Types of Chanel Tweed & Notable Patterns to Buy

lifestyle image of Chanel tweed flap bag held up towards the sky

There is so much to love about Chanel.


The legacy, design precision, attention to detail, and iconic offerings make anything from Chanel worth every penny – and that’s not even an exaggeration. Hello, Chanel price increases? Very much a thing.  

Chanel handbags do in fact hold their value. And you can read more about Chanel’s resale value and how to maximize your profits, here. A significant portion of that value is due to the ever-increasing price tag. But it also has a lot to do with the brand’s heritage, the materials, mesmerizing colors, and the meaning behind the name. Ultimately, you’re buying the definition of luxury. And nothing quite beats Chanel if you’re looking to invest in a designer item loved by so many and made to last for lifetimes – yes, plural.  

I could go on about the history of Chanel, where it all started, and what makes its pieces so valuable. But, save that for another time. We’re here to talk about arguably one of Chanel’s most iconic textiles, tweed. Particularly tweed handbags. Ever wonder about the world of offerings beyond classic caviar, lambskin, or quilted calfskin? For those either looking to add to your collection for the season or want to change it up, or purely just love all things tweed – this post is for you. Chanel tweed handbags should be on your radar if they’re not already. 

Why? Because tweed is so quintessentially Chanel. Of course, as you know, there are (what feels like) endless textiles out there. Choosing the right Chanel handbag all comes down to which textures best complement your lifestyle. With just as many options, if not more, tweed might not be a bad place to start. 

How Tweed All Started

What debuted as a two-piece suit set, is now a timeless and legendary fabric implemented across nearly all Chanel luxury categories – yes, even Chanel handbags. Side note: If you prefer leather, there’s more on that here

Inspired by materials often used for menswear, Coco Chanel’s eye for tweed, which was a rather unconventional fabric at the time, revolutionized womenswear. The introduction of a pencil skirt and collarless jacket made of tweed quickly became the talk of the town. Later on, during Karl Lagerfeld’s reign, he transformed and reimagined this iconic fabric and applied it across not only traditional two-piece sets of clothing but also handbags among other items

This application was a way to maintain the interests of the brand’s mature shoppers, but also peak the interests of the younger generation. And it works. Tweed is still relevant. Today, Chanel continues to thrive embracing Coco’s original vision. 

From a feminist perspective, the tweed suit was a symbol of empowerment. When you think of it, so much beauty lies behind tweed, not only because it embodies the materiality that ultimately put Chanel on the map back in the day, but the mixture of materials, colors, and textures together create unique and unforgettable patterns. Similar to the way Chanel buttons, particularly on jackets, reveal a lot about the origin of its collection, so does the tweed itself. 

In the world of handbags, tweed makes quite the statement. And as restrictions begin lifting and more public places begin reopening, showing up anywhere that’s not your home office may sound like quite a daunting task, but let’s be real, with a tweed handbag, your transition to public life will surely be a smooth one; you’re guaranteed to get likes. Well, because it’s Chanel of course.  

What Is Tweed and What Is It Made Of? 

Tweed is woven yarn predominantly made of wool. Often this will be thoughtfully woven in between other fabrics such as cotton thread, velvet, lace, or other interesting striped fibers such as denim, and sometimes leather. On top of that, we love a good tweed handbag with a couple of sequin sparkles, crystals, or embellishments. 

Chanel tweed is of course crafted by some of the world’s best artisans. Today Chanel tweed is primarily made at Maison Lesage based in Paris, which is one of the world’s oldest embroidery ateliers. Lesage tweed is almost always handwoven and not used by a machine to create the final result. 

Types Of Tweed

Plain Tweed:

Plain tweed is essentially what the word implies. Plain. Not by quality but by material and color. Plain tweed is usually crafted of a singular colored shade of yarn. For those looking for a simple option (perhaps also a bit less delicate), but just as iconic, plain tweed is a great starting point – and we, of course, have an assortment of plain Chanel tweed handbag options available to shop at FASHIONPHILE right now.  

product image of plain Chanel tweed coral Reissue bag FASHIONPHILE
Multicolor Tweed Chanel flap bag FASHIONPHILE

Multicolor Tweed:

Multicolor tweed is also known as “Fantasy Tweed” and is quite unique and intricate in nature. It involves multiple fibers of various materials and colors to construct a gorgeous and distinctive pattern. The combination of multicolor yarn and materials does make Chanel’s fantasy tweed a little more delicate, especially if there are added sequins, metallic threads, and embroidery. 

However tweed or no tweed, just like with any luxury bag, taking proper care of your item is essential to ensure that it lasts and that you get your money’s worth. Keep it stuffed, store them inside a dust bag when not in use, and if you have the original box (or any secure container for that matter), you’re golden. Doing your part to protect your luxury items will only allow you to reap the benefits of your luxury purchase for years to come. And to be quite frank, isn’t that the whole point? 

Notable Tweed Patterns

There are so many variations of Chanel tweed. Just like Chanel colors, they’re extremely unique to the collection and are rarely released again. Season after season, the storied French house launches a new series of gorgeous creations. We rounded up some notable patterns that we feel are particularly unique. 

Types of Chanel Tweed FASHIONPHILE
Houndstooth Tweed  

This pattern evokes a sense of preppiness and royalty. It’s a classic pattern that goes with just about anything. 

Tartan Tweed

This pattern transports me to a cozy log cabin in the woods, but with this Chanel bag, it’s probably some form of glamping – which I’m not going to say ‘no’ to. 

Ombre Tweed 

What better way to turn heads than with an ombre tweed pattern from Chanel? 

Metallic Tweed 

Craving a little bit of sparkle? Tweed patterns with metallic threads woven in between are so classy and subtle, but equally fun and vibrant! 

Watercolor Tweed

Canvas, but make it look like tweed? It’s not technically tweed, but close enough. It’s a great pick if you don’t want to think twice about being careful with the bag and avoiding potential snags. 

Embroidered Tweed

Tweed with a layer of embroidery is the perfect hybrid between maturity and youthfulness. Who said you can’t have both? 

At FASHIONPHILE we take pride in offering the best selections of pre-owned ultra-luxury handbags and accessories. For a true Chanel collector, a Chanel tweed bag is without question! What better way to make an impression this season than with a new notable addition to your closet? Get ready to tweed about it, and show off a true work of art!