne brand to create a bag that could fashionably port not one, not two, not three but FIVE bottles. For more practical purposes, it can easily carry a laptop or larger items you might need during the day. It also comes in a multitude of sizes.

Petite Malle handbag

In homage to the origins of Louis Vuitton, this little purse truly is a petite “malle” (“trunk”). For those of us who would love a full-sized LV trunk someday, this little gem has long served as the perfect foray into what will (with any luck) be a luxe, Louis-filled future.

Honorable mentions: I would be truly remiss to not at least mention the exceptionally trendy Pochette Metis and the timeliness Alma.

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